How to Make Your Butt Look Bigger (4 Tips for Crossdressers and Transgender Women)

There’s no denying the appeal of a shapely, feminine bottom.

So what can you do if you’re a crossdresser or transgender woman suffering from “flat butt syndrome”?

The good news is that there are some easy ways to transform a flat tush into a juicy booty.

Keep reading for my top 4 ways to make your butt look bigger – no hormones, butt implants, torturous glute exercises required!

1. Try padded panties


Butt enhancing shapewear is all the rage these days, so it’s easy to fake what you don’t have.

The trick is to choose a style with natural looking padding.

I also suggest wearing padded panties under heavier clothes, like jeans, since they can be too obvious under thin garments.


paddedpanty-bubblebuns2 paddedpanty-feelfoxy2 paddedpanty-bittybum2
BubbleBuns Bikini-Style
Padded Panty
Feel Foxy Silicon
Padded Panty
Bitty Bum Hipster
Padded Panty

2. Slip on a pair of heels

High heels are a fabulous booty enhancing tool.

Heels change your center of gravity, causing you to arch your back more. This makes your bottom appear more prominent.

For maximum tush enhancement, wear heels that are at least 2 ½” tall. The higher the heel, the more it will affect your posture.

3. Check your pockets


Back pockets draw attention to your butt, so they’re a critical bum enhancing factor. Here are some dos and don’ts to keep in mind:

  • DO look for pockets with embellishments or flaps. This helps add bulk to the behind.
  • DO choose pockets that are placed high up. This gives your butt a more lifted look. Pockets that are too low make the butt look droopy.
  • DON’T wear high waisted pants without back pockets. If you have a flat butt, this creates a “pancake” effect that is not flattering.
pockets1-do pockets2-do pockets3-dont
DO: Pockets with
embellishments or flaps
DO: Pockets placed
up high
DON’T: High waisted
pants without pockets

4. Wear a shape enhancing skirt


There are certain skirt styles that can make your bottom look especially appealing. Consider these options:

  • Try a trumpet skirt. A trumpet skirt is a style that’s fitted through the hips with a flare at the bottom. This is a beautiful, flattering shape that enhances your curves.
  • Look for a skirt that flare at the hips. The secret is to choose a style that flares the hips, rather than the waist. This adds volume where you need it most.
  • Go for a shorter length. The shorter the skirt, the more the eye is drawn up to the behind. (Of course, you shouldn’t go TOO short. Always keep it classy!)
skirt1 skirt2 skirt3
Trumpet skirt Flare at the hips Above the knee length
In conclusion…

As you can see, it’s not about what you’re born with, but how you work it!

3 Feminizing Foods (Plus 2 to Avoid)


Did you know that the food you eat can make you more or LESS of a woman?

It’s true!

Amazingly, over 300 different foods contain phytoestrogens (plant estrogens). These foods probably won’t feminize you on their own, but they CAN give you an extra boost if you use herbs for breast enlargement or are on hormone therapy.

Here are 3 feminizing foods to incorporate into your diet:

1. Flax seeds

Flax seeds contain more phytoestrogens than any other food, so it’s a great idea to eat them daily. Try sprinkling ground flax seeds on cereal, yogurt, fruit and salads. (Note: They need to be ground so you can digest them and get the phytoestrogenic effect.)

2. Soy

Soy is another high-phytoestrogen food. There are tons of soy foods available, so it’s easy to work them into your diet. Try: tofu, soy beans, soy milk, soy yogurt, soy powder, soy burgers, etc.

3. Fruits and veggies

There are also lots of fruits and vegetables that contain phytoestrogens. High-phytoestrogen fruits include: dried prunes, peaches, raspberries and strawberries. High-phytoestrogen veggies include: alfalfa sprouts, Winter squash, green beans, collard greens, broccoli and cabbage.

Best of all, these foods also encourage weight loss. (Remember: the heavier you are, the harder it is to create a feminine body shape.)

It’s just as important to AVOID anti-feminizing foods. Here are 2 foods that increase testosterone and have a masculinizing effect:

1. Simple carbs

Simple carbs, like sugar or white bread, increase your insulin level. Since increased insulin is related to testosterone production, it’s important not to overeat these foods.

2. High zinc foods

Zinc is another substance that boosts testosterone levels. That means you should avoid high-zinc foods like oysters, beef, pork, turkey, chicken liver, pumpkin seeds if you’re on a feminizing program.

