3 Ways to Get Your Summer Body Ready (Male to Female Transgender / Crossdressing Tips)


Summer Body Basics

It is getting pretty close to summer and many of us want to have our summer bodies in tact. This may include fabulous arms or fabulous abs and many want to leave no stone unturned when it comes to this. Momentum is a central part of summer exercise. It’s normal to have those weeks when everything goes correctly: You do all your exercises, eat like a health nut and begin to think, ‘I may completely accomplish this!’

Then ‘it’ materializes. ‘It’ may be a vacation, an illness…something that throws you off your game, or you just become bored with it. Getting back to our routine can be painstaking unoriginal and is constantly tough, partly as you’ve lost that momentum. We already realize that an crossdress object at rest tends to remain at rest, so getting going again is the only way to get your momentum moving.

Rather than caring about making up for lost time with intense exercises, center on simply getting some simple exercise time in short periods of time. There have been studies that show 10 minutes of moderate exercises three times a day can be just as equal to a full extreme workout.  Plan your exercises for the week.


Tip 1:

Purchase yourself a little something like a new pair of running shoes or an exceptional pair of shorts to wear. If you’re having hassles getting back to it, get a new outfit or download a few new songs to your MP3 player so you’ve something to look forward to.

Tip 2:

Make an appointment to exercise with an acquaintance or call your gym and arrange a free consultation with a personal trainer. Even if you don’t sign on, getting sissy  back into the exercise environment may be just what you need.  For the 10 minute exercises, you can easily do brisk walks, jumping jacks, or light running.  Do this three times a day for at least three days in the week.

Tip 3:

Be sure you cut down on drinks.  Drinks have a heap of sugar in them that makes your insulin quickly rise.  It has been proven that just cutting down on drinks can help you shed pounds.  I cut drinks out and have lost about 10 pounds.  You don’t have to cut the outright, but if you want to see significant pounds melt, I suggest you cut them down.

cture this: you’re at a party and you’ve promised yourself you won’t scarf down the buffet like a famished maniac. Then you see a huge platter of the prettiest cheese crossdressing you’ve ever came across. Many hours later, feeling your cheese hangover start, you vow to make up for it tomorrow with a long workout.


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There are some issues with this approach–first, you can’t undo what you consumed the night before and, secondly, killing yourself with an exercise isn’t a good answer as it makes you hate exercise even more.

If you’re busy living in yesterday’s errors, many of your decisions will be founded on guilt and shame instead of what you really want (and need) to accomplish to achieve your goals. Real change comes from day-to-day choices and becoming mindful and basing your choices on what you transgender need now (rather than what you did or didn’t do yesterday) will make your exercise life much more passable.  Get Ready for that summer body!