How to identify a crossdresser? Adams…

How to identify a crossdresser?

Adams Apple, body hair (facial, arms, hands, chest, legs), tone and depth of voice, lack of breasts or breasts that change size and orientation each day (stuffing a bra), buldge in pants.

Females have longer forearms than men so watch out for these. Males have longer legs and if the thighs seem to be too long then it is definitely a he. Do not get confused, the most sexiest women have slightly shorter thighs than men.

There is the Adam’s apple. It is something that most crossdressers would never hide unless they had it removed through surgery. We all know that females have a smooth throat but if you a big lump on a throat, that’s definitely a man. Some females are so desperate to became 100% woman that they successfully upgrade themselves to such a point where we can no longer distinguish them as male. But one factor still remains for us to judge. Look at the hands. If the hands seem to be big than you think and the veins are sticking out, watch out, that guy is going to get you.

You can also listen to voice which should easily expose them but nowadays crossdressers can sing better than Beyonce and look better. Ahem.Look at the face. Asian women have flat noses while white females have pointy noses. Observe the nose carefully and take a good stare for several minutes, you’ll be able to see through all that plastic surgery without having to strip him/her of his/her clothing. Males tend to have square point faces while females have a perfeclty round face. Although, many Asian men still look like females.In Asia, you can’t tell the different because crossdresser have already mastered the secrets of converting from male to female. The crossdressers in the west still need some work.

Are You Girl-Pretty Or Guy-Pretty? Men…

Are You Girl-Pretty Or Guy-Pretty?

Men and women have very different definitions of what’s beautiful. Find out how you can fit both through these tips and products.

It’s no secret that women have an innate desire to, well, be desirable to their men. The problem is, most women often commit a ‘crime’ against men when they try to look good…for other women!

Put simply, women adore waif-like models in fashion magazines but men prefer meaty types seen on Victoria’s Secret catalogues. Just because you are the most fashion forward socialite on the block doesn’t mean you’re the hot eye candy a typical man will ogle. Likewise, you may be the sexiest babe on men’s most wanted list but your fellow females may think you’re not all that, since you’ve got no fashion swag to brag about. Catch our drift?

So instead of being only Girl-Pretty or Guy Pretty, why not be both? Here’s how.


GIRL-PRETTY: This is the time to experiment with colors and finishes, so don’t be shy. Don’t overdo it either as there’s a fine line between fab and drag! Highlighting your lips entails toning down your eye makeup or using neutral eye color. Try MAC’s Fabulous Felines Collection Palace Pedigreed Lipglass in Best of Breed, P950.

GUY-PRETTY: Even if a certain product won a beauty award, it’s not always a keeper in your man’s book! Truth is, there is nothing kissable about gunky lips topped with sticky gloss! Keep your puckers soft, natural-looking, and smooth by exfoliating them regularly. Try Ellana Minerals Lip Scrub in Strawberry Kiss, P150.


GIRL-PRETTY: Playful colors reflect your fun personality. Instead of a wash of color, opt for colored eyeliner instead for more intense drama. The trick is to apply it on either the top lash line or inner bottom lash line but NOT both, as it can look clown-like. Follow with your desired mascara, of course!
Try Ever Bilena’s Advance Cream Eyeshadow Trio in Sandra, P95. Its fine tip applicator makes for a great liner brush!

GUY-PRETTY: Channel the femme fatale in you without going completely naughty by sporting the cat’s eye look a la Angelina Jolie! To achieve this liner look with utter perfection, liquid, gel, and cake liners are a must. Try Paul & Joe’s Fluid Eye Liner, P1,500


GIRL-PRETTY: We all want to shine in the spotlight and have our girlfriends wonder how we ever pulled off the shimmering look without looking like a Christmas ornament! Steal a radiant trick from Victoria Beckham and Nicole Kidman: airbrushing. Try ModelCo Shimmer Airbrush Illuminiser, P1,650.

GUY-PRETTY: Guys love your pretty face a lot more than your pretty makeup, so the objective is to look like you aren’t really wearing any. But as reality has it, we need a little help getting the radiant flawless finish! Try Colour Collection Gluta Whitening Pressed Powder SPF20 in Natural, P375. This face powder has micronized light-reflecting pigments that seamlessly minimize facial flaws while keeping oil and the harmful rays of the sun at bay.


GIRL-PRETTY: Oh how we love the angst Rihanna emits simply by sporting a kick-ass hairdo! The trick is to find the perfect hairstylist who can customize the look that’ll fit the shape and features of your face and help you maintain the style, both in and out of the salon. Try the hair genius of L’Oreal Professionel Ambassador and head stylist Danny Katalbas of Emphasis Salon at Rockwell.

GUY-PRETTY: Androgynous and too-edgy hairstyles may be cool but not necessarily sexy to your ideal guy. You certainly don’t see any swimwear models posing in spiked styles higher than your man’s mohawk, do you? Put simply, men are drawn to natural-looking, healthy, and flowing hair. For them, this is a reflection of a woman’s proper hygiene: if she’s clean up there, then she must be clean down there. Go figure! So rather than pile products on your tresses, opt for a nourishing hair treatment instead. Try Pantene 3-Minute Night Miracle Treatment, P199.75. Affordable treatments allow you to indulge weekly, without the strain monthly salon visits put on your budget!

So whether you’re hangin’ with the girls or flirtin’ with the guys, you now have your beauty arsenal in tow to keep you looking great anytime, anywhere–and to anyone!

Before you read this article, did you think you were girl-pretty or guy-pretty? Tell us when you comment!