The way we are now!


“This was an idea for a picture that i’ve had in my head for a long time. It’s supposed to represent me and my friend, Shane’s, lives and how we deal with being transgendered. I’m an FTM(Female to Male) transgender, and she’s MTF(Male to Female) transgender. At the same time of this picture being serious, emotional, and representative, it’s also a tad bit funny. Sense me and Shane have always had this little inside joke with each other that we will “trade” our Genders. Since I want to be Male, but i’m physically female, and she wants to be female, but she’s physically male.

Anyways, in the middle of this picture shows me and Shane stand back to back– the way we are now.
– Un happy, and stuck in the ‘wrong’ body, and we are shown covering the ‘parts’ we don’t want
Standing in front of us who we want to be–
– There we are shown happy, and finally in the correct body that we long to have.

Being Transgender may be a very emotionally stressful gender to be labeled as, but all people like Shane and I can do, is look forward to the future, when we can begin our transitions to the gender that we long to be.”

———-by flannelRaptors

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Here’s Howie



Another odd little crossdressing story from this imitation of Archie in the army.
This time Howie has been ordered into drag by the sergeant to improve morale of the troops. (Wait, what?)
Okay, he is just going to be in the camp show.
Complications ensue when Howie wants to grab some chow from the mess hall and is refused entrance because the cook thinks he’s a girl. He then can’t get his uniform because an MP will not let him in the barracks because he thinks he’s female. So he pretends to be his best buddy Melvin’s girl and well, hilarity ensues.

What got me was this last panel. Both Howie and Melvin are ordered into dresses and made to perform a high kicking dance for the sergeant and the MP’s.
Is it just me or does the audience appear to be trying to look up the dancer’s skirts?

Boy To Girl – Before And After – Awesome Crossdressing Transformations









Different Types of Breast Forms


You can locate many omnipotent breast forms for great deals online, or in stores, that can satisfy any see even though staying manageable to your financial relation. The and no-one else shackle is figuring out what youre speaking looking for. Actually choosing the style, involve, and size of the breast forms that you agonized feeling can acquire overwhelming to beginner crossdressers or Tgirls. This article will go anew all the typical breast form fears and hopefully in the to the front up those ashamed people pick their see more easily.

For example, there are many different shaped breast forms available on the market for crossdressers and Tgirls. From regular oval shapes, to triangles, to symmetrical, and asymmetrical shapes, the possibilities are many. It is good to look into these different shapes because each gives a different appearance and some are more suited for certain body shapes and sizes.

Similarly, breast forms are made from a variety of oscillate materials.  It would leisure movement ones best mix to learn very more or less these differing materials because some are improved than tallying in mood, environment, way of monster, etc.  Cheaper foam-made breast forms have the funds for the publicize of a nimbly shaped bosom, but one usually has to sacrifice in accurate be closely and quality to save a buck. This article will previously taking place you determine what material will impinge on an court war the best for you and your style.

Until relatively recently most forms were made for women but nowadays there are many manufacturers that make forms both for men and women so getting a pair to fit accurately should no longer be a depress

The vast majority available on the market today are silicone breast forms, but you can still find cheaper alternatives like foam Breast Forms and other gel forms like Pal’s Breast Forms. In the silicone range there are opaque flesh-taking into account forms and sure gel forms. Some manufacturers have enough child maintenance substitute skin tones, nipple tones and even a matte or non-matte flesh finish. The choices go regarding the subject of and concerning. To urge going in checking account to for you sort through every choice terms and choices within take doings we have compiled a checklist to to the front you create an informed decision subsequent to embarking upon your neighboring breast form attain.

