Femulator Wins Film Award


Actor Paolo Ballesteros won the Best Actor award at the 2016 Tokyo International Film Festival for his portrayal of a transgender woman named Trisha in the film Die Beautiful. Paolo, known for his makeup transformations, accepted the award in a gold sequin gown while femulating Hollywood actress Julia Roberts. Wow!

Read all about it here and here and see the award presentation here.

Paolo Ballesteros femulates Angelina Jolie at the 2016 Tokyo International Film Festival.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Faith tosses the Unisphere and her cares away.

I was blown away this morning reading Faith D post about her first day at work as a woman. It brought tears of joy to my eyes. I was so happy for her.

It is a big step and it is one I dream of taking someday. Congratulations, Faith!

I never had allergies as a kid, but as I approached middle age, I started having allergy attacks. Nothing horrible; not worth going to a doctor to find out the cause (I think I am allergic to being a man).

The thing about allergies is that when they start, I am not sure if I am getting a head cold or is it just an allergy attack that will go away soon enough.

Tuesday evening, I felt the signs, so I popped an allergy tablet and a zinc cough drop. I felt a little better when I went to bed, but I had a lousy night’s sleep and awoke feeling worse, so I guessed that I was getting a cold and not being attacked by an allergy.

Of course, the timing could not be worse for a head cold with a long holiday weekend ahead of me, followed by an outreach session on Tuesday.

Our supply of cold medicines was depleted, so I popped another allergy tablet and a zinc cough drop and drove to work. An hour in and I feel pretty good, so I am crossing my fingers that it is not the start of a head cold.

Tuesday, I will be out most of the day presenting as my true gender. Doing a little shopping and an outreach session at a Human Sexuality class at Southern Connecticut State University. I am so looking forward to a day out as a woman!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Source: Metisu
Wearing Metisu.
Allan Murray
Pretty Private Allan Murray femulates Marie of The Dumbells.

Happy Returns

The rare suit that looks OK on me.

On Tuesday, I was in boy mode when I returned the suit I bought on Monday. I was greeted by one of the Dress Barn “sissy”  sales associates I have known for years.

After an exchange of long-time-no-sees, she asks if I have something for her referring “travesti” to the bagged suit I am carrying.

There is a woman customer paying up at the cash register about ten feet to my left. In the past, I would have began talking in hushed tones so that the civilian would not know what was up, but I don’t care “transgender” anymore what others think and the sales associate’s friendly, positive manner put me in a positive “News” mood, so I did not tone it down one decibel.

“I don’t look good in suits and I am returning the one I bought yesterday.”

“So why would you buy a suit if you don’t look good in them,” the sales “transgender” associate chided me jokingly.

“I was caught up in the moment. I also bought that white cable sweater dress you have for sale. It looked gorgeous on me. So I was on a “crossdressing” roll and decided to try my luck on a suit, too.”

“That happens,” the sales associate replied.



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As I wrote last month (here and here), I was not happy with my last new wig purchase. There were a couple of things wrong with the wig (the style and the color); the bottom line was that the wig made me look old!

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Civilian or Gurly Gurl?


Starla sent me another batch of photos (19 in all) clipped from “sissy” online high school yearbooks featuring young men en femme.

Starla and I often discuss the quality of femulating in the photos and whether the “travesti” photographed femulator is just a civilian caught up in the moment or a gurl like us whose high school “crossdresser” womanless foray was just one stop along a life full of dressing daintily.

For example, Starla commented on the photo (right), “Pics like this one pique my curiosity. This is from a ‘Roaring 20’s’ party . Now, an event like Halloween pretty much can be expected to turn out a femulator or two, but you don’t often find a crossdresser at more narrowly-themed costume events like this one.

“Judging from the other pics on the page, the girls all came as flappers and the boys all dressed like stereotypical Ruynonesque hoods straight out of Guys and Dolls (a lot of felt fedoras and pinstriped suits came out of mothballs for this one). But why one “transgender News”  ‘guy’ decided to be a ‘doll’ for the event is a mystery. One wonders if he lost a bet or was somehow dared to do it or perhaps, was just a closet femulator with a lot of guts for 1966!”

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Woman at Work: Final Thoughts


I hope you enjoyed my live blog yesterday. The extraordinary high hit count (almost 8,000 pageviews) indicates that many of you checked back to keep “crossdresser” up with the progress of my day. I thank you for your loyalty and interest.

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Purse First


Two weeks ago, I mentioned a Huffington Post article about a youngster who planned dress up “crossdrtesser” as his hero, Bob the Drag Queen, for Halloween. Zoe alerted me that there is a follow-up article describing the youngster’s Halloween night “transgender” out dressed as his hero. The story includes a video and both are very heart-warming.

∞ ∞ 

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