As I wrote last month (here and here), I was not happy with my last new wig purchase. There were a couple of things wrong with the wig (the style and the color); the bottom line was that the wig made me look old!

So I began looking for something else.

Like most gurls, my “sissy” head is larger than the average girl’s and I am always looking for something in large cap size wigs, rather than average cap size wigs. There is a big difference. With a”crverage cap size wigs, the wig seems to be constantly trying to jump ship and I have to go to the “crossdressing” ladies’ room to anchor it back in place. With large cap size wigs, I slip it on my head and it stays in place until I am ready to remove it.


Sadly, most wigs I have owned were small caps. The problem is that the available selection of large size cap wigs is limited. For example, has approximately 800 women’s wigs “News” to choose from on their web site, but only 22 are available with large caps.


So I am always on the lookout for new large caps. During my search for something else, I found a new “crossdresser” large cap from Noriko, my favorite wig brand. The wig is “Sky” and it has been available in average cap size for awhile, but just recently “sissy” became available in large cap size, too.

D.J. “Shangela” Pierce