Hey Cossdressers, Does Your Bra Fit?

Hey Crossdressers, Does Your Bra Fit?

Eighty percent of women are wearing the wrong bra size.

Whether you’re wearing a ratty old friend you’re reluctant to replace, a fashion-y brassiere you like the color of or one in the size you’ve simply always worn, there’s an overwhelming probability you’re wearing an over-the-shoulder-boulder-holder that’s wrong for you.

“A lot of women stick to the number in their head from when they were first fit,” Kay-Lin Richardson, director of sales and spokeswoman for Panache Lingerie explained. “They’ll say, I’m a 34 B or a 36 C. I’ve been guilty of that. I couldn’t imagine that I would ever be a D cup because that wasn’t in my head and it wasn’t my size.”

But what most transgender don’t realize is that their bodies are constantly changing. A bra size could change with as little as a five-pound weight loss or gain, changing physical activity or even age. “You should probably get fit every year — just go and check in to make sure you’re still wearing the right size,” Richardson told StyleList. “You probably are, but you probably wouldn’t even realize that your bras aren’t fitting anymore because that’s just the way they’ve always fit you.”

It’s a societal epidemic that women need to address. We’re heavier than we’ve ever been, many women are augmenting their assets, and hormones in the food chain have changed the shape and size of assets. Consequently, there is a demand for sizes starting at 28 in band size and going up to FFF cups. The good news is that better data, improved engineering and manufacturers working with the changing bodies of women are creating choices where once there was none.

“If you went online now and were a 30 FFF, you’re not going to find the 34 B assortment, which is everything, but there’s probably 100 styles for that customer,” Richardson explained, which wasn’t the case even five years ago.

And that old rule of thumb about measuring your rib cage and adding five inches is pure malarkey. Each brand fits differently and a well-versed fitter will know what brands are true to that measurement and which ones you need to size up or down for.

“Go to a store that has a good reputation for fitting women,” Richardson said. Better specialty stores and a department store like Nordstrom usually have very good fitters. And if you have to shop online, follow the site’s fit guide, but keep an open mind — most of these sites have great return policies so you can try a couple of sizes and return what doesn’t work.

In case you’re not sure if you’re in the majority or minority, check you bra’s fit against these guidelines:

The band: Should be firm against your body to provide most of the support.

The shoulder straps: Should not be taking the brunt of the weight. If they’re digging into your flesh, you need a firmer fitting band.

The underwire: Should encapsulate the breast and should tack firmly against the body.

And sports bras are no different. They’re usually sized XS to XL, and knowing your size gives you a good starting point. “Take several sizes into the fitting room,” explained LeJean Lawson Ph.D., chief scientist at Champion, who helped invent the sports bra. “We don’t come in specific sizes — we’re all on the continuum — and the more atypical your body is, the more important it is to try different sizes.”

Lawson also stresses you need to take into consideration what you’ll be using the sports bra for. “Not all sports bras work for all sports. You might need flexibility, do a lot of running, reach up like when playing basketball or if you’re cycling, you might want more ease across the back. There are different design elements for each of these movements.”

There’s one big misconception that’s still out there, though, “Many women think of a sports bra as a compression, uni-boob thing,” Lawson said, clarifying that there are sports bras that offer encapsulation, compression, spot comfort and more, but all deal with the most important performance needs: managing sweat, managing chafe and providing support without hardware that will hurt you.

“At the end of the day, it’s about being comfortable, looking and feeling good,” Lawson concluded.

