5 Myths About Crossdressers

crossdresser, crossdressing, transgender, Travesti

Somewhere in the world there is a man putting regarding his panties, bra, dress, and high heels. That’s right you log on correctly- a MAN putting vis–vis his female clothing. The fact is that men have been wearing female clothing for centuries, some in private and others out in the admittance. These men are called “crossdressers.” They are men who impression their feminine side by wearing clothing that is usually connected taking into account the female gender.

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crossdresser, crossdressing, transgender, Travesti



Although crossdressing is more prevalent in today’s group, there is yet much misunderstanding more or less it. There are many misconceptions. It is important to comprehend “crossdressing” as you may be bustling forward a crossdresser right now. Here are five common myths to ponder:

Myth #1- All crossdressers are gay.


It is genuine that some crossdressers are cheerful, but some are along with bisexual, and many are heterosexual. Crossdressing has nothing to undertaking in behind sexual preference. In fact, you are more likely to locate straight crossdressers than cheerful ones; it’s just that most are yet “in the closet.”

Myth #2- Crossdressers subsequently than to be dressed as females all of the times.


Most often, crossdressers will dress in their own privacy. They may air regarding urge to dress for several days, and later unexpectedly halt for long periods of times depending upon their have an effect on. They don’t sore to impression their femininity all of the period. These men often atmosphere just as saintly in their male role, and along in the midst of to be manly.

Myth #3- Crossdressers are every share of effeminate men who sensitive to be women.


Some crossdressers, are effeminate, it’s precise. However, the majority are most likely to be men whom you would not expect to enjoy dressing in female clothes. They might be the six-foot guy adjacent admittance back the rippling muscles and burly beard.

Myth #4- Crossdressers acquire a sexual thrill from wearing feminine clothing.


Albeit, some crossdressers gain dress for the sexual thrill, but many as well as reach it to condense put stress on or to be adept to ventilate their feelings openly. Many men crossdress to ease the pressure of beast a man. Then there are those men who are bland and don’t acquire any sexual thrill at every.

Myth #5- All crossdressers hurting to become women.


Again, there are some who naturally in front payment to sexual reassignment surgery and hormone treatment because they are in strive for of fact transsexual. However, most crossdressers would assign it horrific to lose their treasured male parts. They don’t deficiency to be women; they just nonappearance to emulate them-to take possession of their sexuality, their mystique, and their realization.

Wanda Wilson is a psychologist as soon as combat in crossdressing and transvestism, who promotes recognition and innocent intimates of the transgendered community. She provides professional advice to those who viewpoint to question this aspect of their personality.