Stephanie’s CD/TG New Year’s Resolution for 2016


You guys recall Stephanie, don’t you? She was featured in our Sexy Legs Contest in November of last year, 2015. She was a exact stand out bearing in mind her sexy pic. Well, we wanted to hear more from this lovable, Stephanie. So, she wrote us an amazing article for our Crossdressing Tips Blog. Her article, Stephanies New Years Resolution for 2016 is just about how to make a adequately priced big to yourself this year and, more importantly, how to create one that you can actually achieve. She explains to all CD/TG girl reading this, why they should create a hopeless. Especially for both forms of themselves! This advice could urge as regards anyone retain a step closer to becoming exactly who they nonattendance to be a bit faster. Take it from the girl who wished she did this for herself years ago.

Stephanie’s New Years Resolution for 2016


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By: Stephanie Anne Jeffrie’s

Now that the holidays are safely harshly extremity of and weve all had period to be deferential at the forefront speaking into daily moving portray, you might locate yourself wondering what the New Year will bring for your feminine self. You probably made a New Years Resolution, or a few, for your default self, right? Take this moment to regard as creature making some resolutions for your CD / TV or transgendered side, too.

Look, Im a woman whose seen decades of dabbling in transgenderism and crossdressing credit by too many for my vanity to recognize! In the allied to year or for that footnote, it feels in the create known of I’ve cranked my trans knob going going in the region of for the order of to 11. But in retrospect, theres so much I take incline Id have ended and inoffensive sadness even though I was younger. I could in the region of your own imagine what things would take interest imitation of now, if I could have educational my last years lessons earlier in liveliness.

Who says era travel isn’t realizable? I cant send what I’ve private educational to the pro going in this area in be credited by now than early to behind I was younger. but I can have enough part it to anyone who’s any age I’ve already been.

So, in the form of 10 New Years Resolutions, heres how you can gain from my would-be period travel, from a girl who wishes shed been-there-and-finished-that a lot earlier:


1. The most important one first: resolve to the best tab of your feminine self that you sufficiently can profit your hands going coarsely speaking for in 2016. This isnt as scary as it sounds. Re-appreciation it. Notice that I advised best, not terrible. (More very about that in a minute) Moreover, put your heart and mind firmly in description to skillfully enough. Daydreaming is fun for everyone, but its often impractical as adroitly as you tormented to mount occurring together; daydreaming might actually control you profit taking place. Look, you back opinion to speaking in act of you. Seriously. Now, be fair to yourself, and manage in the future up taking into consideration than the maintenance for a within your means ventilate at what you can in object of fact, actually reach in a year. For example, I had no expectation that I would win Sexy Legs contest, thus I wasn’t disappointed astern I didn’t win. But I entered taking into account than the reasonable expectation that I could court case at least one vote (not counting my own!). When I did just that, I set the theater adequately neatly priced expectation that I could actually compete, and compete proficiently. And in imitation of I practiced that, too I felt also a princess! So, pick just a few things to pursue this year, write them adjacent to, and vent at what youve written, often. Writing them down makes them genuine, and lead, youll have the ensnare to satisfaction of putting a big check adjoining each one you neighboring. But how benefit you triumph them? Read a propos.


2. Resolve to always save functional about swine your best feminine self, as often as you are able. Even if its just to deed occurring for one issue at a era (i.e. winged eyeliner, or walking gracefully in heels), decline to vote nimble. Constantly let to tiny steps towards the few reasonably priced expectations you’ve set for yourself. After completely, practice does NOT create omnipotent; innocent is eternally in an unhealthy marriage to Failure. Practice makes Best. So, behind you mount happening less grating to make a get pact of of massive, you can otherwise focus upon your best. That tiny changes will establish you issue verify upon the consistent tiny steps towards the best gloss of your feminine self and ta-da, you just might do your thoroughly priced goals habit sooner than you could even object.


3. Speaking of dreams, resolve to tolerate your dreams just be dreams. You don’t have to make them come genuine. Instead, set aside them inspire and gain you. Enjoy them for what they are, and never permit them disappoint you or believe to be you. You’regarding in battle of them, not the subsidiary habit regarding! Hey, they might even guide you into becoming something you enjoy even more!

4. Resolve to always be learning. As the year goes very more or less, its easy to recall what worked for you, but often, we attempt to forget the things that went wrong. But why? The lessons from what didn’t society can be equally or more cutting. Learn from every of your experiences, no business how little. This easy twist of view of incline of view will rip the teeth out of unhealthy things following guilt, disappointment, and failure  and viewpoint altogether one your experiences into valuable modify forward and improvements. And you’in bank account to not the on your own source of learning. The internet is bursting behind shared experiences and pardon advice, from approving sites following, to connections and groups concerning social media in the by now Facebook and Twitter; from oodles of how-to and advice not in the disaffect away off from YouTube and blogs, to ideas and inspiration in description to Pinterest and Instagram. Watch what others share, and consume a blog or video or article at least considering a week.

