The Black Widow Sexchange Fiction


The Black Widow program had been going on since the early sixties, with the USSR having at their disposal the most brutal and violent undercover agent in the business. She was fast, she was beautiful and she was danger
ous, able to snare any man in the World, extract any secrets she needed, and then kill him without prejudice. As of 2016, the Black Widow had been silent for quite some time, with any signs to her former identity lost to the sands of time. It was a new world, was she even needed any more?

Alexei Kurdov had never been much of a hard worker. Lazy, vain and with a streak of petty crime that would make a teenager blush. He was also the publisher and editor for one of the most popular Russian political blogs in
the World, hiding his true nature beneath an exterior of bullying and cruelty in his day to day life. No one would suspect that he thought in the first place, never mind undermining an entire regime. No one, exeept the
Russian government. To them, Alexei was a problem, someone who needed to be removed.

The Black Widow program was extinct, but for this one special case it could be revived. This was a dangerous character, and there would be an energetic international reaction to the abduction or killing of the blogger, so the whole affair was to be conducted within the realms of utter secrecy, and complete deniability. The soviet archives were opened by cold hearted Russian agents, and a single mechanical spider retrieved from a test tube in a locked vault. Over the next few days it made its way from envelope to envelope, carried in the palm from agent to agent, until it was carefully placed on Alexei’s window sill as he sat writing on his laptop. The machine juttered to life, and through biosensitive lumines-cence it was able to identify its target in a matter of seconds. Alexei saw the strange black spider with the red ink on its back, but thought nothing of it. Nothing, until he was bitten.


The pain was intense, AIeXei fell backward as the toxin immediately got to work. His insides churned and gurglcd as his inner organs were turned to acid. He collapsed down onto the ground, slowly dying.

A matter of hours later, the Black Widow awoke on the floor. Scarlet haired and as beautiful as she was deadly. The former Alexei Kurdov had fallen victim to her charms. The Widow mantle was passed from unfortunate target to the next, transforming and reprogramming the mind of a target, and becoming the next in a long ling of remorseless killers. Why waste your enemies by killing them when you could turn them against their friends and family. Complete with the knowledge of the entire workings of the political blog, the Widow was now able to take down the command structure from the top down.

All she needed was her catsuit.