Best Crossdressing Tips Of 2015

Here are some of the best crossdressing tips featured on SXYCDGRL in 2015. As this blog has grown, so has the content, diving deeper & deeper into more details that ultimately will help all of us become better crossdressers, and help us pass in public. If you are new to the blog, and are looking for more of the basic crossdressing tips like how to put on makeup, how to tuck, how to create cleavage, how to move more feminine, how to walk like a woman , crossdressing fashion & style tips,  CLICK HERE to see 101 Crossdressing Tips & Tricks . Here are some of the best and most helpful crossdressing tips & tricks from 2015. Happy New Year xoxo

How To Keep Your Feet Comfortable In High Heels 

For 5 Tips to Keep Your Feet Comfortable In Heels CLICK HERE

How To Looking Thinner With Fashion 


Learn How To Look Slimmer With The Use Of Fashion CLICK HERE


Crossdressers Top 5 Favorite Lingerie


We asked a bunch of crossdressers what their favorite lingerie was, these were the top 5 see them HERE

How To Get Sexy Smooth Legs

Have You Tried The Sugar Scrub On Your Legs ? See It HERE


10 Simple Ways To Look And Feel More Feminine

For 10 Ways To Look & Feel More Feminine CLICK HERE


5 Ways To Hide Your Tummy With Fashion

Learn how to use fashion to hide your tummy RIGHT HERE


Top 5 Beard Covers For Crossdressers

Beard Cover Can Be Tricky Here Are The Top 5 Beard Covers See Them HERE 

How To Prevent Your Making From Sweating Off

Here is a list of the top 5 makeup setting sprays, that will help prevent your makeup from sweating off see them RIGHT HERE

How To Prevent Runs In Your Pantyhose & Stockings


Here is a neat trick to help you prevent runs in your stockings See It Here


5 Tips To Make Your Face Look Slimmer With Makeup

Learn some tricks to make your face look slimmer using contours & blush CLICK HERE


 Crossdresser How To Pass As A Girl Video 10 Tips On Passing As A Crossdresser

For tips on how to pass as a woman CLICK HERE

Crossdressing Makeup Must Haves Things Evey Crossdresser Needs


See some of the makeup items you may be missing HERE

Shoes & Heels In Large & Wide Sizes For Crossdressers 

For ALL the shoe stores featured on this blog that carry sexy shoes, heels, and boots in large sizes CLICK HERE


Happy New Year XOXO !!!