Crossdressing Makeup Must Haves Things Every Crossdresser Needs

Crossdressing Tips Makeup Must Haves 

There are certain makeup items every crossdresser needs or should have in order to look their very best, here are a few

Beard Cover 

An obvious must have, there are many different beard covers out there, the key is to find out which one works best for YOU and your skin type. If you would like more information on the various products and techniques to hide and cover your beard or 5 O’clock shadow you can see alot of information CLICK HERE :Transgender

Makeup Mirror

Another must have is a makeup mirror, could be a small one for when you travel, or a large one for your home. Or better yet..both, some hotels have great makeup mirrors, others not so much so it’s always nice to have your personal makeup mirror on hand.  Your lighting is very important when doing your makeup, the brighter, the better, so try and find a mirror with lights. 

Makeup Brushes

If you are using that little wand that comes with your eyeshadow, sorry…your not doing it right. Inve$t in a set of makeup brushes and notice a world of difference in your makeup application. The dont call them makeup artists for nothing, and you too, as a crossdresser are an artist too, get yourself the right set of makeup brushes for the job.  For a list of at least 8 makeup brushes that should be in your bag  CLICK HERE :Crossdressers.  For a makeup brush 101 to learn what brushes to use for what CLICK HERE : Crossdress


Your face is a blank canvas when it comes to makeup and great skincare is one sure way to make sure you get the best application possible. Moisturizer is key to helping maintain healty skin. Even if you only crossdress once a month, you should keep up with a daily skin cleansing and care routine. You will look and feel better no matter how you present. 


Going back to my ” Artist Blank Canvas” theory , before you can “paint” , you have to prime first. Get yourself a good primer, Smashbox makes some of the best on the market and have primers for just about every single skin type, the trick is to find out YOUR skin type and what works best for you. 9 times out of 10 most gals I know are using Smashbox. 

Eye Creme

Not a day goes by when I dont use an eye cream . They help with wrinkles and prevention. This will also help you to avoid your makeup caking up in the creases of your eyes. Here is also a great tutorial I found to help minimize the caking and creasing of makeup in your under eye area you can see it HERE :Crossdressing

Makeup Bag / Case

Makeup bags are great . They help keep things organized which can help speed up your application process.  I even take it a step further and keep my eyes, lips and face products seperate & organized that way I am not stumbling around wasting time looking for my lipstick when I want to finish and get out the door.  See 4 great makeup bag must haves, and a GREAT trick to eyeshadow application  CLICK HERE :Transgender


Every girl looks better with a little lipstick. For all sorts of tricks to great lipstick application, choosing the right color for your skin tone, how to make your lips look bigger etc there is a ton of information RIGHT HERE: Crossdressing


Lashes / Mascara

False lashes & mascara are great tools for helping you look more feminine.  Where would us crossdressers be without them? For a great tutorial on how to apply false eyelashes RIGHT HERE: Transgender and for information on how to apply mascara, make your natural lashes look longer, and all sorts of eyemakeup tricks CLICK HERE: Crossdressing