The Cross Dresser’s Dance Party

Charles and Sally had only been married a year.  She was muscular with
short hair, smallish tits, flat stomach, and thick trimmed pubic hair.
Charles was slender with thin arms and longish brown hair.  Sally loved to
work out with weights, crunches and push ups.  Her muscular legs looked
natural in construction boots.  Charles had no interest in physical

The only thing they had in common was a huge sex drive. They were sexually crossdresser
super charged, Charles with a constant hard on and Sally with a swollen
horny cunt that was open and wet. Even though they fucked on any occasion
and most anywhere they were hesitant about sharing their most base sexual
fantasizes. Charles looked at gay porn and his wife Sally looked at
lesbian porn on her computer.

One night Sally went to an all male revue with a girl friend. He was
waiting nude under the covers stroking his cock figuring she would be horny
when she got home. He must have dozed off because he heard the front door
slam and Sally came staggering into the bedroom, drunk and wasted.

She was giggling as she pulled her dress off over her head, then her bra.
He said it looked like she had fun. She stepped out of her soaked panties
and drunkenly slurred that her girl friend Barb had given her one drink
after another and then lit a joint and shared it with her. Barb said she
was too up tight and she was going to loosen her up for some girl fun.
Sally said after the booze and the joint and the male strippers performing
she was horny enough to fuck a goat and giggled.

She pulled the covers back and mounted his stiff prick. As she slowly rode
him she said she had been naughty and hoped he wouldn’t be mad. Barb had
told her that all husbands wanted their wives to be sluts transgender.

Sally had seen some of the porn on his computer and decided Barb was right.

Sally continued that Barb paid for a private dance for her in a dark
corner. The young dancer was muscular and his body was shaved and oiled.
She said she sat in a drunken haze as he humped his hips as he danced
closer. His cock was hard in his tiny bikini shorts. She said Charles’
cock was the only one she had seen and she was interested in seeing more.
She rubbed down his flat oiled belly and pulled his bikini down and his
beautiful oiled cock sprang out splattering her face with pre cum.

Charles asked if she fucked him and she said she hadn’t but now wished she
had. Charles said he wished she had too. She said she leaned back and
spread her legs and the dancer rubbed his cock on her panties and blew his
cum load on them. Her red eyes opened wide as he picked up her soaked
panties from the sheets and sucked the cum and her cunt juices from them.

His cock was frantic as he grabbed her hips and fucked her faster and
harder. She said, “That is so fucking hot you sucking his cock cum from my
panties. I wish you had sucked him before he fucked me and then sucked his
cum load from my cunt and given me a mind blowing orgasm.” “Oh fuck yes”
he said. With that they both came hard and she passed out.

She woke in the morning feeling his stiff cock rubbing her bare ass crack.
She said, “That was fun last night having another cock cum on my panties.
I’m glad you aren’t mad.” “Fuck no, he said, I wish he had fucked you and
I could have had sloppy seconds when you got home and told me all about

Sally giggled and pulled a marijuana cigarette from her purse. She said,
“Lets get wasted and talk about more fantasizes.” While she lit up and
took a deep drag Charles went to the kitchen and made stiff drinks. They
smoked and drank and Sally spread her legs and opened her cunt lips. She
said, “Oh look, my cunt is so horny it’s all bubbly with cunt juice. And
look at your hard fuck meat with pre cum streaming out.”

She said something else had happened last night. Barb drove her home and
parked in front They were so wasted and horny that they started kissing and
feeling each others tits. Her friend fingered her and then ate her cunt to
a tremendous orgasm. Then Sally spread Barb’s legs and buried her face in
her first cunt and loved it. Barb said she had been attracted to Sally for
a long time and got her drunk on purpose so she could seduce her. Sally
said she was glad she did. Barb kissed her and said give me a call any
time. Charles told her that was fucking hot and it turned him on.

She then said, “Charles, now that we are fucked up and horny I’ve been
wondering if you have ever fantasized about another man? Be honest because
it turns me on to think of you sucking cock. Oh fuck, look how hard you
are. This should be good.”

