Adventures In Crossdressing Adriana Invades Detroit

So this July I FINALLY made my way out to Detroit…”The D”…as they call it. Detroit  Michigan , the place that has been slowly turning into one of THE  transgender/crossdresser party destinations in the United States. I had to go and see for myself if this place was worth all the hype and hoopla I had heard about and I attended one of the now notorious Detroit TG Invasion Events. Which is a 3 day transgender/crossdresser Event that has all sorts of fun, nightclubs, pool parties, daily outings, casino trips, BBQ’s and lots of dancing. With so much to do, I only made about half of the events, but here is how it went down.

Being A New York girl….this meant a 10 hour drive, which was OK with me when I got my gals with me, and  for this trip that meant my girl Gracie..we met in New York City around Midnight, and showed up in Detroit about 10 am fully armed for a fun filled femme weekend.

With NO SLEEP ( from Brooklyn ) ….we headed out for the FIRST nights activities, which was an Early Bird meeting at one of the famous Detroit TG /CD Watering holes…The Adams Apple.  Being the first night, what I love is you always get to meet the REAL gals, and the HARDCORE gals….the ones who are there for the duration of the event crossdress.

That is Samantha Rogers ( above ) ….she RUNS the TG Invasion…and pretty much Detroit too…none of this would go down without her efforts . We diddnt stay there for long though, and the party moved to a spot called Menjo’s…which was a cool nightclub, with a large dancefloor.

Remind me to tell you about Detroit’s Drink Prices……

Friday came and we missed the Pool Party AND the Casino Trip but woke up late enough catch all the girly girls at the AFTER PARTY…….by this point of the weekend, I was already having conversations with myself…I was still stumped over the fact I was in Ohio at some point the day before and we passed a Waffle House (They don’t have Waffle Houses in New York )

Saturday brought the daylight, and the afternoons BBQ…..another part of the agenda…however we totally MISSED the mornings excursion to Downtown Detroit…Kinda jealous I missed that, but come on…I am on New York Time…and thats just way too early for a gal like me…We DID wind up at the afternoon BBQ, which was actually THE part of the event I was really looking forward to, If there was one time I was going to really feel, see and meet the gals from Detroit and the surrounding areas , THIS was going to be THE EVENT to do just that….right before we all get sloshed at the finale…..

The finale of the weekend wound up at a spot called GIGI’S…and it was fun for sure.. great soundsystem and I danced and dry humped my way around the entire club…wait I NEVER mentioned the drink prices….Seriously….I was rich buying drinks there.. Dont let Detroit know….

The Detroit TG Invasion really does live up to its reputation. I will vouch for that. Sorry I dont have many pictures…but if your taking pictures…….your just not having enough fun.

My story does not even show half the fun I had..or half the fun I missed, this is however one event you should try to make the effort and attend…It is total fun and a great group of people. The next event is set for Nov 12-14th 2015. Here is a video I put together showing some of the highlights of what this great 3 day event was like .