TG fiction raider of the last panties



To say Ralph was good at panty raids was a massive understatement. He was
the absolute king of the g-string. In 18 months at college he had raided his frat’s
sister sorority six times and amassed 27 pairs of underwear, which now hung
from his bedroom wall like trophies with the exception of a black latex thong
from the drawers of the sorority’s president that took pride of place in the
fratemity’s TV room.

His small stature combined with genuine agility made it easy to get through windows and up drainpipes and for him to get in and out without being seen. In fact there was now only one sister whose panties eluded his collection and those belonged to an extremely large goth girl named Martha.

Martha certainly wasn’t your typical sorority girl. for a start she weighed well
over 300lbs and her wardrobe consisted of black leather and latex. Martha was a
goth and she had the attitude and makeup to match.

In was after midnight when Ralph forced the first floor window and crept inside
the sorority house. Using his trusty flashlight, he quickly sought out where he
knew Martha ‘s room to be. He opened the door a crack and peeked inside.
Empty. This was it! The final piece of his grand collection! Silently he scampered
over to the drawers in the comer of the room and began to search them one at a
time. He closed the last drawer feeling frustrated. Where on Earth did she keep
them? Suddenly, without warning, the lights flicked on.

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Looking for something?‘ demanded the bear sized girl standing in the doorway.
Ralph stood helpless as she charged across the room and grabbed him in a
headlock whilst literally ripping the shirt from his back. His pants and underwear
soon followed before Martha took his throat it one of her giant paws and used it
to pin him against the wall. He closed his eyes fearing a banage of blows that
never came. Instead the massive girl took out a makeup bag with her free hand
and began to apply cosmetics to the naked boy in a way that resembled her
own. When she was satisfied with her work she tossed him into the comer and
walked over to her dresser. ‘Here, put these on,’ she commanded, throwing him a
smaller girl ‘s shirt, thong panties and some stockings, ‘I keep them for when my
boyfriends misbehave! ‘ Ralph timidly obliged and cowered in the comer of the
room. ‘So, you’re the panty king, huh?’ smirked Martha. ‘Well my only pair are
right here,’ she said hiking up her leather skirt to reveal a worn satin pair that
struggled to contain her enormous behind. ‘How ’bout I give you a closer look at
the goods?’ she cackled lowering her flabby ass onto the prone Ralph ‘s waiting
makeup covered face. ‘Just holler if you can’t breathe!