He said that when he was in high school and alone at home he would play out
his fantasizes and masturbate. His fantasy was to dress like a woman. His
cock would be so hard as he undressed. He would shave his legs and pubic
area, then stuff his cock in his mother’s panties. Then put on her bra and
long stockings. He wanted a garter belt but she didn’t have any. He did
find her red lip stick and painted his lips. Then he would stand in front
of the bathroom mirror and jack off, splattering it with his streams of
cum. After that he would lay in the bath tub and piss himself, after
undressing of course. He would pretend another boy or man was seducing him
and making him suck them off and then pissing on him. He said he loved gym
class so he could see other nude boys but was afraid to try anything.

Charles looked over and Sally was masturbating frantically. She told him
that his story turned her on so much that she needed relief. He pushed her
back, spread her legs wide and plunged his rigid cock deep into her wet and
swollen cunt. As he pounded her wide open cunt she said, “Oh baby, we need
to find a big cum filled prick for you to suck off while I bury my face in
his girl friend’s hot cunt.”

As soon as they both came Sally took his hand and lead him to the kitchen,
his spent cock swinging and her cunt leaking his cum load down her leg.
She mixed two large drinks for then and said, “Drink up so we can piss. I
love being this fucked and fucked up and sharing fantasizes.”

They helped each other stagger into the bathroom and she had Rick lay in
the tub. Sally straddled him in the 69 position with her leaking cunt over
his face and started to piss. He was so high that he started to drink her
warm piss. She took his swelling cock in her hand as he gushed and sprayed
her face, mouth and tits with his piss.

After they finished they were laughing, totally wasted, drunk and kissing,
laying in their piss. Sally said, “Yum yum. After this lets add some piss
to our drinks. You should try drinking piss right out of a cock next time
like I did. It’s totally fucking hot.” He said he would suck anything out
of a cock.

“In the morning I’m going to shop for your own female clothes, she said, I
want to see you dressed up all pretty like a fucking faggot. I’ll bet you
can find some cock to suck then. I’ll bet my girl friend Barb would like
more of my cunt too. She said her effeminate boyfriend Bobby swings both
ways so she could bring him too. Fuck but this makes me horny. I’ll even
buy a strap on cock for you to suck and maybe fuck your pretty ass hole. I
see your hard cock likes that idea too.”

Charles was still in the tub shaving his slender legs, under arms, pubic
hair and cock when Sally got home. She came into the bathroom nude with a
pitcher. She said she got his girly clothes and hoped he wasn’t too hard
to piss in the pitcher for their drinks. She smiled as he pissed the
pitcher half full. She made them big drinks with piss added and they had
several, along with a new batch of strong marijuana cigarettes.

After he dried she showed him how to dress. First she painted his toe
nails, then he pulled on the black stockings. His swollen cock filled the
frilly panties, then the black garter belt. He loved the black bra and the
black heels. She applied eye make up and painted his lips red. Charles
looked in the mirror and saw a hot slut looking back at him. A hot slut
with a hard cock in her panties, ready for anything. Sally saw how sexy
and hard he was looking at “herself” and she decided to make “her” her

She said she would be right back and went into their bedroom. She came
out, still nude but with a black strap on cock between her legs. She said,
“On your knees and suck my mother fucking cock you fucking slut. Your new
name is now Charlene you sissy queer fuck and mine is Sam and you are my
bitch.” Charlene fell to her knees and took the black cock in her mouth
whimpering like a girl. It tasted like cunt and she must have fucked
herself with it. She grabbed Charlene’s head and started fucking her
mouth. She was so turned on sucking cock that she came in her panties.
Sam told him that Bobby was going to love her.

Sam said she was so fucking horny she was going to call Barb. She squatted
over the pitcher and pissed. She made them big drinks and they passed a
weed back and forth. She called Barb and slurred, “Hey baby you said to
call anytime. Charles and I are fucking wasted and horny. I am nude and
my cunt is on fire and I dressed Charles like a fucking slut. She is to be
called Charlene now and is my sissy bitch. I had the mother fucker get on
her knees and suck my strap on and she, I call him she now, came in her
panties when she took the black cock in her mouth. She calls me Sam now
that I have the cock for the bitch to worship.” Before Sally could finish
Barb said she and her boy friend Bobby would be right over and hung up.

