Transgender fiction mutant shapeshifter


Martin always loved trying to mess with his friend, Jack. As a mutant shapeshifter, Martin had all the right tricks up his sleeve.

Due to an accident swimming in a toxic lake near his house, Martin gained the ability to
shapeshift into anyone or anything he wanted. It wasn’t easy at first, but after a few months, he managed to become quite proficient at it.

Martin’s best friend is Jack. They’ve been friends since high school, before and after the
incident. Jack loves going out to strip clubs to see girls. Martin knew this too well.

“Hey, baby.” Said this one Asian stripper that walked over to Jack.

“You’re cute. Want a private dance?” She asked.

Sure. Anything for you.” Jack said happily.

She led him over to the private lounge area. It was empty.

You ready, baby?” She asked.

You bet!”

She started to dance for him. Slowly taking off her top and cute skirt, revealing her sexy bra
and panties as well as her big, luscious breasts. As she danced, she leaned in closer to him and whispered into his ear.

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You like Asian chicks too, eh, buddy?” Martin said laughing, using his own deep, manly voice. It was strange seeing that voice coming out of her cute, feminine lips.

Jack just can’t enjoy a visit to a strip club in peace ever.

“l’ll let you enjoy this fine girl right here… but only if you admit you like it when l shapeshift
into hotties like this.” Martin told him.

Jack liked the hot girls Martin always showed off, but hated how it was really Martin there.
Jack had no idea what to say on this one.