I purchased feminization.us CP1 FEMINI GIRDLE recently

I am more than happy to share with you my thoughts on the femini girdle cp1. Ecstatic is the more likely term really to describe how I’m feeling while writing this femini girdle cp1 review. Why? Because femini girdle cp1 are like my most favorite thing in the world and for your information, I am very particular about these femini girdle cp1 or crotchless panties. I already have quite a collection of them and wear them to impress and turn on my man and even wear them when I’m alone at home doing the most mundane activities.


First off, let me explain what exactly the FEMINI GIRDLE CP1 are. FEMINI GIRDLE CP1 are luxurious sex toy-most advanced-femini girdle that was introduced to the mainstream when it was featured in Sex and the City. I was first tried it when I received the femini girdle cp1 as a gift from my ex-boyfriend. He said he’d love to see me wearing it during our sexy-time. And at first glance, you’ll immediately be enticed to wear it. Elegant looking underwear that kind of combines the slim of girdle and the kink of sex toys.

Life like in appearance and feel, the Femini Girdle is the most advanced silicone prosthetic in the world. Ideal for crossdressing and other fetishes – front and back – as we move about wearing it.


The girdle adds 1.25-inches to each hip, .75-inches to the side of each butt cheek, .5-inches to the back of each butt cheek, .5-inches to the outside of each thigh and .25-inches to the inside of each thigh. The girdle tapers to a thin .125-inches in the crotch and at the openings.

They look like a pantie, usually made out of fine touch,you are free to use pads with the Femini Girdle, if you wear the Femini Girdle over a set of pads the above measurements will double (except at the inner thighs and crotch area).

The girdle is easy to put on and it provides the wearer with a natural bounce and jiggle — just smooth yourself with baby powder and step into it like you would any other girdle…pulling it up and over your waist.

Luis Álvarez is the inventor of this innovative women’s underwear. He combined sexy lingerie and stimulation. You can wear it during sexy-time or play-time with your partner or on regular days when you just want to feel sexy even in your pajamas.



FEMINI GIRDLE CP1 allows a transgender woman to feel sexy and I’m not kidding about this part. Wearing them can make any transgender women look and feel sexy. I love checking out my reflection in the mirror while wearing them. The gorgeous feminine curve is so elegant ! The look and feel of the FEMINI GIRDLE CP1 is just deliciously exquisite. I love wearing it during bedroom activities with Steve – who just drools seeing me walk around for him wearing matching lace bra and panties. But I also love the way it makes me feel sexy even when I’m just lounging around the apartment, watching reruns on TV.

FEMINI GIRDLE CP1 has become a success which means one thing – customers were more than satisfied with their femini girdle cp1 panties. The cp1 will not make you orgasm as you wear it in the office or at a date or something. Wearing it, moving around in it, sitting down on it will stimulate you and get your blood running hot and you ready for some loving.

The CP1 come in one size fits all, made of silicone and high quality authentic silicone. I have matching lace bra with pearl straps, just for fun.


The femini girdle cp1 when worn for hours will be a little discomforting, especially when you’re doing a lot of sitting down. This is a femini girdle cp1 review, so I need all the sexy cp1 readers to know how it’s going to feel to be ready for their own femini girdle cp1 experience.

I mean, I recommend it for every transgender woman, but if you’re not used to wearing femini girdle cp1, don’t start it off immediately and wear it work. Femini girdle cp1 are actually comfortable, but they do need a little getting used to.

As soon as you start getting used to them, you can wear them for longer periods of time.