Crossdressing Tips Fall Fashion Must Haves Fashion Friday

Fashion Friday is going to FALL on a Thursday today , get it ?? LOL.  I am headed out of town for the weekend early today on yet another Crossdressing Adventure & lots of partying so I am going to get up Friday’s Fashion post a day early, do YOU have your Fall wardrobe ready ? Every single one of these items, is packed in my suitcase this weekend …have fun gals transgender

Ankle Boots 

The Scarf

Tall Sexy Boots 

The Sweater Dress

Beenie Hats


For Tons Of Crossdressing Fashion Tips CLICK HERE: Crossdress


Crossdressing Shoes & Heels In Large & Wide Sizes Up To A Size 17


Here is another place for you gals to check out if you are having trouble finding heels & shoes in larger sizes . Fantasia Wear carries heels up to a size 17. WOW !! You can see the selection RIGHT HERE (crossdress )Want to keep shopping & see ALL the shoe stores featured on this blog that carry heels in larger sizes for crossdressers and TG’s ? CLICK RIGHT HERE( Transgender )to see more shops that carry sexy shoes & heels in larger sizes for crossdressers


Crossdressing Makeup Must Haves Things Every Crossdresser Needs

Crossdressing Tips Makeup Must Haves 

There are certain makeup items every crossdresser needs or should have in order to look their very best, here are a few

Beard Cover 

An obvious must have, there are many different beard covers out there, the key is to find out which one works best for YOU and your skin type. If you would like more information on the various products and techniques to hide and cover your beard or 5 O’clock shadow you can see alot of information CLICK HERE :Transgender

Makeup Mirror

Another must have is a makeup mirror, could be a small one for when you travel, or a large one for your home. Or better yet..both, some hotels have great makeup mirrors, others not so much so it’s always nice to have your personal makeup mirror on hand.  Your lighting is very important when doing your makeup, the brighter, the better, so try and find a mirror with lights. 

Makeup Brushes

If you are using that little wand that comes with your eyeshadow, sorry…your not doing it right. Inve$t in a set of makeup brushes and notice a world of difference in your makeup application. The dont call them makeup artists for nothing, and you too, as a crossdresser are an artist too, get yourself the right set of makeup brushes for the job.  For a list of at least 8 makeup brushes that should be in your bag  CLICK HERE :Crossdressers.  For a makeup brush 101 to learn what brushes to use for what CLICK HERE : Crossdress


Your face is a blank canvas when it comes to makeup and great skincare is one sure way to make sure you get the best application possible. Moisturizer is key to helping maintain healty skin. Even if you only crossdress once a month, you should keep up with a daily skin cleansing and care routine. You will look and feel better no matter how you present. 


Going back to my ” Artist Blank Canvas” theory , before you can “paint” , you have to prime first. Get yourself a good primer, Smashbox makes some of the best on the market and have primers for just about every single skin type, the trick is to find out YOUR skin type and what works best for you. 9 times out of 10 most gals I know are using Smashbox. 

Eye Creme

Not a day goes by when I dont use an eye cream . They help with wrinkles and prevention. This will also help you to avoid your makeup caking up in the creases of your eyes. Here is also a great tutorial I found to help minimize the caking and creasing of makeup in your under eye area you can see it HERE :Crossdressing

Makeup Bag / Case

Makeup bags are great . They help keep things organized which can help speed up your application process.  I even take it a step further and keep my eyes, lips and face products seperate & organized that way I am not stumbling around wasting time looking for my lipstick when I want to finish and get out the door.  See 4 great makeup bag must haves, and a GREAT trick to eyeshadow application  CLICK HERE :Transgender


Every girl looks better with a little lipstick. For all sorts of tricks to great lipstick application, choosing the right color for your skin tone, how to make your lips look bigger etc there is a ton of information RIGHT HERE: Crossdressing


Lashes / Mascara

False lashes & mascara are great tools for helping you look more feminine.  Where would us crossdressers be without them? For a great tutorial on how to apply false eyelashes RIGHT HERE: Transgender and for information on how to apply mascara, make your natural lashes look longer, and all sorts of eyemakeup tricks CLICK HERE: Crossdressing

Adventures In Crossdressing Going Out In Public Fun First Times & Familiar Footsteps



My gal pal Samantha Prescot is here to share with you all her crossdressing in public stories & adventures take it away Samantha…

    The BLUR of summer is still in the midst, time has flown, and September is apon us and it’s first week is about to end. 
    I have FINALLY taken some time to contribute a post for my Gal Pal Adriana’s Sexy Crossdresser Girl Blog. In reality so much time has passed by with so little time to slow the fast pace of life, I decided to cover a bunch of stuff that has transpired over this past spring and summer………So here are all the Fun Firsts and Familiar Footsteps. 



