20 important questions with a crossdresser

Time to play 20 Questions With A Crossdresser , where I ask questions, and have one of my gal pals answer and by doing so we all learn that we are unique, and all a little bit similar at the same time. I FINALLY got one of my besties from the westie ( the west coast ) to play 20 questions, so lets get started !!!

1. What is your name?
2. What made you decide on that female name, Why did you choose it?
I wanted a name that wasn’t on my friends and family list. Kristyn fit that bill!
 Next thing you know, guess what my SO’s favorite employee is named ??? YEAH ! Not Fair! 
3. What do you consider yourself ? A cd ( crossdresser) or Tg ( transgender) etc..
Well… There’s been some discussion about this lately, is a CD considered TG?
 To me it has never really mattered “what” I am. I know who I am, and what I do!
 Declaring myself CD, TG, ETC. would only help others, not me.
4. When did you start dressing? How old were you?
 I‘d guess my interest in women’s clothing started about……Age 6 or 7. 
5.Why did you start dressing?
OOOHHHHH!  NOOOO! Not the “WHY” question. Why does a 7 year old find women’s clothing soooooo appealing? 
6. What’s the first article of clothing you tried on? Why?
I’m not exactly sure, but it was most likely a pair of nylons, And “WHY” finds its way back into the questioning! I suppose the texture, and feel of the stretchy sheer material hugging my legs, making them silky smooth might have been a turn on. Although, at 7, I doubt I knew what it was turning on!  
7. Were you ever caught crossdressing
Ha Ha! As you are well aware, Yes!
 Once as a kid, with one of those pairs of nylons on.
I was in the family bathroom, and my brother forced his way in to see what I was doing.I fought like mad to keep that door closed, but my nylon clad feet couldn’t get any traction on that linoleum covered floor, he got a good look at me, and  then went running to mom to tell her what I was up to.

 Then a little over a year ago, the inevitable happened! My SO caught a glimpse of a picture of me on my phone. Not guessing it was me, she had thought I had a  picture of some girl on my phone. I of course was in panic mode and didn’t want to share my secret, so now she’s probably thinking I’m cheating on her, so I. told her my story, and showed her the pic.

8. What do you concider your sexuality? Straight, gay, BI etc…
I’m 100% hetero  (Sorry guys)
9. Are you single? Married? Dating? If so what does your partner think of your dressing? 
My SO and I have been together since high school,Is that married?
 She’s known about my dressing a little over a year, but in that year she’s been out to dinner with me and several friends a couple of times, been shopping (with me in guy mode) to help me pick out things. She’s even surprised me by buying me a dress to wear at a recent TG dinner/sleepover party we hosted at our home.
 So I’d say she’s been quite a trooper with it!
Although she still has times of doubt, or fear that my dressing is becoming more prevalent. She had thought dressing once a month (or less) was sufficient for me to get my “fix”. Well she’s seen it a bit more often than that, and has expressed concern that I may be on HRT (I”m not BTW) and not telling her.
 Damn! That secretive life I had been living is still making it hard for her to trust that I’m being honest.
10.. Does your family know you dress? What do they think ?
Well my dog knows, otherwise besides my SO, no family members know. They all live far enough away that they can’t just come visit on a whim, and they don’t visit , so there’s no reason for them to know.
11.  Do you go out in public ? If so what do you like to do? If not…what do you like to do?
Yes, I’ve been out! Drinks, and dinner with friends, shopping at the mall, groceries, Ulta. I’ve been expanding that comfort zone.
12. Do you care if you pass or not? 
Pass? Maybe a quick glance, or someone with poor eyesight!
 But talk to someone??? Yeah… I’m a guy!
13. Do you wish to go full time..why or why not
No, full-time would just be to much. I do so many “guy” things (not that a girl couldn’t do them too), my nice girl things would be ruined, not to mention what would happen to my wigs! And honestly seeing the transformation is a really cool part of cross dressing for me.
14. Have you ever tried to quit. Or purged ( threw out all your clothes) before? 
QUIT! HaHaHa! Yes I have purged everything a couple of times in the past, and have gone without dressing for some pretty long periods of time.
Once for 12 years, and then again for nearly 20 years!
15. How would you decribe your style.
I love the “country girl chic” look, and I’m still, ever so slowly, building that wardrobe.
16. How Many pairs of shoes do you own
I’m always looking at them, but currently only have 7 pairs.
17. Panties or thong ? 
-I’ve never been someone that talks about their undies, but can you honestly stay tucked wearing a thong???
18.  Who are some of your favorite female or cd/trans role models. Why?
Role models? Not sure I have any. The minuet I’d choose one, they would do something stupid and crush my inspirations.
19. If you were stuck on a desert island…what 3 girly things would you bring? 
A wig, makeup kit, and a razor!
20.   Describe why you love crossdressing in one word. 
Impossible!, OK! How about  FUN!

Thanks for playing 20 questions with us girlfriend ! If you would like to see MORE from the 20 Questions With A Crossdresser series You Can SEE THEM ALL HERE

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