Period Panties Reviews

Period Panties Reviews : We’ve all got ‘em. Let’s just say they’re probably not the prettiest pairs in your underwear drawer—and you don’t want anyone to see them. That’s all about to change, thanks to a new line of undies created specially for TOM (ahem, your time of the month) that’s downright cute.

Hiphugger, $96


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wonderful experience of Dream angel bodystocking + femini unerwear

i recently purchase a dream angel bodystocking and femini underwear from a website, here below is my experience of testing it.
The fit of the Dream angel bodystocking was very nice. It was very easy to put on, either other pantyhose or bare skin. It would fit well under male clothing and would not be noticeable, for those that like to dress in secret. The opening in the stocking fits nicely around the femini unerwear prosthesis. The elastic around the opening helps keep it positioned nicely around the vagina providing a wonderful crotchless look and feel.


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Dream angel bodystocking