Crossdressing Tips Getting Out In Public For The First Time

Are you in the closet still, and lack the courage to go out in public as a crossdresser? Afraid of what people might say or think of you ? Afraid of getting caught crossdressing ? If you could go out in public as a crossdresser where would you go? For a drive ? To a bar ? To a party ? Or maybe the park or mall ? 

Besides Fall & Winter being one of the BEST times of year to get out as a crossdresser ( think jackets, scarves and layers to hide behind if needed) Fall brings us the one day of year EVERYONE dresses up..Halloween. 

Halloween is probably the very BEST day you can finally “get out the closet” and be crossdressed in public. It is the one day you can really “go for it”..and guess what ?? You have a whole MONTH to plan it if you start TODAY Oct 1rst. If you are worried what people will think of you, this is the one day of the year, NOBODY will think anything. Sure, you may look “too good” to be just in a costume, but still, going for a drive, or out in public, get that makeover you always wanted, go out dancing, who’s going to bother you? Find a cool local CD/TG Halloween party , or make that the night you hit the local gay bar, or mall, or ANYTHING…Just GET OUT..

When you get out, you will start to overcome that fear you have built up inside you, you will gain some confidence, you can play the “do I pass as a woman” on an unsuspecting public, or have fun, and finally wear that sexy school girl outfit you have been prancing around the house in with all the lights off and the curtains closed. If you start now to plan your outing, you just may find out going out in public is not as bad as you thought it was, and it may help you to getting out more often in the future. This year Halloween falls on a Saturday, that means you can also probably find an excuse to go out Friday night & Saturday night too…and thats the trick…finding the excuse to GO OUT rather than finding the excuse to stay IN THE CLOSET !! Good luck and I hope some of you finally take that first step transgender