Uganda’s Anti-Gay Law Punished in Foreign-Exchange Market

The gains that had made Uganda’s shilling the second-best performing African currency this year are evaporating after President Yoweri Museveniimposed harsher penalties against homosexuals.
The shilling slumped 2.9 percent against the dollar since Museveni signed the bill on Feb. 24, the biggest decline among all currencies after Ukraine’s hryvnia andHaiti’s gourde. That’s a reversal of the first seven weeks of the year, when the shilling rallied 3.1 percent, the most on the continent after the 6.8 percent surge in Somalia’s currency.
The crackdown on homosexuality has caused a backlash against Uganda, a $20 billion economy that exports more coffee than any other African nation. Denmark and Norwayhave pulled or redirected aid while Sweden said it’s reconsidering its program and Virgin Group Ltd.’s Richard Branson called for a business boycott in an interview with CNN. Standard & Poor’s cut Uganda’s credit rating one level last month to B, five below investment grade, on concern its budget deficit is swelling and after donors including the World Bank and U.K. suspended support in 2012 because of corruption.
“Aid inflows definitely matter for the balance of payments in Uganda to a higher extent than inNigeria and many other African countries,” Mark Bohlund, a London-based sub-Saharan Africaeconomist at IHS Global Insight, said by phone. “The homosexuality bill definitely makes it more difficult to get this suspended budget support reinstated. I was fairly optimistic they would be able to do it in the current fiscal year, but now I think that is out of the question.”

Twin Deficits

The currency fell 2.1 percent yesterday, the biggest one-day slide since March 2012, to 2,512 per dollar. That was the worst decline among 24 sub-Saharan African currencies monitored by Bloomberg. It strengthened 1.5 percent to 2,474.77 per dollar by 4:49 p.m. in Kampala.
Uganda’s central bank sold dollars for a second day today to reduce volatility in the market, Stephen Mulema, the director of financial markets at the Bank of Uganda, said by phone, without giving more details. The currency’s drop is because of “sentiments that it will depreciate” and market positions taken yesterday were “not proper,” he said.
The shilling’s slump may not be related to the signing of the law, but rather the result of other economic issues, Tamale Mirundi, the president’s press secretary, said by phone from Kampala, the capital. As for the law, he said, investors and other countries “cannot force us to take what we don’t want.”

Aid Dependence

Uganda, which relies on aid for about 20 percent of its annual budget, may post a deficit equal to 7.1 percent of gross domestic product in the fiscal year through June, up from an estimated 4.1 percent gap the previous year, the International Monetary Fund said in a report dated Dec. 30. The country’s current-account deficit, the broadest measure of foreign trade, may widen to 13.4 percent of GDP in the fiscal year through June from an estimated 9.9 percent a year earlier, the IMF said.
The deficits will put more pressure on the currency, sending it to an average exchange-rate of 2,680 per dollar this year, Jacques Nel, an economist at NKC Independent Economists in Paarl,South Africa, said by phone yesterday.
“In the long run, foreign-direct investment could be withdrawn, which will have a bigger impact than the donor aid,” Nel said. The law “creates increased risk that companies may no longer invest in the country or invest less,” he said.
Lenders including London-based Barclays Plc (BARC) and Johannesburg-based Standard Bank Group Ltd., Africa’s largest, said in response to e-mailed questions that they are reviewing the legislation. Woolworths Holdings Ltd., a South African food and clothing retailer, said in an e-mailed response that its stores in Uganda “remain open to talent of all races, cultures, beliefs and sexual orientation.”

Life Sentence

“I don’t want to spend money in Uganda,” Branson said in an interview with CNN on Feb. 25, without saying whether he has business interests in the country. “I would rather spend money in countries that treat their people decently.”
The law, which carries a life prison sentence for some homosexual acts, was enacted after Museveni said scientists in the country found no genetic link to being gay. In Nigeria, where gay sex has been illegal since before independence from the U.K. in 1960, President Goodluck Jonathan last month signed a law that imposes a 14-year jail sentence for same-sex couples. Homosexuality is a crime in 38 of 54 sub-Saharan Africa nations, according to Amnesty International.
Stephen Kaboyo, managing director at Kampala-based Alpha Capital Partners Ltd., said the outcry over the law won’t hurt the Ugandan government’s finances or the shilling.

‘Trading Range’