     So where do I start? I guess going back to my very first Conference at Keystone this past March. I had a wonderful time. I had my first profession photo shoots, met a bunch of incredibe ladies from all over the US and abroad. One of the Michigan girls, Sammie Rogers, with whom I had much prior contact with on the internet through various sites, made the trek down to Pa.all the way from Michigan  with a few of her local friends. It was as if we all ready met. We were as real to each other in person as who we are and what we represent on the internet.


     I also met an Internet friend named Jenn in the very last hours of the Conference, she is also from NJ. We resumed contact after Keystone and she invited my wife and I to join them for a dinner group that her and her wife are involved with. 
    The group goes out monthly so at my first opportunity in April we joined a small group of friends for a nice dinner, drinks, and conversation at “The Grille” at Pittstown Inn, it was a very nice place and the food was fantastic. The small gathering was something my wife and I were looking forward to. It was also a first for the both of us. The experience  was more intimate as for conversation  and much different from a party or event scene. We had a very nice time with a wonderful group of ladies,  I will surely be looking to get back to catch up with them. 
     It is unfortunate that it will have to wait until a window of opportunity in the future opens up. It usually takes much advance planning for me to be able to get out and fly with the girls no matter where it might be.



    Not to far from the restaurant is the Pennsylvania border and a very fun and familiar place. The Raven in New Hope was or next stop for the evening after we parted ways with our dimmer party.  We did meet up with quite a few of my friends and the familiar faces that are pretty much a regular Saturday Night fixture to the place and the bi monthly Raven Events. It goes without saying that a few drinks, a little dancing, and a lot of catching up transpired as it always does.



    If anyone is in close proximity to New Hope on a Saturday night….there are always a wonderful group of girls there that WILL welcome any and all girls with open arms, and everyone else for that matter. Don’t let any doubt or fear in yourself stop you from dropping in, you will not be alone and you will be in good company. 



     Near the end of May a few more firsts had unfolded. My wife was going to be away on an extended weekend trip, although the dates were set, where I wound up was almost spur of the moment. So girl time was in order and on a Thursday afternoon I tore down my defenses and my sense of privacy and went to my friend Brianna’s home to get myself all girlied up and have a GNO with just the two of us. We live only a few miles of each other and had never met prior, we did establish a friendship on Facebook. She welcomed me in guy mode and allowed me to undergo my whole transformation while she sat patiently and waited! It does take me a long time to get myself together.



    After my long drawn out process, and some great conversation while getting ready we were finally on our way to the Willowbrook Mall. It was close enough for a short drive but far enough that I knew I could relax and have fun without worrying that I might cross paths with someone I know and run the risk of being discovered. 
    The first stop was the MAC Cosmetics store naturally! Needless to say I did not leave there without opening my purse to sink more than a few bucks on my makeup indulgences. We went to the Macy’s shoe department afterwards and did our circular browse through all the display racks. We were then off to NY & CO, and a few more stores followed……We were pretty much just browsing and chatting as the time flew. We both decided it was time to have something to eat and went to Brio Tuscan Grille before leaving the Mall and heading back to Brianna’s to get changed for the next leg of the evening.



    It wasn’t long before we were at Feather’s in Hackensack. It is one of the few LGBT friendly establishments in the Northern NJ area and it was the first time that either one of us had been there. I can’t say that I would go back there on a Thursday night………The main bar on the first floor was a little empty since there was a male review drawing all of the attention to the second level area. Yeah, not my thing but we did manage to find out that there is a very mixed crowd on Friday and Saturday nights, and on Wednesday evenings you would likely find a small group of girls gathering somewhat  regularly. All of this info was coaxed from the bartender who was quite helpful with all my questions and keeping our drinks filled. After a few drinks and an overall fun evening, it was time to call it a night. We headed back to Brianna’s so I could return to the guy mode state before heading home. 



    On the following Sat. I made my way to Flemington where I had hotel reservations for the evening and plans to meet my friend and sister Nikki for a little shopping. After getting into my room and going through my ritual of dolling myself up, I met Nikki and we were off to the Flemington outlets. Nine West was the priority stop for both of us and it is always a time vacuum. As a result we only had time for a short stroll along the cobblestone walkways and some quick browsing in a few other stores. We were soon off to dinner to meet friends at Thai Tida in Lambertville NJ. The restaurant is owned and hosted by Natta Ountaa, who is not only a beautiful soul but also one of “US” girls. This place is fantastic with delicious and reasonably priced food and it is BYOB!