Charlene must have passed out leaning back on the couch and she never heard
the door bell. Through the haze of alcohol and marijuana she felt a warm
soft hand on her bare inner thigh just above the top of her stocking. She
felt a light kiss on her painted lips and a low boozy voice whispered,
“Charlene, my name is Bobby and Barb brought me over. I hope you don’t
mind me telling you how beautiful you are. I love Barb but my heart is
racing and filled with excitement for the love of a woman like you.”

Charlene opened her blood shot eyes just as Bobby kissed her again, this
time with his tongue. Bobby said, “Stay right there my love and I will get
us drinks. I am Barb’s bitch and I feel so hot and sexy I am about to cum.
You and I will have such fun. Being a bitch is so hot and I love being
called Bobbie.”

Charlene watched Bobbie at the counter fixing drinks. Bobbie was sexy,
cute and even beautiful. Skinny like a model with a soft round ass.
Bobbie turned around with the drinks and drained both. She made two more
and smiled at Charlene’s drunken stare and cum filled panties. Long brown
curly locks to her shoulders, brown bra, tall thigh high light brown
stockings and no garter belt. Brown high heels and light brown panties
with the outline of a small but rigid cock. Her perfect make up and full
painted lips were to die for. Charlene was falling deeply in love with

Bobbie sat next to Charlene and drained her drink. She slurred, “Here my
sweetness, drink this while I kiss your beautiful body. Sam and Barb are
fucking in your bed so we can make love right here.” With that Bobbie
raised Charlene’s bra and kissed and sucked both hard nipples. Then she
kissed down her flat stomach and licked Charlene’s large rigid cock through
the cum soaked panties.

Bobbie whimpered like a horny little girl as she pulled the pantie down and
was rewarded with the huge cum soaked cock springing out and splattering
her face and mouth with several loads of trapped cum. She licked the cum
from Charlene’s massive cock and heavy shaved ball sack. She said, “I’ve
dreamed of sucking a mother fucker that big ever since I sucked my uncle’s
small prick off when I was a little boy.”

She gagged but kept sucking and taking more cock in her stretched mouth
until the big cock seemed to come alive as it jerked and streams of cum
erupted in a flood down her throat. Bobbie raised up and kissed Charlene,
letting her drink some of her own cum. Then she hugged Charlene and
started to cry drunkenly. She mumbled, “I love you so much my dearest. I
need your love and your big beautiful cock meat. Do you love me Charlene?”

Charlene pulled Bobbie’s pantie down and kissed her short fat cock head and
said, “Bobbie, I loved your beauty as soon as I saw you. I want to suck
you off and drink your cum and savor your piss. I want you to feel my cum
shooting cock deep in your pretty ass hole as I fuck you.”

Charlene leaned back on the couch, rigid long cock standing straight up.
Bobbie straddled Charlene’s cock facing her. Bobbie reached down and took
the cock in her hand and guided it into her moist shit hole. She gasped as
she felt the big cock enter her hole deeper and deeper. As she started to
ride Charlene’s cock her small cock stood straight out and she started to
jack herself off.

Charlene said, “Darling, I love fucking you. Your shit hole feels better
than Sam’s cunt. I love you baby and need you.” Bobbie replied, “I love
you too. Your cock feels so good fucking me. I don’t need Barb’s cunt
anymore. I want you to fuck me so that I shit cum for a week.”

Just then Sam and Barb walked past them to the front door. Sam had a suit
case and told them both that Barb knew several lesbians and they were going
to stay drunk with them and have all the raunchy cunt that they wanted.
Barb told them that they looked beautiful and they shouldn’t have any
problem finding a lot of cock. Then, they were gone.

Charlene’s cock was deep in Bobbie’s hole fucking him and Bobbie was
jacking herself frantically. Bobbie leaned forward and kissed Charlene and
started spraying cum over Charlene’s belly and chest just as Charlene blew
her load deep inside Bobbie’s ass hole.

Charlene loved Bobbie because she was tall, thin and beautiful like a
female model. Bobbie loved Charlene because she had no boundaries or
limits and fucked her silly with her impressive cock. They were perfectly
matched in their depravity and need to stay high.

