Crossdresser Sitting, Talking, Walking, and appropriate body language (Male to Female Transgender / Crossdressing Tips)


The intention of every T-girl is to portray the image of a woman in such a completely convincing way so as to make everyone “she” comes into contact with believe that “she” is a real woman.Practice makes perfection and most T-girls have been doing what they do long enough to know how to perfect their look. In no particular order, here are some of the key mistakes many, very attractive, very beautiful T-girls make:

Continuing to talk like a man


Frankly, it’s not that hard to lower your voice tone, soften your vowels, and speak like a lady…, really!

The second part of this point concerning speaking relates to the way you speak and the content of your speech. Once you have mastered lowering your voice enough for it to be passably feminine, think about what you are saying, think about what you are talking about. How many women when they talk: frequently swear and cuss, tell rude jokes, talk loudly about the soccer match or the ball-game; call out loudly to friends across a crowded bar or restaurant? Learn some feminine decorum… in everything you try to do!



Don’t show your legs splayed, panties flashing, elbows on her knees—clearly a man in drag!
Learn to lower yourself like a woman does, learn to sit like a woman does: elegant, with poise, body relaxed, body supple, flexible. Don’t lounge back into the sofa, sit on the edge of the cushion; don’t splay your arms across the back of the furniture, keep them on or close to your lap. Don’t give yourself away so easily!



Smaller paces, slower speed (women tend not to rush around like men), feet closer together so that your feet almost cross over as you move forward—I find sucking in your stomach helps give a natural sort of movement in your hips and bottom—not too much though, just enough to make it seem that you are not walking like a man in a dress.



Makeup is one of the true loves of most T-girls, giving us the ability to change our (masculine) appearance into something more feminine.

when you are doing your make-up, please consider the time of day and where you are going before applying tons of eye-shadow, a barrel full of mascara, false eye lashes and so on. Wear eye-liner, dark red or pale red blusher, light face powder or a caked-on foundation with stark eye-shadow.

Body Language


Good female body language is vital. male body language gives every T-girl away quickly. Masquerading as the opposite gender is a challenge at the best of times so it’s worth sitting down somewhere discreet and just observing women walking, talking, shopping and so on; how they interact with others.

Learn to ease the tension from your shoulders, make your crossdress body more flexible, use your hands more when speaking, cross your arms under your breasts when in thought, move your head more in response to the conversation of others…

The more you practice, the more it becomes second nature; the more it becomes second nature, the less you need to think about what you are doing

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To be honest, the list of mistakes and potential mistakes is almost endless but, if you are able to eliminate the most common ones, you’ll find that the opportunities to get out and about increase exponentially, and you’ll be a happier, wiser T-girl for it all