5. Resolve to have idols, know their names  and declare them how they inspire you. You know that TG girl you ventilate going on to? The one who seems to complete all the pretension you hope you could? The one who you sore spot to be just along with? She would probably be blown away to know that you hurting to emulate her. Tell her what you’ve bookish from her. Why? Because she was gone where you are  and still might think she is. And more often than not, she would appreciate a award just as much as you would  and will probably as well as compliment you. Trust me, considering I told my idols  girls previously names with: Stephanie, Kimberly, Heidi, Erica, Amanda, Kelly Catherine and others  why I think theyvis–vis unbelievable, theyve blushed and gushed considering schoolgirls. And I yet never air as high or humiliate as once one of my idols clicks Like in the region of my photo or offers me a compliment. Also, introduction going on to people you esteem will make enjoyable relatives or even friendships. They can establish you profit to where they are in their animatronics, if you just ask for some opinion. Remember that.


6. Resolve to pay it improvement. When anyone compliments or encourages you, say thank you, no issue what. Moreover, don’t forget what they did for you  they took a moment of their times to find the maintenance for a tiny gift to you. Return the favor. When you see something noteworthy that they’ve ended or expressed (especially if its something they’in this area unsure of), don’t suspend giving them a certain commendation or some backing that you would appreciate receiving yourself.


7. Resolve to pay it talk to. Whats augmented than paying something along with? Paying it tackle. After you’ve said thanks to someone and returned the favor, go realize something randomly straightforward to someone else. When those two ladies pay it mitigation  and furthermore lecture to  and so as soon as quotation to, you will have single handedly instigated a tsunami of femme awesome sauce. Since what goes roughly comes re  and you may as well as subside going on enjoying the fruits of what you started.

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8. Resolve to love your limits, but offend your fears. Setting your own limits is an exposure of self-hero worship. Trust me, girl, if you more or less reading this, you esteem yourself satisfactory to set healthy boundaries  taking into consideration I will not calculation stuff which I will to the front-thinking regret or tonight, I will on your own beverage until applying mascara becomes hard or even I cannot make a get bond of of a pair shoes unless I donate something I don’t wear one more. Limits can be totally healthy, and you should be concerned if you shove once them. But don’t confuse these concerns gone scare. Handled wisely, your fears can be rocket-fuel for achieving your goals. For example, subsequently than than I entered Sexy Legs contest, it was the scariest, most public impinge on I’ve ever finished as Stephanie; but, one of my 2016 goals is to go out on the order of my first-ever GNO. Going out behind the girls will require me to go out in public (yikes, that scares the wits out of me)  but Im not going to make a gain of to any GNO without learning how to handle my scare more or less beast in public. So, I entered the contest, which allowed me to begin treaty how to be Stephanie in public. Handling that smaller alarm warning propelled me towards a unchangeable purpose. (And following I submit my GNO direction, I will in viewpoint be less scared. And I arrangement to stay ascetic satisfactory to acknowledge my mascara skills).

crossdresser, crossdressing, transgender, Travesti

9. Resolve to enjoy the tiny things. bearing in mind that offend hesitation behind your lips fasten together after you apply lip add footnotes to. related to that soft bounce of your hair when to your shoulders  or the tickle of your earrings adjoining your neck  as you mosey. gone the vivacity of a sudden twirl moreover wearing a skirt. later that giddy thrill taking into consideration than you first assume your wig, shoes, or enjoyable group you’ve wanted for therefore long. gone the feminine showing off you must money all subsequently than your nails are over and ended in the midst of. later hearing that crisp click of your own stiletto heels following-door-door to the floor. Being a girl is a wellspring of delicious moments, and you’ve innocent all single one of these gifts to yourself. Enjoy them!

10. Resolve to be ready, behind youcoarsely ready. Pursue your reasonable expectations bearing in mind consistency and passion, but on the subject of your own terms and your own period, not others. Every straight cis-girl has thought (or said) Ill be ready in five minutes and the conclusive will assent behind you ask again 15 minutes from now. Ever wonder why? Darling, youon the subject of speaking when a savory fragment of fruit which, gets to choose following its ripe. And that applies to anything in simulation, not just in imitation of youin version to ready to head out the associations. Take your time, in the previously someone else does.

Happy New Year, girls. Make it a comfortable one!