Top 3 Body Feminization Weight Loss Tips


  • Males and females gain weight in the opposite areas. The more masculine fat you have, the harder it is to create a feminine shape.
  • You want to look HOT, right? The closer you are to your ideal body weight, the better you’ll look as a woman.

Here are 3 tricks that helped me shed the fat I gained over Christmas (and afterwards, I want you to tell me YOUR best weight loss tips!):

1. Drink tea

Tea is an awesome ingredient for weight loss! Studies show that tea reduces your appetite and speeds up fat burning. Coffee, on the other hand, makes you fat. Coffee increases the stress hormone cortisol, which causes cravings and increases belly fat.

You have to drink black tea, green tea, or white tea to get the fat-burning effect. (Herbal teas won’t cut it.) The more tea the better, so drink at least 4 cups per day if you are trying to lose weight.

2. Cut the secret sugars

Sugar is one of the worst foods to eat if you want to lose weight. Sugar raises your blood sugar level, which increases insulin. Insulin promotes weight gain and fat storage, so it’s a short road to Fatsville from there.

Did you know that most of the sugar you eat does NOT come from candy bars and cookies? Processed foods are loaded with sugars that secretly make you fat! Here are some of the top sources of secret sugars:

  • Ketchup
  • Salad dressing
  • Peanut butter
  • Spaghetti sauce
  • Hamburger and hot dog buns
  • Microwave meals
  • Fast food

Avoid fast food and check labels for secret sugar names like “high fructose corn syrup,” “corn sweetener,” “malt syrup,” “maltrose,” “fructose,” and “sucrose.” You can find healthy versions of ketchup, salad dressing, spaghetti sauce, etc. in health food stores.

3. Eat more greens

If you want to get rid of your belly blubber, you need to eat more vegetables – especially green vegetables like broccoli, spinach, and romaine lettuce. They are packed with vitamins and minerals. If your body is nutritionally deficient, it will constant crave food to try to get the nutrients it needs. Green veggies also contain fiber, which fills you up and reduces your appetite.

If you don’t like the taste of vegetables, try making a green smoothie! Just throw some spinach or lettuce into the blender when you are making a fruit smoothie. You’ll hardly taste the greens, but they’re in there helping you melt the fat away!


7 Best Shoe Styles for Crossdressers and Transgender Women

Are you as addicted to sexy shoes and boots as I am?

The right pair of shoes can instantly transform the way you look, feel, and walk. That’s why a girl can never own too many pairs!

Since shoes are so important to your feminine image, I wanted to share some tips on selecting the perfect shoe style.

Read on for my top 7 shoe picks for crossdressers and transgender women!

1. Classic black pumps

What could be more chic than a pair of classic black pumps? They add a polished look to any outfit. For the most mileage, choose a closed-toe, full back style with a heel that’s high enough to help loosen up your hips as you walk.

2. Ballet flats

You don’t have to wear high heels to look feminine! Ballet flats are a fantastic option, especially if you’re on the tall side or want to look pretty and stylish without sacrificing comfort.

3. D’Orsay pumps

The d’Orsay is a beautiful and elegant pump style where the sides are cut away to reveal the arch of the foot. D’Orsay pumps are perfect for showing off shapely legs – an asset for most crossdressers and transgender women.

4. T-straps

T-straps add a sexy touch to pumps, high heel sandals, and flats. T-strap shoes have two distinct benefits:

  • The ankle strap offers extra support for your ankles, making it easier to walk in them.
  • The vertical line of the center strap balances the horizontal ankle strap and makes your legs look longer. (T-straps are more flattering than ankle strap shoes.)

5. Nude heels


If you’re on a budget, nude heels will give you the most mileage since they can be worn with literally any color of outfit. Choose a nude tone that blends in with your skin to make your legs look miles long – an added bonus!

6. Wedges


Still trying to master walking in heels? Then consider a wedge heel. Since the sole covers more ground, they’re much easier to walk in. One caveat: Wedges have a chunky look, they are best for girls with thin legs. Stay away from them if you have large or muscular legs.

7. Tall boots


Boots are sexy and sassy, so they’re a wardrobe must. Choose knee high boots for the most elegant look. Tall boots are more flattering and slimming than ankle boots or boots that hit the middf the calf.