    After a wonderful dinner and friendly conversation I was back to my room to make another outfit change. We were then off to the Raven to cap off the evening with a few drinks and socializing with all our friends……As I stated before, the Raven is a guaranteed Saturday night spot to hang with the girls and there was quite a large crowd. As with good times the rest of the evening flew and we were being asked to leave among the rest of the closers that evening. So it was Crossdresser and back to the hotel room for some well needed sleep in preparation for Sunday’s shopping trip in New Hope.



    Sunday morning I met my friends Nikki and Heather at a diner that they frequent before heading into New Hope.  After a bite to eat and some conversation, Nikki and I were off to the Outlets in Lahaska, PA which is only a few miles from New Hope. 
    We did some shopping at the Nine West, Jones NY, and the Hanes,Bali, Maidenform stores. We were then off to New Hope to stroll Main St. and stop in at The Bag Ladies. This place is a really cute, fun , and eclectic boutique. Pretty much something for everyone. The owner Sharon is also a sweetheart who does go out of her way to cater to “US” girls. We did spend quite a bit of time in there chatting with her, and after our stroll around town we walked across the bridge to the sister city of Lambertville which is just on the other side of the Delaware River. We were both a little parched from all the walking we were doing and our first stop was right on the other side of the bridge at The Wine Cellar in Lambertville Station. What a wonderful find this place was, the atmosphere and decor was incredible! While one drink was the intention going in we did have 2 as I recall,  and split a dozen Oysters and made Guinness shooter’s which we did have to construct ourselves. The incredibly friendly and beautiful barmaid was more than happy to provide us with everything we needed to make our concoction right down to the Tabasco Sauce. Shucks, 6 shooters apiece and we were on our way to stroll the whole length of the strip in Lambertville. While any conversation over the course of the weekend was never short or lacking, the Stations spirits did inspire the Chatty Cathy in us and the yap and chatter was non stop as we made our long walk back to our cars in New Hope before heading home. 




    My next and final adventure up to this very moment was in the second week of June and I was back to New Hope Pa. for Raven 25. Although familiar footsteps it was the first time I had 3 outings in less than a 3 week period, it was also my first summer Raven trip, and the very first time I brought along a swimsuit with all intentions of getting to the pool with the girls.
    As usual I arrived at the Ramada for an early check in at around 12:30 and got an early jump on getting myself together. I had plans to meet Nikki at her hotel in Flemington to get some afternoon shopping in. I made pretty good time and we met up around 3:30 and headed over to the Bridgewater Commons Mall. 
    We spend a lot of time in Macy’s, I purchased a pair of Jessica Simpson mules that I found on the clearance rack. Nikki and I combed through the sales rack in the jewelry dept. and both of us loaded up on a lot of bling. We realized it was already getting late and decided to take a quick walk through the mall and then head back to get ready for the evenings Meet & Greet. We both realized in our shopping frenzy that we didn’t take any pictures so we made it a point to stop back at Nikki’s hotel to at least get a few photos of each other. 
    The time had come to head back to the hotel with just enough time for a bite to eat at the Raz Room, then quickly back to my room to change into a new outfit, freshen up, and get myself back over to the Raz Room. 



    The Meet & Greet was underway and the all too familiar blur ensued. After a few drinks and as much conversation I could get in, hours had passed. The call for the group photo chimed and it was now after 11 and the party began to break up. It was now time to move a half mile up the road to the Raven, of course that didn’t happen without going back to my room to make another wardrobe adjustment.
    It was a hot evening to begin with and once there, it wasn’t long before we all found that one spot on the dance floor that was right under the air condition vents. This was definitely the first time I spent most of the night on the dancefloor and actually dancing. It was fantastic! Once again closing time was nearing, since Nikki offered to drive over, I jumped in with her so she could usher me back to my hotel before her drive back to her hotel. 
    The alarm clock rings and my snooze slapping began the Saturday morning. After 45 minutes of torture, and unnecessary roughness on the snooze button, I’m up, it’s 10 am, and I begin to shake the cobwebs out of my head and jump in the shower. It was then time for the marathon makeup application, just enough for a daytime look and a good solid base to build on after going to the Raven Pool. Yay! Another first……I slipped into my one piece animal print swimsuit, sundress over the top, a cute pair of low wedge thong sandals, sunglasses and purse in hand……I’m off to meet Adriana at the pool. 



