Secrets to Being a Confident Crossdresser

Confidence needs to be a big part of any woman’s life; transgender or not. Without confidence, it can be a cruel world for the average woman. Many of you might be thinking, “I can’t”, “I’m too shy”, “I could never go out in public dressed as a lady”, but, I can assure you that you can! It just requires a certain degree of confidence that everyone can work up to. Some things you can start doing now that will absolutely help with gaining more confidence is:

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Trendy Nails for Crossdressers (MTF Transgender / Crossdressing Tips)


Some of the super fun parts about being a woman is accessorizing, and your nails can definitely be an adorable way to showcase your outfit or personality. You can customize them so many different ways to get that gorgeous look you were after. Some options include:

  • Acrylic Tips
  • Gel Tips
  • Gel Polish
  • Regular Nail polish
  • Plastic Glue on’s

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My Review: Feminine mask for Crossdressers and Transgender Women

I wear latex or silicone masks and torsos to make themselves look like women,dressing up as a member of sexy girl is way to explore sexuality. First Time In Full Head Female Mask I was scared, as my mistress held up the lifelke female full head mask. I knew it was soon to be laced about my face and head. I was tied tightly to an upright chair wrists behind the back ankles to the back legs so my feet were off the ground.

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Totally helpless. The waist cincher was very tight and the stockings felt great on my hairless legs. In fact all the lingerie felt great on my body as I am kept hairless. She approached me from behind and I could smell the rubber before it even started to slide over my head.It was easy to breathe through, thank goodness. In the mirror I saw the heavily made up eyes and long lashes the deep red lips and realised mistress had achieved her goal the face looking back was a sexy womans. Next a shoulder length brunette wig was settled in place and gently combed out. The transformation was nearly complete