Dream Angel Bodystocking + femini just fit vest+ SF10 female mask peggy

Before wearing… The products were packaged nicely.. The body stocking color is black which I like, It was inside out.. not sure why?.. I also recieved some white fishnet stockings and something that looked like pink socks.. these items were inside out as well.. i did not know what to do with the pink sock things since they had a loop on them ??? I have nothing to go with the white fishnet stockings so I did not use them.. The feature i liked most on the body stocking was the flower lace patterns..Features I think would be good is to have some with sleeves.. And also.. maybe a picture and better description of how to wear and what some products are..

dream_angel_bodystocking_with_femini_just_fit_vest_07 dream_angel_bodystocking_with_femini_just_fit_vest_05 dream_angel_bodystocking_with_femini_just_fit_vest_04 dream_angel_bodystocking_with_femini_just_fit_vest_03 dream_angel_bodystocking_with_femini_just_fit_vest_01


After wearing… I absolutley loved the feel of this product.. It fits me nicely and accents my shapes wonderfully.. I felt as though the material may be a little weak, but slide it on carefully and everything is great..I think a softer material should be used. I like it but feels a little ruff.. The only tips I have is that this Body stocking is fun and sexy, so you should enjoy..


Dream Angel Bodystocking


femini just fit vest


SF-10 female mask peggy