7 Top Make Up Tips for Crossdressers (Male to Female Transgender / Crossdressing Tips)


1) Shave at least twice before applying makeup.


A clean shave is the key to flawless “transgender” makeup application. If you can’t create a nice smooth surface, you will not have a good base for makeup. If you want a professional looking finish, find a way to get rid of all the stubble. What usually works well for most is shaving twice and moisturizing. Make sure to use a good quality razor with a new blade.

2) Buy quality beard cover and foundation.


The second most important thing is quality products, especially “travesti” for your beard cover and foundation. Other items you can go off best value if you prefer. But, do not skimp on your foundation and beard cover. Making sure your stubble is covered will define your whole look. You don’t want to be worried about your stubble showing through your low quality products.



3) Always apply translucent antiperspirant powder after makeup application.


Translucent powder is perfect for setting your makeup to reduce smudges, runs, and sweat. The antiperspirant agents in the powder are perfect for hot days or people that “crossdresser” tend to sweat a lot. Regardless, this powder helps keep your makeup dry and long lasting.


4) Keep your eyebrows shaped nicely.


This is such an easy thing that anyone can do. Tips” You do not need to be skilled at shaping brows, or shading them in. For beginners, just be sure to pluck overgrown hairs. Plucking in between your brows, under, and above can make all the difference. Browns are like the cherry on the top, It’s fine without it but, it really does make all the difference in the presentation.

However, if you tend to have very bushy out of control brows, it would mean a lot to your appearance as a woman if you gained some control over them. Going to a professional or looking up “crossdressing”  some videos online will go very far. For those where plucking is not an option because you cannot afford to ‘out’ yourself then there are more temporary fixes for achieving more feminine shaped browse. If your brows are not too thick but need a little more shaping then why not stencil on a more female shaped brow with a simple cost effective kit like our Affordable Eyebrow Kit. If you have the unruly and thick brows then before using the stencil kit, cover the brow with our miracle make-up artists putty that covers the brow and sets hard to allow you to stencil a new brow on top. All of this is removed easily when you clean off your makeup.


5) Matte lipstick is VERY in right now.


This trend is booming right now. Liquid matte lipsticks are EVERYWHERE. People cannot get enough of them and it isn’t a surprise why. Matte always make my lips look bigger and they lasts hours longer than creamier lipsticks I own. Companies like Anastasia Beverly Hills, Gerard Cosmetics, and Kylie Cosmetics are making loads of money off of their popular liquid matte lipsticks. I know you all are trying to be the best woman “crossdresser” you can be, so let me help you with keeping up with the womanly trends.

6) Black Lashes


This has always been a top makeup tip and always will be. Keep your lashes long and black. Don’t leave the house without topping of your face with some mascara. Woman are going as far as getting fake eye lashes these days. A procedure lash professionals perform typically at a salon. A lash professional takes her time gluing long black individual lashes to each of your own lashes. Whilst this procedure is out of the realms for most crossdressers the simple application of false eyelashes gives instant added femininity and can again be removed easily as part of your makeup removal process.


7) A great illuminator product

7 Makeup Tips

If you are trying to be the best looking woman you can be- buy one of these products! I own more of these products than I care to say. They are gorgeous and make your face glow up like a goddess. A little shimmer and glow in the right places and your face will be catching the light gorgeously. I don’t think I need to say more.