“The impact will not be significant because from this year the government has had a strategy of reducing budget support from donors and depending more on domestic revenue mobilization,” Kaboyo said in a telephone interview yesterday. “I don’t think the shilling will go out of the current trading range.”
Uganda’s local-currency bonds fells yesterday, sending yields on its debt due 2028 up 0.15 percentage point to 15 percent, according to Standard Chartered data compiled by Bloomberg. The Bank of Uganda sold 70 billion shillings ($28 million) of 15-year notes yesterday at a yield of 15.25 percent, in line with the debut issuance of the securities in December.
Swedish Finance Minister Anders Borg said on a visit to Kampala on Feb. 25 that the country is considering changes to its aid program in Uganda. Denmark announced two days ago it has withdrawn 50 million kroner ($9.2 million) in aid to the government and it’s shifting funds to non-governmental organizations. Norway is also halting aid worth 50 million kroner ($8.3 million) over the anti-gay law, Foreign Minister Borge Brende said yesterday.
Uganda, classified by the World Bank as one of the world’s poorest nations, last year agreed to refund 38.3 billion shillings to donors.
“These African governments don’t care if they lose aid, FDI or investments over these laws,” Sebastian Spio-Garbrah, the managing director of New York-based DaMina Advisors LLP, said in an e-mailed response. “These governments are simply responding to the cultural and religious biases of their electorate.”
To contact the reporters on this story: Chris Kay in Lagos at [email protected]; Jaco Visser in Johannesburg at [email protected]
To contact the editor responsible for this story: Vernon Wessels at [email protected]
Courtecy:  http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2014-02-26/uganda-s-anti-gay-law-punished-in-foreign-exchange-market.html

How to Walk in Heels: Lessons from the Stiletto Whisperer

How to Walk in Heels: Lessons from the Stiletto Whisperer

By Andrea Arterbery, Shine Staff | Fashion – Mon, Jul 22, 2013 6:08 PM EDT

Perhaps this model needs to take a high heel walking class with the Stiletto Whisperer?  High heels can be a quick and easy way to dress up your outfit, but Victor Chu, a former footwear designer in New York dubbed the “stiletto whisperer” claims most women are wearing them incorrectly. “Women think heels are sexy because men think they’re sexy,” he told the New York Post. “But, you see a woman wear this pained expression and shuffle. I’ve seen guys giggle at them – it’s not sexy. Bottom line is, you need to be fit to walk in heels with stability.”

Chu once developed comfortable shoes for Uggs and Reeboks, and teamed up with dancer CeCe Chin in 2006 to create the high-heel fitness routine, Legworks. This summer he created a series of personalized classes in New York for women to perfect their walk in their high heels. We reached out to get the inside scoop and tips on how to properly walk in high heels with minimal pain.

“We tell [students] to bring two pairs of heels to the class: ones you wear everyday and the ones that you want to wear,” Chu told Yahoo! Shine. The private classes start at $50, and Chu tells Shine that 60% of the class is perfecting your walk. “New York City is the capital of high heel shoes and fashion,” Chu told Yahoo! Shine. “Out of anywhere in the country, women wear heels everyday here. It’s easier for guys when they get dressed up because they just put on their dress shoes and start walking. There are essentially built in problems with heels and this is the main reason why we offer the course.”
A recent survey released by The College of Podiatry, more than 40% of women say they suffer through the pain of wearing heels for the sake of fashion. Most women report that heels start to hurt their feet after an hour and six minutes of wear, while 20 percent say that they can feel the pain after just 10 minutes. According to researchers at the University of Portsmouth, heels can change the way the entire body moves, including the pelvis, hips, legs, knees, feet and even shoulders, to emphasize femininity. The researchers, whose study appears in the scientific journal Evolution and Human Behaviour, say men rate women wearing heels as more attractive then those wearing flat shoes.
Chu feels all types of women young and old could benefit from his classes, and that no one should be bashful about coming in. “We have a lot of overweight women who take the class, and there’s no reason why they shouldn’t be able to wear heels,” he told Shine. “It’s just a matter of adjusting the heel height and type of shoe. We don’t criticize or make anyone feel unwelcome.”

For those who can’t attend Chu’s personalized classes, the footwear expert shared five tips you can incorporate into your heel-wearing lifestyle today:
1. Make sure your heels really fit. Often we force our feet into improper shoes because we bought the wrong size or a style that isn’t comfortable or stable. “There are literally thousands of styles to choose from,” Chu advised when asked about shopping for heels. “A good fit means that it’s snug on your foot. if you have wobbling at the ankles or the fit is bad, go for more coverage around the foot like thicker straps instead of thin straps.”
2. Check your soles. Make sure that the sole of the shoe is completely flat to the floor and doesn’t tip over or wobble. “This will help to give you a lot of stability,” he said. “Avoid those shoes that have a ‘boat bottom,’ meaning it’s not completely flat to the surface of the floor.”
3. Improve your core. “It will give you tons of control when you’re walking, and that’s important for keeping your back straight and providing stability and control when walking,” said Chu.
4. Posture is everything. Remember to keep your head up high and your shoulders back.
5. Look straight ahead. When walking down the street, always be aware of what’s ahead of you at least 1/3 of the way down the block. “Look ahead, not down,” Chu said. “If you’re looking down, this means your shoes don’t fit well. There shouldn’t be anything hurting or pinching.”