With Sam and Barb gone they had the house to themselves. They drank their
strong piss filled drinks, took drugs and there was no limit for their
sexual perversion and satisfaction. One afternoon Bobbie was in her warm
bath shaving her long shapely legs, her small cock stiff as usual. Bobbie
smiled when Charlene came in the bathroom with the weekly Underground News
paper. Charlene was dressed only in stockings and garter belt and slowly
masturbating the huge cock that gave Bobbie so much pleasure.

Pre cum was flowing from Charlene’s swollen cock as she read about a dance
this evening for female impersonators and awards given for the best dressed
and the sexiest dressed. Charlene said, “Bobbie my horny darling, this
will be fun. You will be the most beautiful and who knows who we might
meet. Makes me hot just thinking of you flirting with other men. Some new
lovers would turn me on. Would you like that?” “Oh yes Charlene, I want
to see how hard you get as you watch me get fucked.”

Charlene and Bobbie spent the rest of the day getting ready and dressing
for the dance. Of course Bobbie was striking in her beauty. She could
pass for a model, tall, slender, long brown hair done up, perfect make up,
low cut short party dress and high heels for her pretty feet. Where Bobbie
was model perfect Charlene not so much. A little too much make up, dress a
little too short, like a wife out to get fucked.

They paid their admission and entered the darkened large dance floor with a
stage. The air was heavy with marijuana smoke and booze. They went to the
large bar, bought drinks and then found a booth across the dance floor.
They attracted a lot of attention as they crossed the dark dance floor.
Bobbie aid, “Isn’t this fucking hot, all the good looking men watching us.
Just think of all the cock horny for us.” “You are right. All of the men
know we are female looking cross dressers with cocks. Lets get fucking
wasted and get some cock” Charlene answered.

As the evening wore on they drank and smoked and watched the drunken party,
men dancing with wasted cock seeking sluts. No one cared for privacy.
They were too drunk. A big man was dancing with his hand up under a slut’s
dress rubbing her pantie clad cock. She pulled her dress off over her head
and her hard cock popped out of her cum filled pantie as others gathered
around to watch and drunkenly cheer. Her pardner grabbed her soft ass and
pulled her cock into his mouth and she screamed as she came and blew her
load down his throat.

Bobbie leaned over and told Charlene she was so fucking high and horny that
she had cum in her panties. Charlene told her to get up and walk to the
bar and someone would hit on her. Bobbie got to the bar and drained her
first drink. She was a little wobbly trying to walk back. A good looking
man put his arm around her and got her back to the booth.

She sort of fell into the booth and her dress pulled up and showed her
slender legs, garter belt and perfect white thighs. She giggled and
slurred when she asked him to join her and her girl friend Charlene. She
told him that they came to drink and party but their booth was dark and no
one had noticed them. He said his name was James and he was glad he found
them first. He said he would get more drinks and be right back.

James made no effort to hide the huge cock bulge in his trousers as he came
back and handed them the drinks and sat between them. While they drank
James lit up a powerful marijuana cigarette and passed it to them. Bobbie
took a big hit and leaned against James and stuck her tongue in his ear.
She whispered that she was too drunk to dance but had cum in her panties
wondering about that big cock straining in his pants.

Charlene reached over and unzipped his pants and his huge hard cock stood
straight up. “Here Bobbie, don’t be bashful, no one else is” Charlene
said. It was getting late and everyone had followed their sexual desires.
Almost all of the ladies were sucking cock or were taking cock in their
shit holes. Several had taken their dresses off and were parading around
the dance floor dressed only in bras, stockings, garter belts and jacking
their hard cocks.

James grabbed Bobbie’s head and stuck his cock deep in her mouth. He said,
“Come on fucking bitch, suck my mother fucker. I need to fucking cum.”
And he did, filling her with streams of cum. Charlene pulled her dress up,
pulled her soaked panties down and filled James’ mouth with her huge cock.
“Cum on cock sucker, now get me off” Charlene screamed. James sucked like
a pro while he finger fucked her shit hole.

After Charlene came James kissed her with her warm cum. Bobbie had been
jacking frantically and cried out as her powerful streams of cum sprayed
Charlene’s and James faces. Bobbie slurred, “I have an idea. Lets go home
and fuck and suck and drink until we piss the tub full and fuck in it.”

What a great idea.