Heavenly Touch: Woman’s Hands in Seconds

I have always had these “man hands” and I so hate it. I mean, I am a girl trapped inside a man’s body and it’s just not right to have such manly hands! I have tried products such as lotions, creams, and moisturizers to help soften and remove my calluses but sadly, I did not even see a single change in texture and appearance. So I decided to take things one step further, and no I am not talking about surgery!

I found this particular website called Feminization.us *link underneath*  It is apparently an online store that caters to transgender women such as myself to achieve that very feminine look in a very practical, realistic, and instantaneous way. So upon going through their website, I found a particular product that got my attention it is called “Femini Silicone Glove SG3”. I attached a photo for your reference.



This product claims to give you instant feminine hands that can cover big veins, calluses, and scars and give you silky smooth skin for only $350! You can read more about this product at their website (http://www.feminization.us/femini-silicone-glove-sg3-p-136.html) Anyways,  I was a bit hesitant at first since I thought that it is just some plastic glove but then I decided to purchase one as it may be might last hope to achieve my desire of having girly hands and fingers. After a few days I then got my product. And so the trial begins!

This glove only came in one size but surprisingly it fit me like a glove *pun intended*.  The insides felt really good and did not make me sweat. It was quite comfortable actually. My fingers fit and did not in any way felt constricted as I had large hands. Overall, it fit me really well. I asked a friend of mine to feel it while I am using it and she said it felt like real human skin! No wonder since it is made of high grade quality silicone material. Fingernails are nice looking too and you can even change them!

Overall, I like it so far as not only is it comfortable but it felt like actual female skin! I felt more feminine indeed. I however, did not like how it sometimes tends to fold whenever I bend my arm. It could be more fluid in my opinion. Also, needs to have more colors to choose from for people with darker or lighter skin tones.

I encourage you ladies to try it out and see for yourself. Remember, nothing compares to the heavenly touch of a woman’s hand. So hide those man hands now!!!