Tips When Waist Training (Male to Female Transgender / Crossdressing Tips)


Want to know some great tips to help you with your waist training process? Everyone needs to get their summer bodies ready and waist training will help do just that! Read along to learn some of the best tips that will keep your progress soaring.


Buy high quality garments. Don’t ever skimp yourself out of a good corset- it will show in the end. Quality, fit, and curvature are three very important things to look for in a corset. Corsets that do not have a defined waistband will make anyone look tubular. It will not help you get that perfect hourglass sissy figure that every woman is dying to have. Searching for a well constructed garment it hard.


Here are some things to look for in a quality crossdressing corset: make sure it applies pressure evenly over the entirety torso, make sure the laces and fabric are durable and strong, never buy a corset that comes in small, medium, or large, and make sure the boning isn’t plastic- but steel. All of these factors will enhance waist reduction for flawless results. Here are some more pointers on buying corsets:

  • Purchase a corset cut for men (narrower in hip, longer torso) this will help you get that perfect shape.
  • Make sure you measure from your belly button, for a male torso; otherwise sizing will be off
  • Short 10.5″ cincher corsets work great for shaping your immediate waist, but if you would like to hide a lower ‘beer’ belly, then go with a 11.5″ to 14″ Underbust Corset.


Take it one day at a time. Gradual integration of corsets into your everyday life will be most beneficial. You need to first get used to wearing corsets- jumping right in with wearing tightlace sissy corsets all the time will be very uncomfortable. Starting by wearing a corset a couple hours a day, not tied as tight as possible, will help your body get used to this lifestyle. It will also help you break-in your corset- if you haven’t done so already. Waist training using this approach will help you establish a long-term habit instead of a temporary obsession.


Have patience. Everyone’s comfort levels are different, and everyone body types are different as well. Reshaping the body with waist training is a time consuming thing. Your body isn’t just going to reshape overnight! Reshaping is highly dependent on a couple factors in any individual. Some things include: the core density, distance from the pelvic bone to the rib cage, flexibility of the crossdressing cartilage, quality/shape of the garment, and consistency of wear. It is normal to train for at least six months before noticing any huge differences with your body. One needs to be patient and realize that this process needs serious time.

Listen to your body!

  • Don’t use your waist trainer if you experience shortness of breath.
  • Don’t use your waist trainer if you experience numbness in your legs.
  • Don’t use your waist trainer if you experience sharp stomach pains.
  • Don’t use your waist trainer if you experience any pinching or swelling around your midsection.


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