Cures for Gender Dysphoria


By Susan King, Transitioning into Tomorrow

Five things I do when my gender dysphoria kicks in and I am locked in the closet. “crossdressing

1. Take some time to pamper myself like take a bubble bath, shave my body hair, watch TV while giving myself a manicure “travesti

2. Create a pretty outfit on Polyvore.

3. Build a nice board on Pinterest.

4. Read a book. I am currently reading books with transgender or woman lead characters. I love SF books, so I am trying authors of SF books with female leads. I have tried fiction books with a transgender theme. But I have not found the right author.

5. Snuggle under a nice soft blanket and watch a comedy with a female lead. I get some popcorn and a diet soda (water now) and enjoy. “crossdresser

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These five things do not always work. But I will  try one of them when I am stuck in the closet.

How do you handle your gender dysphoria? “crossdress


Wearing Trina Turk.
Wanda Zambella, mid-20th Century professional femulator