Sissy fiction coin tg


I left my friend Dan’s house after finding this coin in his basement. Personally, I didn’t think
much of it. I mean, yeah, it was old so it might of had some value to it but for some reason
Dan seemed to think that this was something much more.

I left him to do his research so that I could get home in time for dinner. I must have been
walking for a good few minutes when I suddenly felt lll. With not much further to go, I ran
home and headed straight for the bathroom.

Collapsing infront of the toilet, my face became covered by long, curly locks of luscious,
brunette hair. In shock, I grabbed them; quickly realising that they were somehow growing
from my own head. I couldn’t dwell on this for much longer though, as I saw how small my
hands had become.

Looking down at the rest of my body, I could see why I felt so much discomfort around my
waist as my hips visibly pushed outwards. Below my newly wide hips, my feet had become
petite at the end of my now smooth skinned legs. Elsewhere, my nails grew quickly from
the tips of my fingers, somehow coated in a bright red nail varnish.

I couldn’t help but watch what was happening to me in sheer amazement. But I couldn’t
admire this for long as a great pain surged in my head. My skull cracked svereal times,
reshaping itself into a much softer, smother shape to fit my new feminine body. Afterwards, it moved down to my chest building up large amounts of pressure and forcing out two lumps upon it. The mounds continued to grow, not apearing to stop. When it finally ended, I was staggered by the size of them.

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Enormous pain swelled around my private area. The bulge that had deleveloped through
the transformation began to subside until it retreated into my body.

As I tried to take a look at my new body, but was cut short by the metamorphosis of my clothes. My t-shlrt, already under great pressure form my new assets, shrank to become a skin tight crop top that showed off a lot of cleavage. The sleeves, however, lengthened down to the end of my arms. My pants shrank too, developing into a pair of fishnet stockings and lace underwear.

It was finally over, but I still had no idea why it had happened. The phone rang, soon Dan
would answer all of my questions.