6 Best Hairstyles for Crossdressers and Transgender Women

Do you want to look younger, prettier, and more feminine? If so, try changing your hairstyle! There’s no easier way to improve your appearance.

The secret is to choose a hairstyle that helps soften strong facial features (like a prominent nose or jaw) while making your eyes and lips POP! Your hair should also be in proportion with your overall body size.

Here are 6 of the best hairstyles for crossdressers and transgender women. (These work whether you wear a wig or style your own natural hair!)

1. Side swept bangs

Candis Cayne, Transgender Actress

Bangs are a great option since they draw attention to your eyes while hiding a prominent brow ridge. Bangs also make you look cute and youthful! Straight bangs can highlight angular facial features, so go for soft, side swept bangs instead.

2. Layers

Jenna Talackova, Model and Miss Universe Canada’s First Transgendered Contestant

Layered hairstyles tend to be much more flattering than hair that’s all one length. Face framing layers soften your features and add texture and volume to your hair.

3. Soft waves

Laverne Cox, Transgender Actress and Activist

Soft waves are super sexy and feminine. Waves also add volume to your hair, making thin hair appear fuller. Most crossdressers and transgender women look great with full, wavy hair that balances out strong facial features and a larger body frame.

4. Shoulder length hair

Caitlyn Jenner, Transgender Celebrity

Shoulder length hair is the best option for most women, including transgender women. Hair that’s too long drags down your face and looks “old Barbie” after a certain age, while hair that’s too short can look masculine. Shoulder length hair is very feminine and help conceal a strong jaw and thick neck.

5. Side parts

Carmen Carrera, Transgender Model and Actress

Middle parts can be tricky since they make your face look longer and highlight your nose and chin. Side parts are more flattering and can be worn by anybody with any face shape.

6. Highlights

Ines Rau, Transgender Model

Finally, don’t forget about color! Highlights brighten your face and look softer than a single block of color. There are lots of options besides blonde highlights – women with dark hair look fantastic with light brunette or auburn highlights.

Nothing can boost your appearance like a fabulous hairstyle. As you can see from the tips above, the key is to think SOFT – soft cuts, soft texture, and soft color – to balae and feminize your features.

5 Mistakes that Make You Less Ladylike (Male to Female Transformation Tips)

What do you think of when you hear the word “ladylike?”

Beauty, poise, and class? Or outdated ideas of femininity?

To me, being ladylike means being classy, gracious, and elegant. No matter what your idea of femininity might be, I’m sure we can agree that those are great traits to have.

So what should you do to present yourself as a lady? I think the best way to answer that is to talk about what NOT to do…

Here are 5 common mistakes that make you less ladylike:

Mistake #1: Showing too much skin


Being ladylike definitely doesn’t mean being a buttoned-up prude. However, good taste goes a long way when presenting yourself as a woman.

It can be tricky to know how much is too much, so here are some simple guidelines to keep in mind:

  • Show off one part of your body and keep the rest covered. A little mystery is sexy, so show off your legs, breasts, or back – just not all at once.
  • Flaunt the right amount of cleavage. A good rule of thumb is to reveal 20%-40% of your bust. This gives you sex appeal, while keeping it classy.
  • Try the finger length test. To determine the proper skirt length, stand up straight and put your arms to your side. If your fingertips fall past the hem of your skirt, it’s too short.

Mistake #2: Not minding your manners


Good manners and etiquette are dying arts in today’s world. Saying “please” and “thank you” are simple ways to elevate your ladylike status.

Mistake #3: Being sloppy with your grooming


Grooming can make or break your feminine image. In fact, studies show that grooming has more of an impact on your attractiveness than the physical features you were born with.

Mistake #4: Losing control


One of the most important qualities of a lady (and of any respectable human being) is self control – especially when you’re out in public.

In other words, no diva acts, angry outbursts, or public displays of drunkenness. It seems obvious, but if celebrity tabloids are any indication, it’s not.

Mistake #5: Poor posture or body language


Finally, don’t forget that your posture and body language communicate more about you than anything you say. Here are some major no-nos:

  • Slouching
  • Biting your nails or playing with your hair
  • Not making eye contact
  • Crossing your arms

For an even more comprehensive list, check out my post on 27 male to female body language mistakes to avoid.

So what do you think of the term “ladylike,” anyway? Do you find it outdated and offensive towards women? Or a feminine quality worth aspiring to?

