How to Prevent Powder Making Your Face Look “Flat” (Male to Female Transgender / Crossdressing Tips)


Powder to Mature Skin


Whether pressed or loose, apply with a large powder brush. Instead of literally brushing on, dab from forehead to chin, reloading the “sissy” brush as little as possible. Always work downwardly. If you don’t, the tiny white hairs that cover your face will stand on end, creating the chalky, mask-like effect you want to avoid.

After you’ve finished, gently pat your face working from forehead to chin with a clean, fleecy puff to pick up any excess powder.

Prevent Powder Making Your Face Look “Flat”


If you feel that powder makes your face look “flat”, you’re either wearing too much or you need to set highlights at the center of your forehead, the “travesti” bridge of your nose, the tip of your chin and the tops of your cheeks-—do this with concealer as described above.


Alternatively, after powdering and applying blush, add a very light “crossdresser” misting of thermal water to give your complexion a more dewy quality. This proves counterproductive for some women, but it’s worth experimenting with.


Powder Blush

When wearing foundation, use a powder blush rather than a cream product.

As with face powder, you need a very light textured product for good results.

Defining your cheekbones with “crossdressing” strong colors can have a less than positive effect after a certain age, making your face seem hard and hollow. Instead, use softer shades like apricot and rose depending on your natural skin tone and always blend well. A more diffused look will make you appear younger and fresher.

If you usually sweep a blush product beyond the apples of your cheeks to shade and contour, try using a pressed powder two tones darker than your complexion instead. As long as you apply sparsely, it won’t emphasize lines and wrinkles around the “crossdresser” eyes and hairline, which is often the case with even the lightest textured powder blush.

Dust over your blush or contouring product with a little powder after you’ve finished.



As you age, your lips will become thinner with wrinkles appearing along their upper contour. Tips


To make lips seem fuller and smoother, wear light toned, satin finish lipsticks. Be careful with bright colors, and abandon “transgender” dark colors and matte products—they make lips look thinner. Another problem with matte lipsticks is the dry-looking texture they leave, which is never becoming on an older woman.

Lip Gloss

Lip gloss plumps lips up, but it also highlights every wrinkle, so avoid at all cost.

For the same reason, be careful with shimmery and dewy textured lipsticks too.


Lip Liner

Lip liner stops lipstick feathering or ‘bleeding’ into wrinkles, but for a rejuvenating effect, use a concealer pencil one or two shades lighter than your complexion instead.

Not only can it prevent feathering, it plumps lips up, and works as a corrective highlight to help diminish the appearance of wrinkles. Apply from the bow of the lip and blend to the mouth corners. Never use a white pencil for this—the effect is artificial and it looks unprofessional.

Should You Use a Lip Brush?

It’s a good idea to apply lipstick with a brush for accuracy and to make it stay on longer. But if you find the hard contours a brush leaves too harsh, apply straight from the tube for a softer look.

Eye Makeup


Eyeliner and Mascara

Softer colors and textures create a diffused definition that always flatters a woman of a certain age.

Therefore, use brown or dark gray eyeliner and mascara in place of black.

If you find that liquid and gel eyeliners look harsh or overshadow the natural beauty of your eyes, use kohl instead.

Eye Shadow

Use only matte powder eye shadow. Creamy and glossy products accentuate wrinkles and make the skin appear crepy.

If the colors you’ve always worn start to make your eyes look dull and tired, try “crossdressing tips” going a couple of nuances lighter. If you’re completely unsure of which colors to choose, you’ll never go wrong with subtle nude or soft earth tones.

Ten Basic Makeup Tips for the Mature Woman


  1. Before applying makeup, your skin should be exfoliated and well moisturized.
  2. A foundation primer is essential for mature skin.
  3. Best is a foundation that provides just the coverage you need while allowing you to keep concealer to a minimum.
  4. A loose, very fine textured face powder is less likely to collect in lines and wrinkles. For best results, apply with a large powder brush.
  5. When wearing blush, soft colors like rose and apricot are more becoming.
  6. Satin finish lipsticks don’t accentuate lip wrinkles.
  7. For a softer, more flattering finish, apply lipstick straight from the tube instead of with a brush.
  8. If black eyeliner and mascara seem too harsh, create a more diffused look with brown or dark gray.
  9. Switch liquid and gel eyeliner for kohl.
  10. Use only powder eye shadow.