Well known artifacts crossdressing fiction


Why yes, I am Dr. Jones, the archaeologist.

No, the guy who did all that stuff before World War II was my grandfather! And if
you don’t believe that some of the artifacts he supposedly found are real, then
you’re an idiot.

No way to prove it? Idiot! I am living proof that things like that exist. Sure it might
not have been one of those well known artifacts like Excalibur or The Holy Grail
that did this to me, but it was still a powerful artifact.

What was it? Oh just an ancient fertility idol. Kind of looked like all the bad
stereotypical ones you find in bad movies. It was just sitting there, in an old shrine
at the back of a recently re-opened cave. Just by looking at it, you’d never have
realized that it was meant to turn whoever picked it up into the avatar of the
shrines goddess. Or at least that’s what legends said.

Yeap. That’s what happened to me. From a guy to a girl in an instant.

You want me to find the famous ‘Cup of Dionysus’? Sure. But you’re coming
along. And you get to take the first drink out of the cup.