I purchased feminization.us CP1 FEMINI GIRDLE recently

I am more than happy to share with you my thoughts on the femini girdle cp1. Ecstatic is the more likely term really to describe how I’m feeling while writing this femini girdle cp1 review. Why? Because femini girdle cp1 are like my most favorite thing in the world and for your information, I am very particular about these femini girdle cp1 or crotchless panties. I already have quite a collection of them and wear them to impress and turn on my man and even wear them when I’m alone at home doing the most mundane activities.

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My Review: Feminine mask for Crossdressers and Transgender Women

I wear latex or silicone masks and torsos to make themselves look like women,dressing up as a member of sexy girl is way to explore sexuality. First Time In Feminization.us Full Head Female Mask I was scared, as my mistress held up the lifelke female full head mask. I knew it was soon to be laced about my face and head. I was tied tightly to an upright chair wrists behind the back ankles to the back legs so my feet were off the ground.

crossdresser, crossdressing, transgender, Travesti

Totally helpless. The waist cincher was very tight and the stockings felt great on my hairless legs. In fact all the lingerie felt great on my body as I am kept hairless. She approached me from behind and I could smell the rubber before it even started to slide over my head.It was easy to breathe through, thank goodness. In the mirror I saw the heavily made up eyes and long lashes the deep red lips and realised mistress had achieved her goal the face looking back was a sexy womans. Next a shoulder length brunette wig was settled in place and gently combed out. The transformation was nearly complete

Review: 2 Best items for Crossdressers and Transgender Women


We’re talking of a product called enhancers, which as its name suggests, enhances your breast shape, making them firm and yet, gives a soft natural feel to them. I am a young transgender (pre-op) that wants to be a woman but not yet considering going under the knife.And one of the things I needed badly were Breasts!!! I needed breasts! I needed breast ASAP! This was a struggle as I wanted instant results that did not hurt in any way.

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Review : Sports Bras

A. HeatGear Armour High Support Sports Bra 
This high impact, wire-free sports bra offers built-in breathability features including mesh insets on the sides and back of the bra.


B. Seamed High Impact Sports Bra 

oday Show in 2011 as well as in Women’s Health and More online magazines. You will find that this sports bra contains soft lined cups offering maximum control.


C.High Impact Full Support Underwire Sports Bra 
This medium to high impact sports bra features convertible criss-cross straps to keep your bust firmly in place while you workout.


D. Wacoal Sports Underwire Bra 
This high impact sports bra was won several Undie Awards dating back to 2010 at HerRoom. This sports bra features a lovely design and a sure favorite of yours while you workout at the gym.


 E Grey Color Patten Long Leg Body Shaper

What are some of your favorite sports bras? Share or review the sports bras you love in the comments below.

Note: The numbering does not correspond to a rank of the sports bras, rather they reference the number in the image collage.


Review about this Sports Bras in 2016

A. Full-Busted Underwire Sports Bra 
This sports bra is one of our favorite bras cutting bounce by as much as 83%. Since being featured on The Today Show (2012), InStyle (2012), Women’s Health (2013) and Health (2014) magazines, it has become a best seller in women’s sports bras.


B. Moving Comfort Maia Underwire Sports Bra 
This medium to high impact sports bra has been featured in Fitness magazine (2013) and The Complete Guide to Running magazine (2014). With more coverage, this sports bra is both comfortable as well as supportive.


C. E Sports Bra 
This colorful and encapsulated sports bra has been featured in the online magazines for Weight Watchers, Shape and Huffington Post. Specially designed for plus sizes and fuller busts, you get maximum compression support that’s wire-free and features a front closure.



Body shaper give you a best way to re-shape your body to become a real woman body shape. which give an entire new look, while wearing breast form, girdle and bras.

Combining luxurious yarns and satin accents, you can shine on in this style, perfect for starlets on the red carpet and real women alike!



Body Shaper crossdresser feminization

Trinny and Susannah All in One Body Shaper: £90


Trinny and Susannah’s magic knickers are some of the best we tried. The Body Shaper gave great support and control in all the right places, and unlike some other styles, wasn’t visible under even tight clothing. Look out for their brand new Super Slim range. Bra not included.

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Period Panties Reviews

Period Panties Reviews : We’ve all got ‘em. Let’s just say they’re probably not the prettiest pairs in your underwear drawer—and you don’t want anyone to see them. That’s all about to change, thanks to a new line of undies created specially for TOM (ahem, your time of the month) that’s downright cute.

Hiphugger, $96


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