What Are Breast Forms Made Of (Male to Female Transgender / Crossdressing Tips)


For the first time wearer of breast forms the choice with regards suitability can be overwhelming since there are so many materials they can be made of and they come in many different shapes and sizes. What a breast form is made out of will often be determined by budget, quality/realism, how it is to be used (daytime wear, sleeping, leisure or exercise etc). Most commercial breast forms are made of:

Read More

If You Do This Your Crossdressing Life Will Be Better (Male to Female Transgender / Crossdressing Tips)

There was a catchy song I used to listen to when I was younger. The lyrics were nothing to rave about, as over and over they proclaimed ‘If you buy this record your life will be better’. Yet the tune was hypnotic, and perhaps some subconscious part of me that longs for approval was convinced that my purchase had improved my life. Most advice is like that of the song. Tantalizing in it’s potential, yet somewhat lacking in the fulfillment of that potential.

Two weeks ago I wrote a post entitled ‘How To Look Like A Woman’, where I promised to share a secret that will magnify your femininity ten fold. The truth for many who crossdress is that it requires a lot of effort to cultivate our femininity. It takes work to choose appropriate clothes, move like a woman and wear makeup to accentuate our inner beauty.

Yet through all of this we’re struggling with stubble that shows up each morning when we wake up, and part way through the evening just as we’re trying to look our best. The secret to enhancing your femininity is permanent crossdresser hair removal.

Crossdresser Hair Removal

If you’ve ever tried to hide the stubborn remains of facial hair under a thick layer of makeup, then you know what I’m talking about. After shaving the same area three times your skin is left raw – if not bleeding – and there are still some hairs that remain. You’re forced to hide your true skin tone underneath concealer and then foundation, not a very natural look. Not at all suitable for day time, when most woman wear a light application of makeup.

We can all appreciate how difficult facial hair is to conceal, but it gets worse. Facial hair makes a proper skin care routine next to impossible. Most woman strive to tone, balance, moisturize and protect their skin. Yet the first thing men do every day is scrape a razor blade over it. How supple and healthy would you feel if you had to endure such trauma?

The daily infliction upon your face doesn’t stop with the skin shearing shave. Afterwards your pores and left open, and small cuts can invite bacteria to take root. Gradually your skin will become rougher.

But wait, it gets worse! Have you ever tried to tone and moisturize after shaving? It’s quite painful, actively discouraging a good skin care routine. I’m also not sure how good it is to pour lotions on your face after you’ve cut it to shreds. It would seem like topicals should remain topical.

Permanent or even semi-permanent hair removal allows your skin to generate a natural softness and makes it easier to maintain a healthy skin care routine. It has psychological benefits as well. A quick glance at your hairless and feminine face, even in guy mode, will let you feel the exhilaration of femininity.

Since you’re spending less time shaving each day you’ll have time to put a light dusting of makeup on before heading to work. Just a touch of foundation and some light blush and you can practice your makeup technique with noone being the wiser.

So What About That Crossdresser Hair Removal?

Last year I shared some different options for transgender hair removal. Hair removal can be expensive and painful, but in my opinion it’s more than worth it for the benefits you get. Not least of which is the ability to get hair removal done without anyone suspecting a thing. Well, apart from your esthetician.

I highly recommend a few treatments of laser hair removal, followed by electrolysis to clear up any stragglers. Having done this dual treatment myself I’ve a new level of respect for ladies who have removed all their facial hair through electrolysis. Electrolysis is painful, slow and effective. It’s also the only way to get rid of any white or gray hairs you may have. (Am I too young to admit to any gray hairs just yet?)

In contrast, laser hair removal is great at treating large areas (like the beard) quickly. It works best on a darker hair / fairer skin combination, and results are usually seen after the first treatment. Laser hair removal can be deceptive though, since some of the hair grows back a few months later. I’ve often felt the results were beyond expectations a week after treatment, but 3 months later a good third of the hairs have returned.

The Real Secret To Femininity

Thanks for sticking with me this far. I’ll end with another song I enjoyed from my youth by Baz Luhrmann – Everybody’s Free (To Wear Sunscreen). It still sends chills down my spine when I listen to it.

Amidst the great advice is another gem to enhance your femininity – Wear Sunscreen!

So you’re set. Hair removal. A good skin care routine. And Sunscreen.

Be beautiful my girlfriend!