20 Things Which every Crossdresser must know about Women!

A woman has always been a mystery for both men and women themselves. There are so many things which make us different from men and special in our own peculiar way. However, after all these years of studying and observing women there are thing more or less common for our ‘race’ (or ‘kind’). Here is the list of scientifically proven (and not proven) that will help you (or not) understand women better. Let’s start from physiology and move to habits crossdressers.

1. Women have a faster heartbeat (78 beats per minute )
The rate of heartbeat depends on the size of body in general. As women’s bodies are smaller on average than men’s, their hearts beat faster.

2. Women blink twice more often than men
This is generally explained by the higher levels of hormone Estrogen in women’s bodies.
3. Women are better smellers…
It’s not because the better sense of smell. Women tend to differentiate smells better than men and detect specific smells correctly.
4. And better listeners!
The trick is women listen with both sides of brain while men use only left side of brain for listening.
5. …but lousy drinkers
Women can drink the same amount of alcohol but will have a higher alcohol level in blood than men do. Thus, we have lower alcohol tolerance, we are prone to become alcohol addicts sooner than men and suffer more from hangovers. In other words, drinking is not women’s cup of tea.
6. Women’s life expectancy is higher than it is for men worldwide.
This may be explained by different factors – the rate of hormons (testosterone and estrogen) in organism, women’s slower metabolism, lower death rate in childhood, better ability to adjust to the environment. However, the longer life expectancy doesn’t mean women are healthier than men. It just means we can leave through the conditions that men die from.
7. Women speak about 20,000 words a day while for average man this number is 13,000 times less.
Yes. Women are that chatty. On the other hand, if they have so much topics to discuss – good for them!
8. Women cry about 30-64 times a year. Men cry on average 6 to 17 times a year.
Hormones again are the reason. 60 percent more prolactin in women’s bodies – and we are crying rivers while men remain calm and dry.
9. Fun fact: an average woman eats about 2-3 kilos of lipstik (per lifetime).
Question: Does it have to be considered when making a diet plan?
10. The first computer programmer was a woman Ada Lovelace (1815 -1852 )
Now, who said we are not good with math?
11. Both cases of highest IQs recorded (ever) belong to women.
Yup, we are that brainy. No more women’s logic related jokes, please.
12. Why do women lack free time? That’s the answer!
According to researches, women spend on average120 hours a year looking in the mirrors, over 4 years of their lives menstruating, and approximately one year of their lives deciding what to wear. That’s a lot of busy time, indeed!
13. When woman dresses, she usually puts on a blouse first. Pants come second. For men it is vice versa.
Science can’t explain this fact. That’s just how things work transgender.
14. Women prefer chocolate over sex!
Seventy percent of women would have a bar of chocolate instead of having sex. Well, it’s not a secret that men need more sex than women. While men enjoy physical side, women enjoy the emotions they get during intimacy. So, does it mean chocolate gives us more emotional pleasure! That is something for men to think about…
15. Only 30% of women can orgasm from intercourse. And the same amount of women have trouble reaching orgasm.
The reasons vary from physiological peculiarities, lack sex education, inexprienced partner or wrong positions. The habit of faking orgasm instead of talking with a partner and solving the problem may also be the reason why women prefer chocolate.
16. There is always at least one thing that woman doesn’t like about her body. Usually that’s either weight, or breast size.
Even super models who seem perfect to anyone try to hide some imperfections they notice about their body. Seriously, women are so self-critical.
17. High heels create the effect of roundish butt (it sticks out 25 percent more)
However, we all know stilettos are not practical, they seem to have strong advantages.
And now, a couple of facts about women which are not scientifically proven but were said by the wise men and so should be taken for granted crossdressing.

18. ‘A woman’s mind is cleaner than a man’s: She changes it more often.’ – Oliver Herford
19. ‘Every woman is wrong until she cries, and then she is right – instantly.’ – Sam Slick
20. ‘Women are made to be loved, not understood.’ – Oscar Wilde



Crossdress makeup tips by Carolanne

Depending or you have heavy beardgrow or not  shave your beard and afterwards use an new razor blade and shave the whole beard region. If you  have heavy beardgrow you can try too use an camouflage stick for on the beard shadow. try to buy an camouflage stick color who would camouflage your beard shadow the best. Do not apply it alot and make sure you smear it out real well. After that try using a foundation as close too your own skin color! Take an sponge or big brush and spread it out too apply it onto your whole face , ears and nek area. With and smaller brush you can optionally applyan compact powder who is an little darker then the foundation at skin/hair border in an circle so the effect give’s and rounder face structure. Although its depends from person to person if it is needed! Next depending on if you have full eyebrows , the best things is too begin making the eyebrow hair shorter. On the eye side of your eyebrow you can make your eyebrow hair lighter using an white eye pencil by following you eyebrow line from inside too out ! when your having smal eybrow or light ha

ir eyebrow the eye pencil isn’t needed crossdressing. also optionally you can use eyebrow plastic to sorta stick your eyebrow hairs too you head and with an sponge soft apply the foundation you used for the rest of the face. When you look in the mirror you would see yourself without eyebrow! At first tis a funny look not having eyebrows anymore! With an lightbrown eyebrow pencil or with eyebrow powder your gonna draw another eyebrow. Don’t aspect to master that in one time as  i myself probably fucked it up dozen of times ( sorry for swearing) For the beginning of the eyebrow best is to let it be were the original eyebrow begins. The end although you can decide bij taking any eye pencil and hold it at the side of your nose and point it besides the outside of your eye. Were your pencil points out to if roughly were your eyebrow end will become sexy  transgender

I prefer to draw a thin eyebrow line just above my own eyebrow covered in eyebrow plastic.
 In that way you can make the most consistent line on two sides . Before i discovered this way i always try to draw the eyebrow line’s but most of the time one was a little different from the other. And because i can’t live with bad drawn eyebrow’s i always took it of and applied again till it was how i liked it. In that way i became real handy in doing it. The same goes for applying the make up and the to much factor. I learned overtime that to much always ends up in not manageble anymore and it would wear of fast. But in the beginning i always applied more then needed to cover thing up and now i spend more time on applying it the right way to cover the same with less! (see example crossdressers ) under the white  eyecolor under my eyebrows are my normal eyebrows pasted away with eyebrow plastic and covered with white. If you look at the eyes.jpeg picture im trying to apply less white and make it more natural look !