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Time for me to take another 2 week break from blogging and dive deep into “girl world”. I will be traveling, partying, going on a few dates, hanging out etc…In the meantime, I compiled another “Best of Crossdressing Tips” for you to dive into while I am away. This blog is LOADED with all sorts of cool crossdressing tips & tricks, makeup, support, fashion, crossdressing events and lots a fun stuff. So have a look around and see everything you may have missed. I have compiled some of my new favorites, and some old classics if you are just joining us. Stay tuned though, I will be back soon with lots of new goodies. xoxo Adriana

How To Get Sexy Smooth Legs 

I found out this homemade formula for super sexy smooth legs, for this and all the other sexy smooth leg tips & tricks Transgender

How To Tuck For Crossdressers The Art Of Tucking 

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How to Create Cleavage


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How To Create Cleavage With Makeup


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5 Tips To Keeping Your Feet Comfortable In High Heels 


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A Crossdressers Guide To Sexy Thigh High Stockings 

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5 Ways To Hide Your Tummy With Fashion

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Crossdresser Shoes & Heels In Large & Wide Sizes


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Crossdressing Makeup Tips & Tricks To Sexy Eyes

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How To Move More Like AWoman How To Be More Feminine 

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Crossdresser Chat & Support Forum has got to be one of the BEST crossdressing support websites out there. For more info  CLICK HERE: Transgender

Top 5 Beard Covers Ways To Cover & Hide Beard Shadow 


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 Boy To Girl MTF Transformation Videos


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Crossdresser Shapewear

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3 Tips For Better Makeup Application

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Crossdresser Shopping Sexy Stockings & Tights 

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An Interview With A Crossdresser 

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Crossdressing Tips How To Take Your Dress Measurements

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10 Simple Ways To Look & Feel More Feminine.


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5 Makeup Tips To Make Your Face Look Slimmer With Makeup 


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10 Tips To Help You Walk Like A Woman 

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Crossdresser Fashion & Style Tips 

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Crossdressing Going Out In Public Stories & Events 

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Crossdresser Makeup Tips & Tricks For Sexy Lips

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wonderful experience of Dream angel bodystocking + femini unerwear

i recently purchase a dream angel bodystocking and femini underwear from a website, here below is my experience of testing it.
The fit of the Dream angel bodystocking was very nice. It was very easy to put on, either other pantyhose or bare skin. It would fit well under male clothing and would not be noticeable, for those that like to dress in secret. The opening in the stocking fits nicely around the femini unerwear prosthesis. The elastic around the opening helps keep it positioned nicely around the vagina providing a wonderful crotchless look and feel.


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products in above photos

femini underwear


Dream angel bodystocking



Dream Angel Bodystocking + femini just fit vest+ SF10 female mask peggy

Before wearing… The products were packaged nicely.. The body stocking color is black which I like, It was inside out.. not sure why?.. I also recieved some white fishnet stockings and something that looked like pink socks.. these items were inside out as well.. i did not know what to do with the pink sock things since they had a loop on them ??? I have nothing to go with the white fishnet stockings so I did not use them.. The feature i liked most on the body stocking was the flower lace patterns..Features I think would be good is to have some with sleeves.. And also.. maybe a picture and better description of how to wear and what some products are..

dream_angel_bodystocking_with_femini_just_fit_vest_07 dream_angel_bodystocking_with_femini_just_fit_vest_05 dream_angel_bodystocking_with_femini_just_fit_vest_04 dream_angel_bodystocking_with_femini_just_fit_vest_03 dream_angel_bodystocking_with_femini_just_fit_vest_01


After wearing… I absolutley loved the feel of this product.. It fits me nicely and accents my shapes wonderfully.. I felt as though the material may be a little weak, but slide it on carefully and everything is great..I think a softer material should be used. I like it but feels a little ruff.. The only tips I have is that this Body stocking is fun and sexy, so you should enjoy..


Dream Angel Bodystocking

femini just fit vest

SF-10 female mask peggy