Sissy fiction the flower tg caption


It was a beautful. sunny day. I went out for a walk. noone else was there. just me and the
huge field filled with flowers. I just had to pick one up and smell it.

It was strange though. Not like any flower I had before. I don’t know what it was about it. it
was just… different. I began to smell it.

Suddenly. I felt extremely light headed. I felt my hair being pulled out of my skull until I
saw it going past my shoulders. My body hair ripped itself from my skin. falling to the floor
as my face cracked and changed to a much softer. more feminine shape.

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I watched my hands shrink down and become more delicate whilst my nails grew longer.
My hips shot outwards along with my ass swelling up giving me feminine curves. Pain
surged through my chest area as my shoulders were forced inwards. My nipples became
very sensitive as my chest started to swell. Two mounds grew and grew until I was left with
B-cup breasts.

All I could feel was the enormous pain striking my groin. reaching down I felt something…

I dropped the flower as soon as the transformation was over. As it fell. pollen covered my
clothing and it began to transform. My t-shirt shrank and the neck dipped to reveal some
of my new cleavage. My pants fused and shrank upwards until I was left with a short skirt
to go with my blue and white tank top. I saw my trainers morph into a lovely pair of pumps
but I could only feel the underwear changing material and shrinking to create a pair of silk
panties for me

I picked up the flower once more.

God I love that smell. ” I said as I skipped off . grabbing as many flowers as I could to share
with all of my friends