We are proudly introducing  “GET FREE PRODUCT” promotional program which enable registered user publish approved content and earn “Femini-Point”.


Registered users can use  “Femini-Point” to buy all the products in our store! that means if you can get all products in our store  free of charge!

How to earn  “Femini-Point”

  1.  Sell content – write interesting blog content relate to crossdress, feminization.us, and whatever you think this is funny. Our editor will purchase your blog content with  “Femini-Point” if she  think this is interesting.
  2. Promote our website– Registered users promote our website via different social media channels, by paste the link on our blog page our editor will awards with  “Femini-Point”, if this is interesting or really helpful to promote our website.
  3.  buy “Femini-Point” – The Registered users is allow to buy  “Femini-Point” using real money via a vast range of supported Payment Processors.
  4. Self-portrait photograph – $10 for each 20 photos of self portrait photograh!!


1.  create video on youtube -earn $3 femini-point

create a youtube video with our URL : http://www.feminization.us

Creat a youtube video —  earn $3 femini-point

video with 20 likes —  $5 femini-point

video with 50 likes — $10 femini-point

Sample: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n7aB-Lc6u9A&feature=youtube_gdata


2. promote us on facebook

create a post on facebook — $1 femini-point

Post with 10 likes on facebook –$3 femini-point

post with 20 likes on facebook –$ 5 femini-point



How to Spend “Femini-Point”

you can spend your “femini-point” in our Store

Does all product purchased with “Femini-Point” is free of shipping?

yes, all products purchased with femini-point are free of shipping charge.

Does “Femini-Point” transferable?

no, all femini-point is not transferable.

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