Very Suitable


There’s a lot of truth to my Dress “crossdressing” Bar ad parody. They don’t have Transfashion Specialists at Dress Barn, but their sales reps might as well be.

I shop at Dress Barn frequently. The staff at the local store knows me in boy and girl mode “crossdresser” and they are very good at making me look my best as a woman no matter which gender I shop in.

One time I was shopping for a new dress  in boy mode and the sales rep suggested a frock that I would have never given a second look. I tried it on and “sissy” was not thrilled with the way it looked on me in boy mode. (Which is often the case trying on womenswear en homme.)


The sales rep sensed my lack of enthusiasm, but urged me to buy the dress “travesti” because she “knew” it would look good on me en femme. If not, I could always return it for a full refund.

I trusted her opinion, bought the “sissy” dress and when I wore it en femme, it looked gorgeous and received lots of compliments.

And so it goes “news“.

Kansas City femulators, circa 1965