Whatever happened to crossdresser p-l-richards fiction


This week on Flashback Friday we revisit a familiar face in a not-so-familiar body. T’g aptioner p-l-richards found himself facing the wrath of Femnonymous as they sought to e an example of him to other cappers. Once captured, he was surgically transformed y the shadowy group and forced to use his creativity once more to pen the fates of others

Femnonymous deemed deserving of unwanted womanhood. Let’s drop in and see how
is doing, shall we?
The prisoner formerly known as p-l-richards sat on the jail cell bench with his wrist: tightly
ured behind his head to the wall. Even if he could escape, he doubted he would get veiy
yar in the ballet heels that his feet had been stuffed into. The rest of his outfit consisted of
I ishnets and an excruciatingly tight red corset that forced his giant implanted breasts to
-p out against a black bra wildly. Hooded Femnonymous operatives would visit him twice
ly to redo his makeup theorising that it would help him get into the mindset of a
woman, and why not…he was in the everything else of a woman…
The mindset thing was supposed to help with his ‘job’. Since writing out the twisted fates of
four politicians, Femnonymous had forced him to create countless other scenarios for
downfall of many of their other targets and gradually he began to lose track of time
how long he had been there, unable to think in other plane than the sad is ticstorie she
was made to tell…

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The cloaked Femnonymous agent entered the cell carrying a laptop and a set of glossy
photographs, laying them down so they could release the prisoner’s hands. P-l-richards sat
timidly rubbing his wrists while the agent fired up the computer.
We’ve received word that the Network is just about to resurface, ‘ the figure rasped
quietly. ‘we warned them. we told them to keep their demeaning filth off of people’s
television screens and they haven’t listening. It’s time for them to pay the price. ‘ The agent
laid out the photos in front of its captive. ‘All of these people are connected with the
Network somehow and I am leaving it to your creative mind to constuct their doom, to use
your twistedly creative mind to plot their roads into femininity. ‘ The figure pulled back its
hood to reveal the face and head of a beautiful woman with white blonde hair and strong
determined features. ‘This time we need something…extra, ‘ she smiled thinly. ‘Something
even more gorgeous to ensure that no-one dares defy us ever again. And just to make sure
you’re up to the task…‘ She took out a small needle from the folds of her cloak andjabbed
it into the curvy rump of p-l-richards’ as. just below the lower-case ‘f’ he had been
branded with. Suddenly. he began to grow warm and restless as a manic horniness started
to overcome him. his mind filled with wonderfully perverted ideas and his fingers anxious
to write them down. ‘…because what’s to come… ‘ the amazon pushed the laptop towards
he sweating prisoner. ‘…and by that! don ‘t just mean you…no. what’s to come for the
Network. and anyone else who stands in our way. is going to be very intersting indeed…