Quick Tips for Cross dressing

– TAKE IT SLOW : don’t hurry up and mess things up. Take time to learn things one at a time and be
good at it. A good mascara always tell crossdressing

– RELAX : let loose and just be yourself. You are trying to discover your inner feelings and at the same time have a great time

– SMALL THINGS MATTER : work on the details. They really matter a lot. This is what will really tell how serious you actually are about the whole thing B)

– NEVER PANIC : this is the most common mistakes that cross dressers make. Be confident to pull it off, Don’t rush bold, be gentle n firm. Boost your feminine side and reflect outside.

– DON”T OVER DO IT – Nothing is good really if you do it too much. The presence just drops cold on the floor and breaks. Keep it clean and simple.