Sissy maid workshop a request for missywilliams fiction


Want some advice with handling your rowdy sons? Just feminize them!”

My son Cole was one of the biggest delinquents I ever met, and I decided that he needed to act more like a woman, nicer, sweeter, prettier! So I began making him listen to feminization hypnosis tapes at night, and over time he began to
comply much more with my orders! Soon enough, he was the most loyal little

As the feminization continued, I began giving her super-powerful hormone pills, speeding up the gender-change process quite nicely. Before I knew it, she had long hair, tattooed-on makeup, a slim and feminine figure, and a permanent desire to wear maid’s clothing! After a while, she became too loyal to me that she didn’t even start chores without me asking to. She helped me with all my beauty treatments, and has been waiting on me hand and foot for the past few months.

She even decided to drop out of school and work for me full-time! After all, what other use could such a loyal sissy have in society?”

So if you want your son to never disobey you again, turn him into a sissy maid! She‘ ll be always sweet, always happy, and most importantly: always ladylike.
Trust me, it’ll change your life for the better!”