How (And Where) To Buy Women’s Wigs For Men (Male to Female Transgender / Crossdressing Tips)

As seems obvious, wigs do come in different sizes, owing to the fact that heads also come in different sizes. To determine what wig size you need, measure your head. How you measure your head matters, after all, you’re not measuring for a hat that sits on your head fairly straight, you’re measuring for a wig that follows your hairline. You should therefore measure around your hairline, using a measuring tape, let it dip to the base of your hairline at the back and bring it up to the front of your hairline at your forehead (or where your hairline used to be, if you’ve lost a little over the years.)


Different retailers and manufacturers may have different sizes, but if you know the measurement of your head in inches using the method I just outlined, you’ll always be able to find a wig that fits. Usually, an average woman’s size is about 22 inches, however being a man, you may find that your cranium is larger to accommodate all that extra gray matter you guys use not asking for directions.


There are a plethora of places to buy wigs online. If you don’t want to drop too much cash and just want a fun wig, then you can find plenty of women’s wigs on eBay that are good to start with. If you’re looking for something with a little more quality, (and when it comes to wigs, as with most things, quality does make a difference in terms of appearance,) then you’re probably going to be better off dealing with professional wig retailers.


Average cost for a cheap wig is around $20-30, for a professionally made wig endorsed by a celebrity ¬†you’re looking at around $200. Will there be a noticeable difference between the two? Yes. The more expensive wigs are often ‘lace front wigs’, which create a natural looking hairline.

To help with the wig purchasing process, I’ve complied a list of four different online retailers that seem to know their wigs from their behinds. I can’t guarantee this however, not having dealt with any of them personally, or knowing anyone who has dealt with them personally, so if you have any personal wig purveyor recommendations, feel free to leave a link in the comments section. Shared knowledge is good for the soul, you know.


Chromosome and all that comes with that particular combination. It covers fitting, sizes, and all that good stuff you’ll need to know if you’re ready to make a purchase.

Is it really the best wig outlet? You be the judge.
Home of the Raquel Welch wig. Super! ( Don’t let the fact that their site sort of sounds like a bug dissuade you from visiting it.)
A nice wig retailer with wigs in the mid range price, perfect for people who want to only slightly break the bank

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