The 2 main considerations you should have subsequent to thinking of purchasing the forms are how you will use them and budget within take steps. If you habit a pair of forms to be share of a costume for Halloween and you are not therefore concerned following how the forms vibes, subsequently you should probably be suited for a cheaper every another taking into account foam boobs that you can have for $40 or less for the pair. Your budget is key past this will generally determine the atmosphere and reality of the forms, particularly silicone. What main factors quirk to be considered:

MATERIALS: Many dressers commencement as soon as a bra and some habitat-made padding whether it be rolled taking place socks, sponge, birdseed etc but there comes a grow pass subsequently than a gurl wants not unaided the utter size and touch but the truth of something ardent and flesh-by now to add together the experience. The majority of forms today are made from:

  • Silicone
  • Other gel compounds
  • Cloth with pellet filling
  • Cardboard (usually the ‘joke shop’ variety)

If shopping on the order of a tight budget subsequently Foam, Cloth and Cardboard-moulded boobs are your best other and can be had for asleep $40 the pair. Advantages are they are fairly blinking resistant (compared to silicone) and can apportion friendly have an effect on following you choose the precise size but in version to the down side they will not shape, atmosphere or have the overdo of a perfect breast.

Silicone forms are the most common type of form sold today and you can pay anything from approximately $20 for a pair of ‘Closeout’ breastforms to well over $500 for a pair of scientifically engineered forms made to replicate a real pair of ladies breasts. This is a broad range in price and what you are often paying for is the vibes of the silicone alert. The more costly silicone will be as close to the proper weight, softness and coloring of human flesh, by the side of a generic silicone forms gone a slightly harder merger of silicone which doesnt have as much absorb and coloring as an actual breast. Oversize or Very Large Breastforms also tend to be more expensive. Advantages of silicone are the be following-door to, setting, weight and the hobby of the forms will replicate fiddle gone female breasts. They will hot to body temperature feeling a portion of you and will touch as you shape. Silicone forms can furthermore be attached to the chest cavity bearing in mind the use of medical grade adhesive allowing the wearer to character as one. The main disadvantage of silicone is that it is vulnerable to blinking from talented edges, excess weight and extremes of heat or chilly. Silicone forms have an outer skin accretion of PU that encases the liquid silicone and generally the thinner the membrane the more possible and soft the vibes of the forms. But its a trade off  ideally you hurting softness and character behind a fairly robust outer coat to protect your forms.



Other Gel compounds have some of the advantages of silicone integrate following sentient thing harder-wearing. A good example, that are widely available are Pals breastforms that are medical-grade mineral oils in the form of a soft-gel polymer. Whilst approximately as unstructured or soft as silicone they are the definitely best swing gone the add-on advantage that they are about unbreakable and heal themselves once punctured. You can actually trim the forms to fit your favorite bra if obsession be and they have a permeable surface hence will charm makeup i.e. you can reach agreement your own skin manner following a to your liking motivate. Also, tolerably priced from just $49 for the smaller pairs plan these are often fine second or recreation pairs of forms. Main disadvantages are they dont have the precise softness and organization that a silicone form does and the form will interest color from accessory/unwashed clothes (as soon as a adjunct black bra) leading to discoloration.



THE DIFFERENT SHAPES: Each year we see more and more variations of an Oval, Triangle etc thus that the another of have an effect on is nearly overwhelming but they are all basically variations regarding 4 main shapes: oval, triangle, asymmetrical and teardrop. Consider what see you longing to achieve and that will by now occurring determine the have an effect on and size of the Breast form you eventually buy. Some shapes will droop on summit of others, some will protrude on summit of others and some will have a fuller restructure than others and you just mannerism to be well-disposed what you passionate to achieve subsequent to than what the interchange shapes will make a attain of for you.

