Period Panties Reviews

Period Panties Reviews : We’ve all got ‘em. Let’s just say they’re probably not the prettiest pairs in your underwear drawer—and you don’t want anyone to see them. That’s all about to change, thanks to a new line of undies created specially for TOM (ahem, your time of the month) that’s downright cute.

Hiphugger, $96

F-4 underwear comes only in black and is trimmed with lace—no one in the locker room would be the wiser. But there’s more to these panties than a smart color choice. A specially treated, four-layered fabric in the gusset makes them stain- and leak-resistant, anti-microbial, and moisture wicking. So these undies function as a backup to tampons and pads (which actually fit in the crotch), sparing you all those just-checking-down-there trips to the bathroom—and they can replace panty liners on light days.

Cheeky, $99



Shapewear Comfy (a higher-rise, body-sculpting pair that helps hide bloating, with front and back pockets for cramp-curbing warming inserts), $54 (including two sets of warming inserts that stay warm for six-plus hours each)


Stretchy black padded underwear slim girdle T7B $60.00


Pads made to fit the trans/CD body form for the most possible see available today
Perfectly designed pads for transgender and crossdressers!Have the same realistic feel as feminine hips!