7 Tips for Feminizing Your Body Movements (MTF Transgender / Crossdressing Tips)

The way you move is a huge part of your feminine image.
But what if you feel you have all the grace of a truck ?
The good news is that there are some simple techniques for feminizing your body movements.
Now let’s talk about how to make your gestures and deportment more graceful and feminine.
Here are my top 7 tips for feminizing your body movements:

1. Slow down

Most of us have a natural tendency to speed up our movements when we feel nervous or self-conscious. This makes your actions appear jerky and clumsy.
Avoid rushed movements. Here are some no-no’s:
  • Leaping out of your seat
  • Plopping down into your chair
  • Wolfing down your food
  • Slamming down your glass
  • Instead, slow down! Every move you make should be deliberate and precise. Take your time as you sit down, stand up, gesture, and reach for things.

2. Keep your knees together and your elbows in

I know you’ve probably been told this from Day 1, but it’s easy to let old habits slip in – especially if you spend most of your time in “guy mode.” That’s why you need to be conscious about keeping your knees together and your elbows in.
Why elbows in? Because it’s easy to be clumsy when your limbs are spread out all over the place. Keeping your elbows close to your body will instantly make your gestures more graceful.

3. Stretch out

It’s impossible to move gracefully if you have a tense and tight body. That’s one reason why dancers spend so much time stretching.
You too should make stretching part of your normal routine – particularly before you present yourself as a woman. Here’s a 10 minute full-body stretching routine you can try:

4. Don’t fidget


Fidgeting makes you look awkward and insecure, so avoid nervous movements like:
  • Twirling your hair
  • Biting your nails
  • Shaking your leg
  • Tapping your fingers
  • Compulsively checking your phone
  • Instead, practice the art of graceful stillness! You will look confident and in control of yourself.

5. Study graceful women


There’s a lot to be learned from studying poised, elegant women. Pay attention to the way they move and carry themselves in public.
See the video below for a fabulous example of the ever-graceful Marilyn Monroe. Notice how elegantly she sissy sits and stands, how deliberate her gestures are, and how she never fails to keep her knees together.

6. Take dance classes


If you’re really serious about becoming a graceful, elegant woman, then I highly recommend taking dance classes. The grace and coordination you’ll learn through dancing will carry over into your day-to-day life.
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Any type of dance class is helpful, be it belly dance, salsa, or ballet. If you’re shy about showing up for instruction en femme, take salsa classes in “male mode.” You’ll also get some awesome hip movement training!

7. Practice


Finally, remember that being graceful takes practice. I recommend practicing your movements and gestures in front of a mirror. Or, better yet, record a video of yourself so you can evaluate your movements objectively.
Here are some specific movements to practice:
  • Sitting down
  • Standing up
  • Gesturing as you speak
  • Shaking hands (or doing the air kiss)
  • Table manners
  • Getting into and out of a car