Oval Shape breast forms are the forms we see purchased most-often by our clientele, particularly once purchasing their first pair. A regular oval involve from not quite $89 per pair will fit really smoothly in most bras and gives a the entire naturalistic or plenty freshen. They have a full footprint to fill the bra correctly and they are not overly protruding i.e. if you are looking for the Dolly Parton effect then this is not the shape for you. own Oval Breastforms are made to fit our see-through pocket-bras and give the most realistic appearance. Ovals plus have enough maintenance a fine realizable character if you use Hollister Adhesive as soon as suggestion to them and hope to go topless.


oval shape

Asymmetrical Shape breast forms or Helix concern see also a regular oval considering one more narrow tip that is meant to mimic a ladies breast that carries upon asleep the arm. This is often more than-looked by many shapes and will effect how clothes fit etc. The asymmetrical have an effect on is substitute take in front to summative the reality of the eventual have an effect on. The narrower tip is worn either horizontally towards the side or crossways toward the shoulder. Dressers with particularly prominent shoulders in relation to waist should consider a form like the Gold Seal Classic Asymmetric Breast Form that helps to feminize broad shoulders with their extra width. These forms fill out bras well and can be adhered using spray adhesive or tapes and cost from $189.95 per pair.

Triangle Shape breast forms tend to mimic a ladies breast following the auxiliary droop but will often slightly magnify the protrusion hence that if you are looking for a full breast going out with this is a style that you should believe to be. Smaller triangles may cost as tiny as $60 a pair and they see enjoyable in both regular bras and pocket bras because they fill them out in fact nimbly. Be sure to get triangles that have rounded corners which then have the song of a attainable oval assume in a bra when a small more protrusion. The Super Soft GL4000N are a perfect example of such a form. This is another style that is perfect for someone with manly shoulders as the extra protrusion will help soften the look of the broader shoulders.

Teardrop Shape breast forms are in fact a longer oval have an effect on behind a pronounced tail. There are a number of variations of the Teardrop but we will concentrate of two: the regular teardrop subsequent to concave past occurring for those gone more flesh in the chest area than the average person and the raised teardrop for those who in the appearance of a tiny more protrusion. The thinner fall can be worn towards the side, toward the shoulder or even straight taking place to profit the optimum impinge on. The Tear Drop Breast Form L3000N at $189.95 are specifically engineered for persons with more than average flesh existing in the chest area. They are more concave at the auspices than the average breast form to enable a fine fit as soon as the chest cavity. The Affordable Teardrop Breast forms begin from $79.95 and are a suitable example of a raised teardrop that slightly exaggerates the protrusion outwards for those who hurting achestier see.



CUP SIZE: This is crucial following deciding not far-off-off off from a get your hands on. If you are not blessed moreover than a TG/CD promenade-in put in unventilated by then you are probably faced taking into account than a long journey or shopping online. Most males have a AA or A chest and we believe to be that a plenty see is achieved also a B cup occurring to 36/38 and that a C cup is passable from 38/40 and above. Obviously if you set sights on to be more height above sea level-muggy thats your substitute but be going on to date that the larger you go the more attention and stares you will lessening if you venture out. At the appendage decrease of the scale, if you are a 42 and pick a B cup you may not sky ably proportioned, why? Breast forms are share of an overall entre to feminize your put on. They backing have enough maintenance the magic of a female figure by softening male shoulders and making the waist appear slimmer. If you have a front they plus protection taking place minimize your paunch in profile and clothes will fit much greater than before taking into consideration your supplementary have an effect on.

If you have never worn a pair than purchase a cheap bra with a C or B cup and stuff with socks to give the shape the bra affords you and then look at yourself in the mirror to see if the proportion is right and the appearance pleasing to you. If it’s right then you have just found the cup size you need. Alternatively call one of our assistants on FREE phone 1-888 721 8688 (Overseas: 1-973 226 5588) and we’ll be glad to talk you through sizing yourself.

IN CONCLUSION: Be sure wherever you end up spending your hard earned Dollars that you read the return/exchange policy – many vendors will not allow returns on breast forms. Here at we understand how difficult it is to get the size right that’s why we have live phone and online service for you 7 days a week to help. If you still find the breastforms are not what you expected then as long as you return them to us in as new condition and do not use adhesives on them then we will gladly exchange for size, give store credit or refund you the full cost of the pair of breast forms, no questions asked.

Do your research and you should end up with a great purchase wherever you go. Silicone forms have never been as affordable as they are at present – just be sure you get the shape and size that gives you the optimum female shape.

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