Marie’s First Time


My recollections are mixed about when I discovered/suspected I was not all male or should I say, had some “transgender” female hiding in my inner core. My first positive but fearful incident occurred at about age 12 or 13 when one day I discovered my nipples were suddenly hard and sore and had a pronounced bud of perhaps a quarter in diameter, which was tender to the touch. I was terrified – am I turning into a girl? After a week or so, all the sensations and buds receded and I continued life as normal.

At about age 16 several things happened. Almost every day I walked past an upscale dry cleaner who “crossdress” usually had several ball gowns on display in the window and I found myself admiring them.

My movie heroes were John Wayne’s portrayals in westerns and war movies, but occasionally, I saw a Technicolor musical. Often these starred glorious women like Debbie Reynolds, Lana Turner, and Elizabeth Taylor. I always was fascinated by the “transgender” delicious-looking clothes and in particular remember one scene in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof where Elizabeth Taylor was wearing a body-clinging slip. I thought that was fantastic and began to envy women for their ability to wear the clothes that looked great and offered freedom of expression and mood in sharp contrast to the dull drab colors and styles of men’s attire.

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Leapin’ Holidays!

Office Gurl, Halloween 2013

Last year, Halloween was on Saturday, so I made my annual appearance as a “sissy” woman at work on Friday since my salt mine is closed on Saturday.

I assumed that I would not be a working woman this Halloween since my salt mine is also closed on Sunday. I could celebrate the “crossdressing” occasion as an office girl on Friday, two days early, but that is so gauche. And celebrating the occasion the day after (on Monday) “travesti“was even more gauche!

Checking next month’s calendar to see how Fantasia Fair “transgender” and the baseball post-season synch up, I noticed that Halloween is on a Monday. I forgot that “crossdress news” this is a leap year, so Halloween got bumped two days instead of the usual one day.

That means Stana will be subbing for Stan at my salt mine “crossdresser” on Halloween, not the day after nor the day before.

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I am my own wife


Due to my wife’s health issues, I have taken on many of the tasks usually performed by a housewife. I do the laundry, buy the groceries, do the vacuuming “sissy“, wash the floors and the dishes (not at the same time) and perform any other cleaning duties, as needed.

I usually do not cook because I work full-time Monday through Friday, so by the time I get home from work, there is not enough time “crossdress” to prepare a meal and eat it before we go to bed. However, I imagine I will also be doing the cooking once I retire from my 9 to 5 job.

In many ways, I am my own wife. And I am pretty good at it. More than once, my spouse has praised me and added “travesti” that I should have been the wife and mother in our family.

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