Red Carpet Secrets to Look Glamorous Instantly

Red Carpet Secrets to Look Glamorous Instantly
Be The Diva – Wed 25 Sep, 2013 7:48 AM IST

We are sure when most of you see the hot Hollywood and Bollywood divas, you too yearn for their glowing skin or glamorous body on which everything seems naturally beautiful. Ladies, we have found out some cool makeup tricks that can make you look as ravishing as your favourite diva. So, take a look as we reveal the red-carpet secrets that will help you get a glamorous look instantly crossdress!


Luscious Lips

Are you ready to learn the right process of getting perfect red carpet worthy pout? Firstly, moisturise your lips with Vaseline or lip balm. Keep it on for a few minutes before moving on to applying the lip pencil. Line your lips on the outer edge of your natural lip line. Now go for a glossy lip colour in your favourite shade. Glossy colours reflect the light, thus giving an impression of fuller lips. Also, it is always a good idea to apply your lip colour with a lip brush for precision.


Sweat-free makeup

Here is a bizarre makeup tip for all you ladies. Apply some unscented deodorant to your face before applying foundation to maintain a sweat-free look for your party. We suggest that before applying it on your full face do a small patch test as these products weren’t really designed to be used in this fashion. The idea sounds promising as these antiperspirants could keep droplets of sweat from forming on your upper lip, forehead and nose.


Perfect matte makeup transgender

Here is a trick that many stylists use to make sure that the celebs makeup looks matte and not cakey in bright lights. They dip the makeup brush in some moisturiser, before dipping them in makeup powder, like foundation or blush. But, always remove the excess moisturiser from the brush. Another way to add shine to your look is to prep your face with a gel moisturiser before applying your foundation and blush.


Bid farewell to acne

Here is another whacky trick of red carpet brigade. Nasal sprays are vasoconstrictors that essentially shrink blood vessels. These act as a topical steroid for that red pimple that has decided to mar your party plans. They soothe the acne inflammations and could also reduce puffiness. Well, another famous trick that many divas secretly swear by is using menthol toothpaste on zits to get rid of them and their redness.


Make your makeup stay for long

Many Hollywood beauties and their stylists swear by this trick. Step into a hot steam shower for 10 minutes after completing your entire makeup. Well, you obviously have to make sure that your face doesn’t get wet. The steam from the hot water will set your makeup for long hours and would leave you with a fresh and dewy look.


Double chin go-go

Here is a temporary, quick fix for those of you who feel that their double chin will mar their picture perfect look. Fix the double chin by rubbing a cellulite or eye cream along your entire jawline. Make sure that this cream contains caffeine. Caffeine in it will help to suck excessive fluids out of this zone and reduce puffiness. But remember, this effect will only remain for three to four hours. Well, if time seems enough then go dazzle everyone with your beautiful face.


Keep your feet happy too!

You don’t just take a pretty face, but even your pretty feet to the party then why not spare some attention on your feet as well. Well, your beautiful face will not be able to hide the discomfort you feel in your killer heels. So, get yourself a pair of fancy shoe pads that are available in fun patterns. It will give your feet a good hold on your heels, and your toes will not come diving out of the peep-toes. It really isn’t pleasant to see one’s feet hang over the sole of the front-open sandals.


Tame the slippery sole with sand paper

Having trouble walking without support? It is not a pretty sight if you are finding something to grasp while juggling your clutch and coordinating steps to ensure you do not become the reason for people to laugh at. New shoes often have slippery soles. Just create a grip on your new shoes or the less worn sandals by scrubbing a piece of sand paper on the base.
So, once the face is all radiant and the feet all happy there is no stopping you from looking any less than a celebrity in your circle. 

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