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They say that the show must go on. For Felix, however, the show had been going on and on and
on… The show in question was the Saturday Night Hypnosis Show at the Palladium, hosted by
the Great Simon, where, watched by 200 people, Felix was hypnotised on-stage along with a
group of other volunteers. Sounds harmless right? But what if! told you that while on stage, Felix
had been hypnotised to act increasingly feminine for a short while every time he heard a trigger
word? And what if I told you that for a bit of fun, the Great Simon hadn’t completely brought
Felix out of his hypnotic state? Still not so bad? Okay then, what if! told you that one one of the
200 audience members was Felix ‘s younger sister Tori, whom he had spent much of their
childhood bullying and treating with contempt? Now you get the picture!

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Retirement Age


“Telling us we should or shouldn’t wear certain items is an easy way to make us take pause. Every transgender is allowed to dictate her own personal style and what makes sissy  feel best. That being said, we’ve all come to a time when we’ve stopped and asked ourselves, Do I really still want to wear this? Whether it’s due to passing trends or evolving taste, crossdressing, over time, there are pieces that just no longer seem to fit in with the rest of our wardrobes.”

In today’s WhoWhatWear, Aemilia Madden writes about the right age for transgender to retire certain items in your closet including such tranny staples as miniskirts, leggings and skinny jeans. I invite you to follow this link to begin thinning out your closet. “crossdresser”.
As more and more transgender individuals get older, the unique challenges they face are becoming apparent.

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Should I Stay or Should I Go?


Just finishing two weeks’ vacation.

It was wonderful taking two weeks off back-to-back. I have not done that in a long time, but with so much vacation time on my hands, I figured, “Why not!”

I mostly hung around town. I did some home repairs that I have put off doing for years. Otherwise, I did not do much. I didn’t even do much blogging, as you may have noticed. t was very relaxing.

My wife had a birthday during my vacation, so I took her shopping. We went to my favorite store, Dress Barn, and I bought her whatever she wanted. It was the Dress Barn nearest my home, not the store near work where I am a frequent shopper in girl and boy mode. So I was not familiar with the sales staff, nor they with me.

Although I was in boy mode, I perused the racks “looking for stuff for my wife to try on.” It was a perfect cover!

I saw a few items for my girl mode, but I thought I already have plenty to wear and since I have not gone out much lately, I really didn’t need anything new.

But it’s that time of year when gurls have visions of Provincetown dancing in their head. That includes me and I have been thinking about going to Fantasia Fair, but I can’t make up my mind.

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