    I was quite surprised as I walked in that I felt as if I had done it a thousand times. I was in my zone, comfortable in my skin and a swimsuit. I settled in with a cold beer and conversation with all of the girls that were already there started up immediately. The pool, all the landscaping and stone work, and the cabana bar were beautiful. I did make it a point to make sure I didn’t stray too far from under the umbrellas for too long. I would have loved to have had some tell tale signs of a tan line left by the swimsuit……….That WILL be a first for another time. Lol! 
    The experience really was such a relaxing time, as if the clock had stopped and the blur was gone. That was short lived and back to reality……It was 3:30 and I was invited to share a few craft beers across the street at the Lodge, and shortly after the blur set in and kicked back into gear. 
    I was off, back to my room, undressed, building on my makeup for the rest of the night, final touches, perfume, jewelry, then looking in the mirror………Done! 



    Off to the Cub Room for the Photo shoot and Mixer, a drink from the bar, a bunch of photos on the red carpet, selfies all over the room, and nonstop conversation. There went an hour and a half………….Back to my room down the road to get my BYOB that I forgot for the Thai Tida in Lambertville for dinner.        



    Our reservation was closing in fast. Selfies at the red light and I’m enjoying all the hectic hustle that is now ensuing. In the room and out of the room with my cheer and I was on my way to meet the girlfriends for dinner. As always I fashionably late and shortly after my arrival I was right in with all the great conversation. Shortly after we were enjoying another wonderful meal served up by our friend Natta.



     Now it was time for the weekend finale and my drive back to the room for my final change of the weekend. I was quickly into my fun outfit ……..I was looking forward to tearing up the Raven dancefloor again. I was rushing more than usual knowing that Nikki was on her way to pick me up. Lipstick on, another spritz of perfume, into my new Jessica Simpson mules, and out the door I went and they are already waiting in me. From there it was just two minutes to the Raven and the last leg of the incredible and fabulous blur begins! As it usually goes, after a few trips to the bar, dancing, converstion, and once again it’s closing time. 



    With the blur slowing to a crawl I’m back at the Ramada…..into the Raz for one last drink of the evening, and the ritual off tearing down and packing up begins immediately apon entering my room……….I do leave on my lingerie, heels, and makeup until almost everything has been organized and packed……before becoming totally undone I look back at everything, open a beer, breathe deeply, and as the smile comes to my face just as it were there the whole time…… is already leading me to the next time I can get back to those fun and crazy nights wherever they might be. 
    Since June the summer and everything that goes along with it has been swallowed up by all the marked calender dates, vacations, and fun filled weekends with family and friends. I have had a few opportunities to pamper and nurture my girl side but have not been out. I am happy to say that as a result of Keystone, where this story began, I had been nominated to be a member of the Vanity Club by Sophie Lynne. I spent the last part of July and first week of August writing my application to present to the membership………After 3 weeks of the voting process in the last 3 weeks of August the process was finished.
    I am proud to say I have been elected and now a member of the Vanity Club. So a special thanks goes out to my Big Sister Sophie and ALL of my New Sisters in VC who have accepted me to be among them in the wonderful sorority. I am also PROUD to be VC 614 
    So what’s the next adventure going to be…….Raven 27, in October …..I’m already there. To be continued 

Thanks for sharing with us all Samantha…want to read & see more sories & adventures in crossdressing from all my gal pals going OUT in public ? CLICK HERE :Transgender

Did you have an awesome time out in public crossdressing & want to share it here on SXYCDGRL …drop a comment in the comment section and we will message you xoxo. 

Crossdressing Tips How To Use An Eyebrow Stencil

Crossdressing Tips

Eyebrow Stencils are a great way to give your brows a really pro look. Not familiar with eyebrow stencils ? They basically are just a stencil in the shape of a eyebrow and can be used to frame your face and give you a very put together look. Want to try them out ? You can see and pick up a pair RIGHT HERE: Crossdressing  and also your Walmart or Target crossdress



For ANOTHER GREAT Tip On How To Highlight Your Eyebrows CLICK HERE : Transgender

Adventures In Crossdressing Adriana Invades Detroit

So this July I FINALLY made my way out to Detroit…”The D”…as they call it. Detroit  Michigan , the place that has been slowly turning into one of THE  transgender/crossdresser party destinations in the United States. I had to go and see for myself if this place was worth all the hype and hoopla I had heard about and I attended one of the now notorious Detroit TG Invasion Events. Which is a 3 day transgender/crossdresser Event that has all sorts of fun, nightclubs, pool parties, daily outings, casino trips, BBQ’s and lots of dancing. With so much to do, I only made about half of the events, but here is how it went down.

