Yes True Stories.. From crossdresser!


Take a look at these adventures of mine.

Jane Rohr was kind enough to send Glamour Boutique some of her best and worst stories and experiences dressing. Also, some important tips on how to NOT get caught by your significant other. Take a look.

“Hello my name is Jane. I am a crossdresser. My friends and family have no clue as far as I know. I am 52 years young. Married for 30 years. 1 son of 29 years. I would like to share some of my stories with all of you lovely ladies out there.

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When I was a teenager I started by putting my sisters makeup on and her clip-on earrings but always in secret. As I got older I still had the itch. When I got married the opportunity was there all the time since I had makeup at hand due to my wife. So, when I had some free time I would dress-up. 30 years later here I am, still dressing.


Since I haven’t shared my crossdressing life with any friends of family it gives me a bit of extra ride when someone almost finds me in action. One night my wife and I went to walmart to have a picture printed off my phone. I have like 230 photos on my phone of myself dressed up as a woman. I keep them in a private album so, only I can see them. However, when my phone got plugged into the machine, my private album started loading all over the display screen. Thank god my wife had walked away to go get something in the store at the time. I was sure someone else was going to see them at this point though. But, the worker handling my phone didn’t even look up, she just continued to look for the picture I had “sissy” previously showed her. She probably thought it was my good looking sister. LOL. So, once she passed all of my private pictures I could see my loving wife had returned to my side. I thought I was in the clear, until the picture we wanted printed didn’t fit on the size paper we picked. The worker had to re-plug my phone back in with my wife standing right next to me! So, the only thing I thought to do was to crowd in front of her so she could not see the screen of all the photos. It was exciting and scary at the same time.


One very important thing to keep in mind (if you don’t want to get caught dressing like a girl) is to make sure the mascara you get ISN’T waterproof. More than once I used my wife’s waterproof mascara and didn’t know how hard it was to get off after.. One time after getting a haircut my wife wasn’t home. So, of course,  “crossdresser” I gave myself a makeover. Sure enough,I chose the waterproof mascara by mistake. It doesn’t help that they put the waterproof label in the tiniest print on the side of the tube either. Anyway, I’m all dolled up enjoying myself when I hear the garage door opening. I ran to the bathroom so fast and started scrubbing away.. fortunately I was in the bathroom upstairs, so it took her like 10 minutes before she found me. I told her that I was taking a crap, which really got her to leave me alone. Bullet dodged; so I thought. Later on that night though, we were eating dinner and she’s looking at me hard.. and says your eyes always look darker after a haircut for some reason. . LOL

So .. read the label.

One evening I decided to go out and buy myself some boots. I pretended to be buying shoes for my wife, and the woman helping me seemed to believe me. I played like I was sending my wife pictures to choose from the whole time. I made my purchase and left the mall without any suspicion. When I got in the car, I couldn’t wait to try them on, so I did. This is when I realized “travesti” I had bought a wide style shoe (thinking the shoes were made for people with wide feet). They looked like crap. But I couldn’t just go back in and tell them they didn’t fit her. . She wasn’t there.. so I had to wait a few days to exchanged them. Worst couple of days of my life. All I wanted to do was wear those boots. So, I would suggest buying a couple styles at once and return the ones you don’t like just incase.


The last wig I got was at a KBW Wig in Cheektowaga, NY. I was up buying a trolling motor for my bass boat when I passed by a very lovely wig store; clearly I decided to stop. I began thinking of lies to tell the store clerk about why I, (a middle aged man) would be buying a wig. I usually keep pictures of some wigs on my phone so I can say that my wife is looking for something like this (and show them the picture). But that day I had nothing. When the woman ask what I was looking for, I just came out and said “shoulder length with some curls on the sides” and to my surprise she didn’t think anything of it. She showed me all the options she had. I was so surprised that she wasn’t asking me questions. So, I gained up some more courage to ask to try some on… I’ve never done that before. But, again she didn’t hesitate at all. “Yes let me get a cap on you” were the only words out of her mouth. And just like that my first wig fitting was under way. Of course she had to tempt me with a long sexy blonde wig.. hard to pass up (as we all probably know). We’ll I paid cash for my new wig and was off to buy my trolling motor. (Got a good deal on the trolling motor too) However, that whole time that I was worried about what I thought other people were going to think was for nothing. I just went for what I wanted. She didn’t know my friends or family so, I took my chance. So there you have it, sometimes you have to be fearless ladies.”

Xoxo Jane!

Yes True Stories

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