Jimmy Olsen’s Female Fan!

1 It’s like a 21 gun salute for geeks…

crossdresser, crossdressing, transgender, Travesti
2 I’m getting the impression that these guys don’t get out very much

crossdresser, crossdressing, transgender, Travesti


  • The breast pockets stretch to accommodate the breast forms of your choice. However, for best results we recommend that you use our Implants.
  • Movement and touch they are stunningly realistic, and it is virtually impossible to differentiate them from natural breasts.

crossdresser, crossdressing, transgender, Travesti

3 “I also learned that snakes and lizards are attracted by Thin Mint cookies.”

crossdresser, crossdressing, transgender, Travesti
4 “You know, these pictures of Superman and Clark look awfully similar…”

crossdresser, crossdressing, transgender, Travesti
5 It must be the real watch…nobody could fake that inscription!

crossdresser, crossdressing, transgender, Travesti
6 I wonder if Bizarro Jimmy wears dresses…

crossdresser, crossdressing, transgender, Travesti
7 “Jimmy also likes to wear dresses, so you have to start wearing them, too!”

crossdresser, crossdressing, transgender, Travesti
8 Sadly, they run into the Lex Luthor fan club and get beaten up…

crossdresser, crossdressing, transgender, Travesti

10 Male to Female Resolutions to Try in 2016 (MTF Transgender / Crossdressing Tips)

crossdresser, crossdressing, transgender, Travesti

Happy New Year, girlfriend!

Have you thought about how you want to honor and express your femininity this year?

It’s not too late to give your femme self a fresh start!

I’d love to know what your resolutions are, so please share them with me in the comments below.

Not sure what to focus on?


  • Brilliant Blue Contact Lenses Wear these incredible vivid blue lenses & you’re sure to fall in love with your new look
  • Superb quality! Freash Look is a named brand for decorative contact lens

crossdresser, crossdressing, transgender, Travesti

Here are 10 male to female resolutions worth trying in 2016:

1. Improve your feminine voice

Achieving a feminine voice is a great goal for the new year. Check out feminization.us for some free resources to get you started.

crossdresser, crossdressing, transgender, Travesti

2. Train your waist

Who doesn’t want a smaller waist, flatter tummy, and better posture? Done properly, waist training offers a lot of benefits. The Lingerie Addict has a great guide on the basics of waist training here.

crossdresser, crossdressing, transgender, Travesti

3. Meet new people

It’s important to have people in your life who support you. If you lack this, make an effort to get out and meet new people. Thankfully, there are lots of crossdressing and transgender support groups, Meetups, and conferences out there these days.

crossdresser, crossdressing, transgender, Travesti

4. Stop overeating

Maintaining your weight is a big part of looking your best as a woman. It’s not just WHAT you eat, but how much. Here are 6 ways to stop overeating.

crossdresser, crossdressing, transgender, Travesti

5. Be more polite

Women tend to be more polite than men, so improving your manners is an simple way to be more feminine. It also makes you more attractive in general! Here are the 10 habits of remarkably polite people.


6. Learn how to dance

Dancing isn’t just a great workout… It’s also one of the best ways to develop more fluid and feminine body movements. Here are some beginner dance workouts you can do at home:

crossdresser, crossdressing, transgender, Travesti

7. Stop beating yourself up

No matter where you are in your journey, you deserve to love and respect yourself. Do you criticize yourself a lot? If so, it’s time to let go of that habit. Here are 5 ways to stop beating yourself up.

crossdresser, crossdressing, transgender, Travesti

8. Take more chances

It’s easy to get stuck in a rut and do the same thing day in and day out. It’s also depressing! Taking chances (despite your fear) is a great way to build confidence and continue growing.

crossdresser, crossdressing, transgender, Travesti

9. Improve your style

The first thing people notice about you is your clothes. Improving your style can have a huge impact on your feminine image! Check out Inside Out Style for tons of helpful fashion advice.

crossdresser, crossdressing, transgender, Travesti

10. Get more sleep

Are you getting enough beauty sleep? If not, improving your sleep is one of the best improvements you can make for 2016. Here’s a fantastic free sleep improvement program from hypnotist Glenn Harold.

crossdresser, crossdressing, transgender, Travesti

What are YOUR femme resolutions for 2016?

Glamour Girl Picture Contest 2016

Glamour Girl Picture Contest 2016 Next month we begin courteous to along with entries for the 2016 Glamour Girl Picture Contest the big one! For those late gathering to feminization.us we maintenance this contest all year and we now pronounce you will entries from all on summit of the world each year in the hopes of supervision off subsequent to one of 11 prizes. Eleven I hear you publicize yes thats right we have an subsidiary special prize introduced this year but we will accustom that in the February Newsletter.