Being A New York girl….this meant a 10 hour drive, which was OK with me when I got my gals with me, and  for this trip that meant my girl Gracie..we met in New York City around Midnight, and showed up in Detroit about 10 am fully armed for a fun filled femme weekend.

With NO SLEEP ( from Brooklyn ) ….we headed out for the FIRST nights activities, which was an Early Bird meeting at one of the famous Detroit TG /CD Watering holes…The Adams Apple.  Being the first night, what I love is you always get to meet the REAL gals, and the HARDCORE gals….the ones who are there for the duration of the event crossdress.

That is Samantha Rogers ( above ) ….she RUNS the TG Invasion…and pretty much Detroit too…none of this would go down without her efforts . We diddnt stay there for long though, and the party moved to a spot called Menjo’s…which was a cool nightclub, with a large dancefloor.

Remind me to tell you about Detroit’s Drink Prices……

Friday came and we missed the Pool Party AND the Casino Trip but woke up late enough catch all the girly girls at the AFTER PARTY…….by this point of the weekend, I was already having conversations with myself…I was still stumped over the fact I was in Ohio at some point the day before and we passed a Waffle House (They don’t have Waffle Houses in New York )

Saturday brought the daylight, and the afternoons BBQ…..another part of the agenda…however we totally MISSED the mornings excursion to Downtown Detroit…Kinda jealous I missed that, but come on…I am on New York Time…and thats just way too early for a gal like me…We DID wind up at the afternoon BBQ, which was actually THE part of the event I was really looking forward to, If there was one time I was going to really feel, see and meet the gals from Detroit and the surrounding areas , THIS was going to be THE EVENT to do just that….right before we all get sloshed at the finale…..

The finale of the weekend wound up at a spot called GIGI’S…and it was fun for sure.. great soundsystem and I danced and dry humped my way around the entire club…wait I NEVER mentioned the drink prices….Seriously….I was rich buying drinks there.. Dont let Detroit know….

The Detroit TG Invasion really does live up to its reputation. I will vouch for that. Sorry I dont have many pictures…but if your taking pictures…….your just not having enough fun.

My story does not even show half the fun I had..or half the fun I missed, this is however one event you should try to make the effort and attend…It is total fun and a great group of people. The next event is set for Nov 12-14th 2015. Here is a video I put together showing some of the highlights of what this great 3 day event was like .


Crossdressing Halloween Costume Ideas


With all this Halloween fun coming up. What is a girl to wear ?Halloween is one of the best times of the year to get out in public as a crossdresser Here are some great Halloween Costume Ideas For Crossdressers !

Playboy Bunny




Sexy Cat


School Girl


Go Sci-Fi




French Maid


Police Woman


She Devil


Sexy Nurse


What are YOU going to be for Halloween ? What ever you do, be safe and I hope you have a BLAST transgender For More Tips On Crossdressing On Halloween CLICK HERE: Crossdress

Crossdressing Tips Getting Out In Public For The First Time

Are you in the closet still, and lack the courage to go out in public as a crossdresser? Afraid of what people might say or think of you ? Afraid of getting caught crossdressing ? If you could go out in public as a crossdresser where would you go? For a drive ? To a bar ? To a party ? Or maybe the park or mall ? 

Besides Fall & Winter being one of the BEST times of year to get out as a crossdresser ( think jackets, scarves and layers to hide behind if needed) Fall brings us the one day of year EVERYONE dresses up..Halloween. 

Halloween is probably the very BEST day you can finally “get out the closet” and be crossdressed in public. It is the one day you can really “go for it”..and guess what ?? You have a whole MONTH to plan it if you start TODAY Oct 1rst. If you are worried what people will think of you, this is the one day of the year, NOBODY will think anything. Sure, you may look “too good” to be just in a costume, but still, going for a drive, or out in public, get that makeover you always wanted, go out dancing, who’s going to bother you? Find a cool local CD/TG Halloween party , or make that the night you hit the local gay bar, or mall, or ANYTHING…Just GET OUT..

When you get out, you will start to overcome that fear you have built up inside you, you will gain some confidence, you can play the “do I pass as a woman” on an unsuspecting public, or have fun, and finally wear that sexy school girl outfit you have been prancing around the house in with all the lights off and the curtains closed. If you start now to plan your outing, you just may find out going out in public is not as bad as you thought it was, and it may help you to getting out more often in the future. This year Halloween falls on a Saturday, that means you can also probably find an excuse to go out Friday night & Saturday night too…and thats the trick…finding the excuse to GO OUT rather than finding the excuse to stay IN THE CLOSET !! Good luck and I hope some of you finally take that first step transgender