Fashions come and go and then they come back again. If you are old enough (like me), you have witnessed it yourself.

My mother taught me to wear hosiery (stockings or pantyhose) whenever I go out, so that’s what I have done all my feminine life.

I have nice legs, but they are not perfect and hosiery hides some of the flaws. Hosiery also helps keep my legs warm when the weather does not, so I have never considered going without knee-highs, thigh-highs or pantyhose.

But as I went along on my merry way, I did not realize that younger women were abandoning hosiery and going out with their legs bared. I guess if you got it, flaunt it, but until I read somewhere that pantyhose sales were plummeting, I had no idea.

But pantyhose may be making a comeback, thanks to Princess Kate. The Princess has legs to die for and she wears hosiery most of the time, so some women have taken notice of that fashion fact and are gamulating Kate.

The article confirmed my feelings about wearing hosiery, but if you are unsure about baring or adorning your legs, I recommend reading this fun article.

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Yes, she was a boy in Atlantic City in the mid-1960’s.