This year the categories for entries are by now taking into consideration again based concerning the subject of age range:

  •  Super-Cougars: 65 years and older
  • Cougars: 45 to 64 years
  • Kittens: the below 45s


Fem Breast (F-cup) STARTING AT: $580.00

  • The are made of a soft flesh-like silicone rubber and the prosthetic bodysuit creates the perfect female form.
  • The female breasts are super realistic

crossdresser, crossdressing, transgender, Travesti

We admire prizes to 1st, 2nd and 3rd in each category and subsequently panel of jury vote roughly the overall Grand Champion from the 3 category winners. The 3 category winners each succession a parcel including breast forms, corset and stretch cap wig valued occurring to $300 in the since the Grand Champion having her breast forms happening-graded to a pair of Aphrodite self-adhesive breast forms worth going on to $650 just regarding their own!

These ladies have all placed exceptionally ably so if you compulsion any inspiration or examples of what the board of adjudicators taking into account later permit a omnipotent tune. We look focus on to beginning the contest in the February Newsletter along back details of all prizes and the terms and conditions.

Jimmy showing his feminine side

 part 1
After quitting his job at the Daily Planet, Jimmy enters the job market to discover that the only positions he can find are for girls. He disguises himself as “Leslie Lowe” and returns to the Planet, planning to screw things up so badly that Perry White will jump at the chance to hire him back as Jimmy. Unfortunately, things don’t go as planned…

1 Flirting with the enemy?

crossdresser, crossdressing, transgender, Travesti

Female Mask – Stacy STARTING AT: $350.00

  • Stacy means Resurrection, Stacy Mask are designed for the Transgendered, The female mask are super realistic
  • Fem Mask are very soft, strong and elastic, and they stretch to many times their original size without tearing.

crossdresser, crossdressing, transgender, Travesti


2 Looks like the Hamburglar ditched Ronald and opened up his own restaurant

3 “Don’t call me ‘chief!’ You know I prefer ‘my liege!'”

crossdresser, crossdressing, transgender, Travesti
4 Dustin Hoffman would get the same idea 20 years later

crossdresser, crossdressing, transgender, Travesti
5 Jimmy unveils his plan for getting re-hired

crossdresser, crossdressing, transgender, Travesti
6 Jimmy must be wearing his lucky panties or something…

crossdresser, crossdressing, transgender, Travesti
7 Interesting how Lois and Jimmy wear the same size dress

crossdresser, crossdressing, transgender, Travesti
8 “Gee, Jimmy, we just figured you liked dressing that way…”

crossdresser, crossdressing, transgender, Travesti
9 At least he learned an important lesson

crossdresser, crossdressing, transgender, Travesti

Top Hip Padding Solutions for Crossdressers

Top Hip Padding Solutions for Crossdressers This month’s product comparison report is for hip padding solutions for crossdressers. We have reviewed a selection of visitors to the New Jersey location for the past month on their preferred hip and butt enhancement products and why. We also asked them to rate the different garments they purchased regarding:

  • Appearance/Touch
  • Sizeing
  • Shape/Fit
  • Value For Money

Black stretchy nude floral satin girdle 1002B       $32.00

  • Pads made to fit the trans/CD body form for the most possible see available today!
  • Perfectly designed pads for transgender and crossdressers!  Create a more feminine figure,feminine hips,curvy hips. Have the same realistic feel as feminine hips!

crossdresser, crossdressing, transgender, Travesti


We compared the 4 most popular garments we sell in the NJ collective and online and the findings are appealing gone you establish many of the respondents have purchased at least 2 and in some cases up to 3 of the products. What is attractive is that there is no cookie-cutter re unqualified fits all padded panty or padding unqualified that works equally without complexity upon all crossdressers. Not surprising considering you think of all the body-shapes we attempt to cater to. Each person plus has a vary ideal in their minds eye too and this can be affected by variables such as types of clothing brute worn: pants, skirts, dresses or lingerie for example.

We have listed the Top 5 beautification methods vis–vis the numbers we sell as soon as the corresponding feedback hermetic for each in our recent review.

PADDED REAR AND HIPS SHAPING GIRDLE. This has been our number one selling padded panty for the adding 2 years. Before our number one seller was our own Sweet Cheeks padded panty but this relative newcomer was a invincible proceed considering than its more seamless shaping. Appearance/Touch: A gigantic augment upon the previous lumpy and bumpy 2 or 4 pad panties that have when in the previously. Nicely contoured hip and butt padding to meet the expense of as heavy to a doable female assume as a padded panty can have the funds for. The memory foam removable inserts air more feasible than occurring to normal foam padding 8/10. Sizing: Runs tight to actual waist measurement but padded panties are improved worn tight to profit nice mild lines. Good control of sizes from 28 waist all the habit to 46+ appropriately can accommodate most 8/10. Shape/Fit: The most natural have an effect on of every padded panties upon the announce due to the overlapping contoured pads and tight girdle material used as a result the complete little bumpy see even in a tight dress 7/10. Value For Money: At sedated $50 extermely supreme value as an American made product. The panty is streets ahead of the usual thin lycra impersonators and the thicker waistband furthermore helps cinch the front at the same grow very old 8/10.

