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David Walliams authored a popular kids’ book titled The Boy in the Dress.

And World Book Day is an annual event intended to encourage reading.

Schools around the world celebrate the day and some of these celebrations include encouraging students to attend school on that day costumed as their favorite book character. And some boys show up dressed as the crossdressing Dennis from Walliams’ book. (I’d prefer to go as Trudy from Coffee, Tea or Me?, but that’s me.)

Anyway, I was curious how popular was dressing as Dennis for World Book Day, so I searched the Internet and found over 60 photos of schoolboys dressed as Dennis en femme. I was also surprised to find a few photos of male teachers also dressed as Dennis en femme.

My curiosity about how I got this way has never waned, although I am less concerned about it in my old age because I don’t think I will ever know for sure. But I still find information on the topic interesting and so I found another reference to the finger-length indicator that I’ve discussed here in the past.

So it goes that if your ring and index fingers are approximately equal in length, you are female and if your ring finger is longer than your index finger, you are male.

I was born with male plumbing, but my ring and index fingers are equal in length indicating that I am female. No surprise there!

Anyway, Christen’s blog, The Woman Within, has a fascinating article on the topic, as well as other posts of interest. So go there!


And this was kind of curious… this blog gets at least 5,000 hits (“pageviews”) per day. Sometimes more, but always at least 5,000 hits each day.

On Monday, the blog had 10,548 hits!

Why? I don’t know. There wasn’t even a new post on Monday, so go figure!

Wearing Love…ady.