Funny Ladyboy Jokes for The Day

Here are a few funny ladyboy jokes to liven up our day!

Its all fun nothing serious nor meant to be offensive in any manner,



I just got back from holiday in Bangkok where I came very close to sleeping with a ladyboy. She looked like a woman, she walked like a woman, she talked like a woman and she even kissed like a woman! It was only when she drove me back to her place and reversed parked her car on the first attempt I thought “hang on…”

My Thai girlfriend says a tiny penis isn’t a problem, but I still wish she didn’t have one. 

“It’s a boy” I shouted as I ran from the Bangkok massage parlour

I keep making stereotypical jokes about my old man and his new Thai bride. He really doesn’t find it amusing… and neither does my Dad

I went to visit my Thai girlfriend’s parents out in the provinces. They are so sexist, there were no pictures of her growing up, just her brother who I never met… she said it’s just Thai culture

Met a girl down Soi Cowboy last night but when I got her back to the hotel there was an erection problem… she had one!

“Dad, what’s a ladyboy?”
“Ask your Mother, he knows.”