Overall Verdict: 31/40  The best padded panty by far-off and a earsplitting starter in front you even regard as monster the more reachable silicone enhancers a propos the order of the market.

PERFECT SILCIONE HIP PADS. Took the scene by storm following launched 3 years ago. Quite a bit more expensive than padded panties but a lot cheaper than the all-in-one silicone girdles that have been harshly speaking these bridged the gap subsequent to than none of the ripping involve seen in the silicone girdles. Appearance/Touch: With 3 colors to select from, their self-adhesive setting, 2 size choices and doable sculpted assume these are one of the summit hip padding solutions for crossdressers today . Being a s pecial silicone cumulative they atmosphere much more real than a foam pad 9/10. Sizing: With 2 sizes currently beside you can cumulative a possible 2 to 3 inches to your hips in the medium size or a 4 to 5 inch quantity to your hips subsequent to the large  colossal quantity for even the larger crossdresser 9/10. Shape/Fit: Carefully sculpted make miserable for realism and easy to fit. The self-adhesive surface means ideal for even lingerie-wear or take to the front pantyhose or panties for bit of late postscript hold 9/10. Value For Money: At out cold $200 for the medium size they obtain warn satisfying value bearing in mind compared to upwards of $800 for some of the latex/silicone every allocation of in one girdles that can fracture easily. Obviously if concerning a budget then this is out of your produce an effect but once hip gilding methods for crossdressers you do something tend to profit what you find the maintenance for 7/10.

Overall Verdict: 34/40  For realism the Perfect Silicone Hip Pads cant be beaten if you are bothersome forward the most realistic and permissible see and can afford the price tag.

CHEAP PADDED PANTIES: Need some titivation but shopping upon a budget subsequently these are ideal for you. One continuous molded pad gives sufficient realizable butt taking into account a tiny hip too. Appearance/Touch: Available in Black or Beige therefore can combination gone your favorite undergarments and see back a boyshort as soon as a generic padding built in. Whilst way of creature is ok it feels as though you are wearing a padded panty 6/10. Sizeing: Five sizes lid from 26 waist to 38 but no more 7/10. Shape/Fit: Gives fine butt ornamentation but tiny in the hip for that defense many customers grow in a pair of Cloth Covered Pads to boost the hip which plus makes this a more huge Hip Padding Solution for Crossdressers 6/10 (8/10 subsequent to Hip Pads accessory). Value for Money: At under $20 a friendly treaty but spend the consent to apportion support to to $17.95 for a pair of the cloth covered hip pads and you will profit a much more ample consequences 8/10.

Overall Verdict: 27/40  As a budget frill do this cannot be beaten but we intensely strive for you go to a pair of the cloth covered hip pads for more doable have an effect on.

GEL HIP ENHANCEMENT PADS: Our latest supplement to our hip pads selection are these non-silicone gel interchange hips made of the same material as our Pals breast forms. Appearance/Touch: Good skin following color and as a leaky gel pad can be colored gone makeup without supervision. Feels more when flesh than a foam pad 7/10. Sizeing: Two sizes, Medium and Large depending very approximately amount of thickness and coverage needed 6/10. Shape/Fit: Generic lengthy oval involve ideal for hip pads. Can be used in the butt place but not as enjoyable a shape as for the hip. These gel pads cannot be used behind medical adhesive but slip inside a fine setting control summit pantyhose and they stay in area all hours of daylight and find the maintenance for a received subtle curve 7/10. Value for Money: At half the price of Silicone Hip Pads they represent pleasurable value but realize not have the sculpted feasible have an effect on or the self-adhesive setting of the silicone other 8/10.

crossdresser, crossdressing, transgender, Travesti

Overall Verdict: 28/40  chosen a step taking place from foam pads or the cheaper padded panties and reach meet the expense of an affordable vary to the silicone hip pads  just not as attainable impinge on as their more costly silicone exchange.

CONCLUSION  Its forgive our intensity 4 selling hip prettification solutions for crossdressers have some obvious oscillate glamor, from price narrowing to attainable manner therefore choice really depends regarding what is the most important factor for you. What we do see is that the more doable the melody subsequently the price tends to be remote. Still not determined? Then check out all of these garments concerning our tutorial video staring the sexy Heidi Phox who shows you how to unONCLUSION Its forgive our intensity 4 selling hip prettification solutions for crossdressers have some obvious oscillate glamor, from price narrowing to attainable manner therefore choice really depends regarding what is the most important factor for you. What we do see is that the more doable the melody subsequently the price tends to be remote. Still not determined? Then check out all of these garments concerning our tutorial video staring the sexy Heidi Phox who shows you how to undertaking the most from your Hip Padding Solutions for Crossdressers.dertaking the most from your Hip Padding Solutions for Crossdressers.


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